Exploring almost entire Europe seemed like a dream earlier but since the Schengen Visa came into effect, the dream is coming true for a vast number of travellers. Schengen is an agreement between 26 countries, 24 of them from Europe; which allows an individual to travel between these countries on a single visa stamp, with the need to get a visa for every country. The internal border checks between these countries are also not conducted which allows the tourists to travel freely and without restrictions. Apply for Schengen Visa now to experience the Schengen Area yourself.

We, here at Blinkvisa, aim to make the travel experience extremely easy and smooth for you. Our visa experts handle all the process, procedures, scrutinization, and documentation for you so you don’t have to worry about spending too much time or risking your visa getting rejected.

Introduction to Schengen Visa

The agreement between the 26 countries called ‘Schengen Area’ allows the visa holder to travel across the countries freely and without any restrictions. However, you are required to take your travel documents like passport, insurance, and other requirements along with you as you travel. The 26 countries are listed below:

Austria Belgium Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland
France Germany Greece Hungary Iceland Italy
Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Malta Netherlands
Norway Poland Portugal Slovakia Slovenia Spain
Sweden Switzerland


How to Apply for Schengen Visa?

The exact procedure and formalities can vary depending on from which country are you applying from but the basic and mandatory requirements are the same. Additional requirements can be requested based on your current employment status and purpose of travel.

Regardless of the fact that from wherever you apply for the visa from, you will have to submit a visa application form which is same for all Schengen countries:

Schengen Visa Application Form

schengen visa form

Schengen Visa Application Form – Page 1

schengen visa form second page

Schengen Visa Application Form – Page 2

Deciding on the Visa Type You Need

Depending on your purpose of visit, you can apply for any one of the visas below:

Universal Schengen Visa (USV)

The most common type of visa which is applied across the world:

  • Type “A” or Airport Transit Visa
  • Type “C” or Short Term Visa: This is a short term visa which allows a traveller to travel to any Schengen Areas for a maximum of 90 days throughout any 180 days. For more information refer to the 90/180 Schengen Visa Rule. There are multiple variants of this visa:
    • Single Entry
    • Double Entry
    • Multiple Entry

Limited Territorial Visa

This visa can be applied for if you wish to only visit one country in the Schengen Area or only a few countries, but not all of them. You have to apply for this visa from that specific country’s Consulate/VAC only where you’re going or spending most of the time.

National Visa or Type “D”

This visa is required if you need to stay for more than 90 days but a maximum of up to one year. This can be applied by:

  • Students on a course for less than one year (extension is also possible in some cases)
  • Medical Emergencies
  • Experts travelling for sharing their expertise in any fields like Art, Sports, or any other professional skill
  • Others, updated on relevant Schengen country’s website

Deciding on the Purpose of Visit

In addition to the visa type you require, you will also have to mention your purpose of visit on the form. The available options are:

  1. Tourism
  2. Business
  3. Visiting Family or Friends
  4. Cultural
  5. Sports
  6. Official Visit
  7. Medical Reasons
  8. Study
  9. Transit
  10. Airport Transit
  11. Others

You’ll have to submit additional documents based on:

  • Your employment status
    • Employee
    • Student
    • Self-Employed
    • Retired
    • Unemployed & Married to EU Citizen
    • Minor
  • Visa Type
    • Airport Transit
    • Medical Visa

Please read Schengen visa requirements which will give you a detailed explanation of the above documents and their specifications.

Fees for Schengen Visa

The Schengen Visa has a fixed fee no matter which country you’re applying from or which country you’re going to. However recently, it has been updated that the fee is increasing as highlighted below. This new fee will be effective from 02 Feb 2020:

Euro (€) USD ($) INR (₹) Proposed from 02-02-2020
Adult 60 70 4595.30 € 80
Child (6-12) 35 38.90 2680.60 € 40
Child (Below 12) Free Free Free Free

Read Also, Schengen Visa Fee.

The process to Apply for Schengen Visa

The process for application of Schengen Visa fee may be difficult to understand if you are not aware of the Schengen Agreement. However, we, at Blinkvisa aim to make the process easy for you. You just have to visit Blinkvisa and click the ‘Apply for Visa’ button. Our expert agents will get in contact with you and explain the procedure. You only have to submit the visa fee and documents to us. Our experts will cover all formalities, form filling, document scrutinization, cover letters, and much more. The actual process for applying for Schengen visa is:

  1. Understanding the type of visa you require and the purpose of your visit.
  2. Finding out where to apply. You will have to be careful with the correct selection of which country’s embassy/Consulate or VAC you have to apply. Please visit the Schengen Visa Appointment to find more details.
  3. Book the appointment either via phone, email, online, or in-person depending on the country’s set procedure.
  4. Download the visa form and print two colour copies of the same. Fill them up accurately and sign both of them at the end.
  5. Gather all the required documents as per listed on Schengen Visa Documents.
  6. Attend the interview. This is a crucial part of the process. Make sure you arrive on time and be relaxed. Answer all questions correctly as per the documents you have, and be confident.
  7. Pay the Visa Fee.
  8. Wait for the Application revert.

Once your visa gets approved, make sure you understand the visa sticker as this will show you the details like countries you can visit, number of entries, date of expiry, etc.

If your visa gets rejected, you can apply again from your neighbouring country’s embassy/consulate/VAC. If you believe that the visa was mistakenly denied, you have the right to appeal for rejection.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Where can I apply for Schengen Visa?

You can apply for Schengen Visa from your own country’s embassy, consulate, or VAC.

2. How long does it take to get the visa?

Processing time for Schengen visa is usually 15 days but we recommend at least 30 days before, to keep a buffer time just in case because sometimes having too many visa applications can delay in the processing of your visa.

3. Which countries can I go on my Schengen Visa?

If you have a Type “C” short term visa, you can go anywhere among the 26 Schengen Countries.

Note: There are some non-Schengen countries which allow you to enter their country on a Schengen Visa. For more information visit Schengen Countries.