Here is what happened when I chose to apply Canada visa online.

To travel to Canada, I had to apply for a Canada visa. Thus, I was uncertain if I had to follow the old school brick and mortar application process (paper application) or the online process. After much introspection and countless discussions with friends and relatives, I chose to go for the Canada visa online.

Apply for Canada visa

Types of Canada visas online for Indians

1. Canada tourist visa for Indian passport holders

2. Canada business visa for Indians

What I can and cannot do with my Canada visitor visa online?

  • My Canada visitor visa enables a continuous stay period of six months for every time I enter Canada.
  • The validity is up to 10 years.
  • I cannot use it as a work permit.
  • I cannot use it as a student visa or study visa.
  • It does not entitle me to invest in the country.
  • I cannot start a business in using a Canada tourist visa in the country.

More about Canada Visa for Indians

A Canada tourist visa for Indian nationals serves the purposes of tourism or visiting relative based in Canada. You can use it to attend cultural and business festivals hosted in Canada. Short-term courses (less than six months) in Canada, etc.

Canada business visa for Indian passport holders is used for business-related purposes. However, it must never be used as a work visa or business class immigration visa.

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Here is how I applied for my Canada visa online

Step 1: Visited

Step 2: Filled in my basic details;

  1. Name on passport
  2. Tentative travel date
  3. Tentative return date, etc.

Step 3: Paid INR 1000

Step 4: Attended the call from the Visa Expert

The visa expert called me within half an hour from the receipt of payment.

She provided me with the Canada visa requirements checklist and questionnaire via email and SMS.

Step 5: Uploaded my documents

Step 6: Received my Canada visa via email within 30 working days.

Here is how the Canada visa application process works;

Apply Canada visa online

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What are the Canada visa requirements?

All I had to do was fill the questionnaire and upload the scanned copies of my passport (first and last pages). Apart from that, I also had to upload my passport-sized photo, proof of accommodation, my cover letter, invitation letter, flight tickets and travel itinerary.

Blinkvisa helped me with my cover letter and travel itinerary. You can get your travel itinerary at absolutely no cost too!

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Canada visa application checklist

  1. Indian passport
  2. Recent passport-sized photograph
  3. Cover letter
  4. Travel itinerary
  5. Confirmed flight tickets
  6. Proof of accommodation
  7. Proof of sufficient funds
  8. NOC letter
  9. Invitation letter

My friend living in Canada had extended the invitation letter stating my name, passport number, the purpose of the visit, and the duration of my stay. He had also furnished his id proof, bank statement of last three months, and his contact details in the same.

Thus, I was able to get my Canada visa on time. The story, however, does not end here.

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Attractive discounts on travel expenses

With the cashback on my Canada tourist visa fee, I was able to book my flight tickets, hotel and other at a discounted price. While the cashback was immediately credited to my account, it happened in the form of Blinkcash.

Using this Blinkcash I was able to save up to INR 5000 on my ticket to Canada.

Here is an example of how it works;

Blincash discount on air tickets

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Canada Visa FAQs

1. What is the Canada visa fee for Indians?

Canada visitor visa fee

2. Is my Canada visa fee refundable?

As you get immediate cashback, it is akin to a refund. Moreover, the Blinkcash has lifetime validity, meaning you can use it anytime in the future.

3. Can I apply for my Canada visa offline?

Yes, to learn how, read Guide on Canada Visa Application.

4. What are the different types of Canada Visitor visa and their requirements?

To get the complete information on requirements, read Canada Visitor Visa.