Want to apply for Canada visa but don’t know how? Here is the complete Canada visa application guide to walk you through the Canada visa application process. You can not only apply for Canada visa online but can also avail discounts of up to 25% on your Canada travel expenses. Read on to discover how to get cashback on your Canada visa fee and more.

Apply for Canada Visa the Easy Way!

Types of Canada Visa

Some of the popular types are as follows;

  1. Canada visitor visa
  2. Study Permits
  3. Work Permits
  4. Super Visas for Parents and Grandparents
  5. Business Class Immigration
  6. Federal Skilled Worker Visa
  7. Canadian Experience Class Visa, etc.

Canada visitor visa

Meant for short stay periods of up to six months, a Canada visitor visa is ideal for tourism, business, recreational activities, etc. And, based on the specific purpose it serves, is further classified as follow.


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Types of Canada visitor visa for Indians

  1. Canada Tourist Visa
  2. Canada Business Visa

Understanding the Canada tourist and business visas

At Blinkvisa, we provide the 6 months multiple entry Canada visitor visa for Indian passport holders (tourist and business visa) that has a validity of up to 10 years. Although a visitor visa, one can also use this for multiple purposes. Right from attending business conferences, seminars, symposiums, cultural festivals, to short-term vocational courses (under six months).


Deducing the Canada Visa Application Process

At Blinkvisa, we provide Canada visa online. The steps involved are simple. In fact, we have a simple two-step online visa application process as follows.

Step 1: Fill in basic information

  • Name as on the passport
  • Your email id
  • Tentative travel date
  • Your city
  • Tentative return date, etc.

After filing in the details, you will be requested to complete the registration process. It involves making a payment of INR 1000. As soon as you make the payment, INR 11280 gets credited to your account.

Step 2: Upload Documents

Our visa expert will contact you within half-an-hour from the receipt of your application. They will provide you with the complete visa requirements, document checklist, etc. via phone and also via email.

Once you upload all the required documents, all that remains is to wait for your Canada online visa.

The PDF file of your Canada visa is emailed to your registered id.


We recommend you to take a couple of colour printouts of the same along with the softcopy. After reaching Canada, you may produce it at the immigration office, where they will stamp the visa on your passport. 

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Canada Visa Requirements

1. Scanned copy of the first and last pages of your Indian passport

2. Scanned copy of your passport-sized photograph

3. Cover letter

A covering letter from the applicant stating their name, passport number, purpose and duration of the visit.

4. Travel plan/itinerary

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Optional, yet advisable documents

Additional Financial Documents if any. Such as Fixed Deposits, Property Investments, Recurring Deposits, any other Investments etc.

*questionnaire would be accessible after the registration process.

Canada business visa requirements

  • A valid passport
  • Your valid Canada business visa (Canada business visa)
  • A letter authorising your stay in Canada issued by your company.
  • Copy of warranty or service agreement/contract, with the inviting company if any
  • Address and contact details of your host company
  • Proof of sufficient funds to support your stay in Canada
  • Proof of you returning home after your business purpose is fulfilled in Canad
  • A letter from the inviting company/personnel

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Canada visa FAQs

1. Can I use my Canada visa as a work visa?

A Canada visitor visa is not to be used as an employment visa. However, you can look for employment in Canada with your Canada visitor visa.

2. Where can I apply for my Canada visa from India?

Though you can apply offline, we recommend you to opt for a Canada visa application online as it is easier and convenient.

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3. What is the Canada visitor visa fee for Indians?

At Blinkvisa we have a common fee for both Canada tourist visa and Canada business visa, which are types of visitor visa. The Canada visa fee is as follows;

Visa Fee Blinkvisa Charges SGST + CGST Total Cost Avail Cashback
INR 10,100 INR 1000 18% INR 11280 INR 11280

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