With many good reasons to visit Australia, the country is now becoming one of the most travelled countries for backpackers. Travellers of every travel mood can find a perfect place to hang out in this vast country. This country is the home to 10,685 beaches, 8,222 islands, over 500 national parks, and, most importantly, the Great Barrier Reef.  Visiting Australia is a real treat to satisfy the travel bug in you. However, one can only enter the continent of Australia with an Australia visa.

That is to say, all the foreign nationals travelling to Australia must obtain legal permission to enter and stay in Australia. This legal permission is technically known as an Australia visa. It is document is issued by the Australian embassy, which affirms that you can enter and stay in Australia for a specific period.

If you are planning to visit Australia shortly, you must know how to get a visa for Australia. The next 3 minutes spent in reading this blog will give you an insight into Australia visa basics and how you can get it with 100%  cashback.

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Do Indians need an Australia visa?

All Indian passport holders must obtain a visa to visit Australia. But it is easy to get a visa for Australia as the visa processing for a tourist visa is done online. Indians intending to visit Australia for tourism, sightseeing, attending business meetings, or visiting friends or relatives in Australia must obtain a valid Australia visa.

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Australia Visa an Overview

Australia is maintaining a universal visa regimen since 1994. Needless to say, most of the countries require an Australian visa to enter/travel Australia.

Note: Australia made certain exemptions in the year 2015, which provides Australia visitor visa exemptions to the following;

  • Passport holders of one of the 36 eVisitor or nine Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) eligible countries
  • New Zealand nationals, under the Trans-Tasman Travel Arrangement
  • Visitors having a special purpose visa

Find out if you need an Australia visa?

Australia visa policy map

In the illustration above the countries shaded in grey require Australia visa to visit Australia.

Based on the purpose served, the following are the types of Australia visa;

  • Australia visitor visa
  • Australia transit visit (subclass 771)
  • Medical visa (subclass 602)
  • Working holiday visa
  • Work and holiday visa
  • Student visa (subclass 500)
  • Partner, fiance, and family member visa
  • Special program visa, etc.

All About Australia Visitor Visa

Typically, Australia visitor visa is issued for short stay periods of three, six, or twelve months. Based on the purpose served by a particular type of visitor visa, they are of the following;

Note: Australia visitor visa may be granted to Chinese citizens for a stay period of ten years when applied from China.

Australia evisa or subclass 600 visa

Indians travelling to Australia with the purpose of tourism can apply for an online visitor visa for Australia.  This visa type is also known as Australia subclass 600 visa.  One can apply for this visa through the VFS or any authorized agents. But in order to get a subclass 600 visitor visa for Australia, the applicant should fulfil some criteria. Here are the criteria to fill are-

  • The applicant must have sufficient funds to support him/her during their stay.
  • They are not allowed to start a business, engage in employment, or take up a long term medical treatment.
  • The applicant must be genuinely willing to return to the home country.
  • All applicants must qualify character and health criteria for visa application.

Australia visa information form Bangalore

With an Australia visa, one can stay up to 90 consecutive days in Australia.  This visa comes with 12 months validity. Within these 12 months of validity, the visa holder can enter Australia for Multiple times. On each entry, the visa holder can stay up to 90 consecutive days in the country.

A visa for Australia is quite expensive as it costs nearly INR 10,00. But you can get your Australia visitor visa with 100% cashback if you apply it through Blinkvisa.

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What is Australia Business Visa?

A foreign national coming to Australia with the purpose of business can use the same Subclass 600 visitor visa.  This visa allows the visa holder to get engaged in business-related activities such as attending meetings or seminars. One can also sign business agreements while on an Australia Business Visa.

The only condition with this visa type is that the visa holder can not be engaged in an activity related to earning money.

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Australia Visa Requirements

To obtain an Australian visa, you will have to furnish some mandatory documents and some additional documents. The mandatory documents are common for all the applicants, whereas the additional documents are depending on the profile of the applicant. You can find the requirements below.

Australia visa requirements

Mandatory documents

  • Original passport with at least 6 months validity
  • Notarized copy of all the pages of the passport, including the pages where you have other valid or expired visas if any.
  • Duly filled Australian visa application form  1419
  • 2 copies of recent passport size photographs of size 3.5″ x 4.5″. The photos should have a matte finish; the background should be white and besides must have 80% face coverage without restrictions.
  • A personal covering letter explaining about your trip  and personal details
  • Attested copy of the last 6 months’ bank statement
  • Personal Income Tax returns or Form 16 for the last 3 years
  • Confirmed return flight tickets
  • Confirmed hotel reservations

Additional Documents

For Employee

  • Last three months’ salary slip
  • Original leave sanction certificate with company seal

For Retiree

  • Pension pay order certificate
  • Last six months’ bank statement if you are retired from a private company

For Student

  • The student ID card issued from the respective institution
  • Bonafide certificate

For Minors

  • Birth certificate
  • NOC from the parents if travelling alone
  • A signed affidavit on INR 100 stamp paper, from the non-accompanying parent if travelling with only one parent
  • An ID proof parent- PAN card or passport copy

If Visiting a Friend or Family 

  • Invitation letter copy
  • Inviters ID proof- passport copy, or permit copy, etc.
  • Address proof of the invitee- Utility bill, Electricity bill, etc

If Someone is Sponsoring you

  • Sponsorship letter
  • Sponsor’s national ID proof- PAN card or Resident permit
  • Last three months’ updates bank statement
  • IT returns for the last three years

At the immigration-

Apart from all those mentioned documents for applying for the visa, you will have to show some documents at the immigration Australia too. The following documents are needed to show at the immigration-

  • Original passport.
  • Return flight ticket, Hotel bookings / Invitation letter from invitee as proof of your accommodation.
  • Travel medical insurance, HDFC Ergo Travel Insurance for as low as INR 300.
  • Additionally, you may be asked to provide proof of funds and other details about your travel.

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Worried About the Long Requirement list? We Can Help!

It is obvious that this long list of documents can make us feel overwhelmed.  The documentation is a crucial part of every visa processing as your visa can be rejected if you don’t submit all the documents as per the norms of the embassy.

If you want to avoid all those hassles and get the documentation process easier by opting for expert assistance from us.

We, at Blinkvisa, provide end-to-end assistance for every step of the visa processing.  We will scrutinize the documents, fill the Australia visa application form on your behalf and submit it at the embassy. We also do provide pick-up and drop services for documents.

Our assistance includes-

  • Australia visa form filling assistance
  • Photograph as per Australian visa specification
  • Handling documents and submission of documents to the Australian embassy
  • Personal covering letter
  • Free custom travel plan

You can get all the services mentioned above only at a service charge of INR 1000. Along with everything else, you will get 100% cashback of the visa fee if you apply for your visa through Blinkvisa.

Australia travel plan

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Australia Visa Fee

The fee for Australia visit visa for Indians in INR 10780 if you apply it through Blinkvisa. The visa fee comprises three elements, i.e. the visa cost, Blinkvisa charges, and the applicable charges.  Here is the breakup of the same-

visa fee australia

If you apply for your visa through Blinkvisa, you will only have to pay INR 1000 to initiate the visa process. Unlike any other visa agencies, you don’t need to pay the entire visa fee in advance.  You can pay the rest of the amount only after your visa gets approved.

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More excitingly, the entire visa fee, you have paid will be given back to you in the form of Blinkwallet cashback.  You can use the blank wallet cashback for booking flight tickets, hotel reservations, and activities to do in Australia.

Here is how you can get discounts on flight, hotel and other activities reservation while booking through Blinkvisa portal-

Australia discounted Flight ticket

How to Pay Australia Visa Fee?

Making a payment of Australia visa at Blinkvisa is very has a simplified process. If you have chosen Blinkvisa as your visa expert, you will experience a seamless payment method.

Blinkvisa offers three different modes of making payment of the visa fee

  • Payment through credit/debit card
  • Using ‘PayUmoney’ payment app
  • United Payment Interface (UPI) payment gateways

The visa fee for each visa is INR 10,780 while you apply through Blinkvisa. But unlike any other visa agency, here you have to pay only INR 1000 to initiate the visa processing.

More excitingly, as soon as you pay INR 1000, you will get a cashback of INR 10780 in your Blinkwallet.

You can start using the cashback amount to book flights and hotels in Australia even when your visa process is going on. You can make payment of the rest of the amount only after you get an approval message on your Australia visa. Hence there are no chances of losing the entire visa fee on unfortunate occasions like visa rejection.

Australia Visa Eligibility Criteria

The Australian embassy has defined some criteria that have to be fulfilled by every foreign national travelling to Australia.  The embassy is very strict about the same and hence all the visa applicants must aware of all those eligibility criteria.

Here are the eligibility criteria-

Be a genuine visitor

You must stay temporarily in Australia and obey all the conditions of your visa.

Proof of fund

You must proof enough fund for your survival during your stay in Australia

Health requirement

When you apply for an Australia visa, the embassy may take a look at your health condition. Though it is not mandatory for all visa applicants to go through health check-up, in some cases the embassy may ask you to have some medical tests. You will have to do the check-up recommended by the embassy and the reports will be sent directly to the embassy. The final call on your visa application will be taken after checking your medical test reports.

Character requirement

The Australian embassy also checks the character of the visa applicant. Scenarios such as having a criminal record will make your Australia visa application go rejected.

Pay your debts to the Australian government

You must pay off any debts owed to the Australian Government (taken by you or your members of the family) before you apply for the visa.

How to Apply for Australia Visa

Applying for an Australia visa is very easy if you apply the same through us. We offer expert assistance in every step of visa processing. While applying for your Australia visa through us, you need to upload the scanned copies of the required documents. We will do the rest, such as filling the application form, scrutinizing your documents, submitting your application at VFS, etc.

The steps to apply for Australia visa are-

  1. Visit Blinkvisa.
  2. Provide us with your basic information such as name, email & number of applicants.
  3. Complete the initial payment of just INR 1000 & get a full cashback of INR 10,780 into your wallet.
  4. Use your BlinkWallet to book your flight, hotel, activities for your Australia trip.
  5. Once your visa is approved, We will inform you via SMS and Email.
  6. Complete any pending due payment.
  7. Your visa along with the original passport will be delivered to your doorstep.

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Australia Visa FAQs

1. Is it mandatory to have travel insurance for an Australian visa from India?

No, travel insurance is not a mandatory requirement for an Australia visa for Indians. But it would be better if you get one as a precaution.

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2. Do I need to undergo a health examination to apply for a visa to Australia?

Though a Medical examination is not mandatory for an Australia visa, in certain scenarios one may need to undergo a health examination. An Australia visa applicant has to undergo a health examination only if the embassy demands.  In such cases, the applicant must go to the approved medical examiners and do the tests. The test results will be directly sent to the embassy. The visa approval will happen only after the evaluation of the test result.

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3. Can I apply for an Australia visa online?

Yes, one can easily apply for an Australia visa online through Blinkvisa.

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4. How long before the intended travel date should I apply for my Australia Visa?

The processing time of the Australia visa is 20-25 working days.  Considering the processing time, it is advisable to apply for the visa at least 60 days ahead of the travel date.

5. How will I know about the status of my visa?

You will be informed about the approval or rejection of your visa through  SMS or email.

6. What are the types of Australian tourist visas?

Here are the 4 different types of Australian tourist visa-

  • Australia Visitor visa (Subclass 600).
  • Electronic Travel Authority Visa (Subclass 601).
  • eVisitor (Subclass 651).
  • Medical Treatment visa (Subclass 602).