If you are an enthusiast of marine adventures and want to experience the best scuba diving of both worlds, then you must visit the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. It is the world’s largest coral reef system stretching for over 2,300 kilometres.  You can enjoy this reef in different means such as snorkelling, glass-bottomed boat viewing, aircraft or helicopter tours, bare boats (self-sail), cruise ship tours, swimming with dolphins, whale watching and so on.

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However, all those heart-throbbing adventures can be experienced only when you give serious consideration to your long postponed Australia trip. Undeniable the fact that it needs quite a long time to prepare for a tour to Australia as you are to go through a number of pre-travel processes. Along with many other prerequisites, a tourist visa is a prominent one as without this legal permission you will not be able to enter Australia.  This blog explains how you can get an Australia visa and what are the current requirements of Australia visa.

Australia Visa Overview

Before we understand the requirements of the Australia visa, it is better to have a fair understanding of Australia visa and its types.

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A tourist visa for Australia is known as Australia visit visa (Subclass 600). Indian passport holders are eligible for this visa type. With this visa, apart from tourism, one can attend business meetings, seminars and visiting friends and relatives in Australia. This is an online visa and can be applied easily through any qualified visa agency.

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Getting an Australia visa from India is rather easy as it has online processing. To get an Australia visa, the applicant does not need to give the biometric data. But at the same time, the original passport has to be submitted along with the visa application form and the other documents. At the approval of the visa, the visa along with the original passport will be delivered to the applicant.

A visa for Australia costs INR 10,780 for each visa. You can get 100% cashback of the entire visa fee if you apply for your visa through Blinkvisa

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Australia Visa Requirements

Indians applying for Australia visa for tourism has to submit a quite a big number of documents. The required documents are divided into two parts i.e- mandatory documents and additional documents. The mandatory documents are common for all while the additional documents are to be provided as per the profile of the applicant.

Mandatory documents for Australia visa

Here is the list of mandatory Australia visa requirements-

1. Passport

  • the original copy of the passport along with a copy of all the pages.
  • If you have old passports, include a copy of all the used pages and visas, as applicable. Please note that all the copies must be notarized.

Note: Inclusion of the previous visas from Australia or other countries enhances the chances of getting visa approval.

2. Application form and covering letter

  • Duly filled and signed the Australia visa application. (form 1419)
  • A personal covering letter. The letter should explain the travel plans, accommodation, and personal details. It should be addressing the High Commissioner of Australia.

3. Australia visa photo

  • The photograph requirement for the Australia visa demands that the photo size is to be 3.5″ x 4.5″.
  • The background should be white.
  • The face should have 80% coverage.
  • The photo should be a matte finish and not a glossy one.

4. Financial documents

The required documents are-

  • An attested copy of the last 6 months’ bank statement. The copy should also have a signature from the bank official.
  • Copy of the income tax returns or Form 16 for the last 3 years.

5. Travel documents

  • Confirmed return flight tickets
  • Hotel reservation or proof of accommodation if there are other arrangements.
Australia visa requirements

Australia visa additional document requirement

Here is the list of additional documents. One should provide the document as per their profile-

1. An Employee

  • Last 3 months salary slip
  • Original leave sanction certificate issued by the company with the company seal on the paper.

2. Self-employed

If you are self-employed, then you need to submit proof of your business.

  • Company registration certificate.
  • Cover letter on the company’s letterhead.

3. A retiree

  • Pension pay order certificate.
  • If you are retired from a private company then the last 6 months’ bank statement will suffice.

4. A student

  • Copy of the student ID card issued from the respective institution.
  • Bonafide certificate

5. For minors/children

  • Copy of the birth certificate
  • NOC from the parents if the child is travelling alone.
  • A signed affidavit on Rs.100 stamp paper, from the non-accompanying parent in case the child is travelling with only one parent.
  • A copy of ID proof of parent(s) – PAN card or passport copy.

6. If visiting a friend or family on invitation

  • Invitation letter copy from the Australian resident
  • Inviters ID proof- passport copy (both front and back pages), or permit copy, etc.
  • Address proof of the inviter- Utility bill, Electricity bill, etc

7. If someone is sponsoring you

  • Sponsorship letter
  • Sponsor’s national ID proof- PAN card or Resident permit
  • Last 3 months’ updates bank statement of the sponsor
  • IT returns of the sponsor for the last 3 years

8. Authorization letter

You may need an authorization letter if you are assigning an agent to apply on your behalf. The letter will permit the agency to submit and pay for the visa processing on your behalf.

Documents required at Australia immigration

In addition to the above-mentioned documents, you need to have these documents when you arrive in Australia. They are,

  • Original passport
  • Return flight tickets
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Travel insurance and medical insurance if any
  • Additionally, you may also be asked for proof of expenses as well.

How Blinkvisa Can Help You?

As you can see the list of required documents is quite long for Australia visa.  The documentation is a crucial part of every visa processing as, without the same, the visa can be rejected. You can keep the fear of visa rejection away by opting for expert assistance from us.

We, at Blinkvisa, provide expert assistance for every step of the visa processing.  We will scrutinize the documents, fill the application form on your behalf and submit it at the embassy. We also do provide pick-up and drop services for documents. We also help you with documents such as-

  • Australia visa form filling assistance
  • Photograph as per Australian visa specification
  • Handling documents and submission of documents to the Australian embassy
  • Personal covering letter
  • Free custom travel plan

You can get all the services mentioned above only at a service charge of INR 1000. Along with everything else, you will get 100% cashback of the visa fee if you apply for Australia visa through Blinkvisa.

Australia travel plan

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How to Apply for Australia Visa

A visa for Australia is an online visa. One can get a visa for Australia by applying online. You can use the official website of the Australia visa application to apply for the visa. But applying for your visa through the official website will take a lot of time.  Simultaneously you will not get any assistance which leaves a lot of room for getting confused.

But applying for the same visa through Blinkvisa has a simplified process. Blinkvisa will take care of all your Australia visa requirements. Here are the steps to apply for Australia visa online through Blinkvisa-

  1. Visit Blinkvisa.
  2. Click on the “Apply for Visa”.
  3. Provide us with your basic information such as name, email & number of applicants.
  4. Complete the initial payment of just INR 1000 & get a full cashback of INR 10,780 into your wallet.
  5. Use your BlinkWallet to book your flight, hotel, activities for your Australia trip.
  6. Once your visa is approved, We will inform you via SMS and Email.
  7. Complete any pending due payment.
  8. Get your visa delivered at your doorstep by our visa experts.

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Australia Visa FAQs

1. How long can I stay in Australia with a tourist visa?

You can stay for up to 90 consecutive days in Australia.

2. Can I extend my Australia visit visa?

Extension of Australia tourist visa is allowed by the embassy. But in order to apply for an extension of the visa, the visa holder must apply it at least two weeks before the visa expires.

3. Can I get a refund for the visa fees if my visa gets rejected?

The Australia visa fee is non-refundable. Either your visa gets rejected or you may cancel the trip, you will not get any refund of the visa fee.

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4. How much is the cost of an Australia visa?

The cost of an Australia visit visa at Blinkvisa is Rs.10,780, inclusive of visa fee, service charges, and GST.

5. How long does it take to process my Australia visa?

It takes 20-25 working days to process Australia’s visit visa from India.