Apply Malaysia Visa Online: In Simple Steps!

Sep 11, 2019Malaysia visa0 comments

The move to make Malaysia visa online has worked well for the government. It has resulted in an increase in the number of Indian tourists to Malaysia. If you are wondering how exactly you are to proceed with the process, here it is. We will see how, as an Indian passport holder, you can apply for Malaysia visa online from anywhere around the globe. 

Steps to Apply Malaysia Visa Online

  • The initial step
  • Most important factor
  • Fee Payment
  • Visa approval
  • The trip to Malaysia

The initial step

The first step is to log in to and filling in the necessary details and do an initial payment of INR. 500. A visa expert will be calling you to explain about the necessary documents that you need to submit for the application process. 

Most Important factor 

The necessary documents are the most important factor when you apply for a Malaysia visa online. You must submit the required documents in either PDF or JPEG format and send it via email. Do not forget the Malaysia visa photo which is also an essential part of visa approval. 

Fee payment

At Blinkvisa, you do not pay for the visa until you get the visa. There is only an initial payment to kick start the proceedings. The remaining Malaysia visa fee will be after the visa approval. 

Visa approval

The Malaysia visa processing time is one day for an eNTRI visa and 3-5 days for an e Visa. You get the visa information via the email which you will provide in the application form. In case there is a rejection, there is no way to know the reasons. But Blinkvisa can ensure that there is no missing information or documents with the application form. 

The trip to Malaysia

When you apply for a Malaysia visa online, you can also have a well-planned travel itinerary from Blinkvisa. Blinkvisa can help you get a custom travel itinerary that best suits your taste, time, budget, and preferences. 

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All Indian passport holders can apply for Malaysia visa online from their respective country of residence. This is a convenient process that Blinkvisa can make it easier for you. What are you waiting for, check out the types of Malaysia visa that is most suitable for your travel plans, now!