The visa requirements to visit Azerbaijan varies from one country to another. While there is an easy e-visa facility to nationals of close to 95 countries others may travel visa-free or get one upon arrival. A few countries can only enter the country with an advance visa applied the traditional way via an Azerbaijani Diplomatic Mission. Needless to say, the visa charges are often the most overlooked aspects of travel expenditure. While the Azerbaijan visa fee is neither exorbitant nor free, you can still get the complete value for your money spent on a visa with your trusted visa agent.

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What if it is possible to get an Azerbaijan e-visa with a 100% cashback on the complete visa fee? While miracles do happen in dreams, this is indeed a reality. And, it happens only at Blinkvisa, the very first visa service provider in India providing visas with not just 10 or 25% but a 100% cashback!

Azerbaijan Visa Price Breakup

The Azeri e-visa is also referred to as the Azerbaijan tourist visa. The cost of Azerbaijan Visa is illustrated below.

Azerbaijan visa fee

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Typically, when you apply for your Azeri e-visa on the Azerbaijan government portal, you must pay the complete visa fee of $20 and an additional service charge of $4 for international operations which sums up to $24 or INR 1650. Now, this is also the case when you choose other visa agents who often charge double this visa fee.

On the contrary, with Blinkvisa, you only need to pay INR 500 to initiate your visa application. The rest of the Azerbaijan visa cost including the visa fee and taxes may be paid once your visa is approved.

Get instant cashback on your Azerbaijan visa fee

We haven’t reached the best part yet, which is 100% cashback. You need not wait for your visa approval to receive the cashback because as soon as you make the initial payment, you get a cashback of INR 2240.

Needless to say, applying for your e-visa on Blinkvisa is akin to spending nothing at all! So, if you are applying for two visas for your spouse and self, you need to pay INR 500 as initiation fee while you will receive a cashback of INR 4480.

What can you do with your cashback?

As soon as you pay INR 500, the complete Azerbaijan visa fee is credited to your Blinkwallet in the form of Blinkcash. Now, this Blinkcash unlocks discounts on your travel expenses like hotel reservations, flight tickets, travel activities, etc.

Baku flight tickets discount with Blinkcash

The illustration above is just a glimpse of the discounts on flight tickets. as you can see, there is great variation in the actual cost price and the price enabled with Blinkcash. Thus, it is easy to save over INR 2000 to INR 3000 one a single ticket.

It doesn’t end there, you would also get discounts on hotels and activities as follows;

Baku activities

The discounts on activities may range anywhere from INR 500 to INR 3000. Accordingly, the discounts on hotels, flight tickets and activities can be availed for other countries too. And though you are unable to use your complete Blinkcash, it has a lifetime’s validity. Thus, you may use it for both international and domestic bookings anywhere and anytime.

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Azerbaijan Visa FAQs

1. Do Indians need a visa to visit Azerbaijan?

Yes, the Azerbaijan visa for Indians is an online visa also referred to as the ASAN visa, which is processed via an ASAN visa system.

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2. Is there an Azerbaijan visa on arrival?

While there is an Azerbaijan visa on arrival, only a few countries can avail it. Nevertheless, India is not among these countries. Thus, a convenient alternative would be Azerbaijan visa online for Indians.

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3. What are the Azerbaijan e-visa requirements?

Typically, the mandatory requirements are your passport and a recent passport-sized photograph. Your passport must have a validity of at least 3 months validity over the time of visa expiry. For more information, read Azerbaijan Visa Requirements.

4. How to apply for an Azeri e-visa?

At Blinkvisa, applying for an Azerbaijan visa gets easier.

  1. Visit
  2. Select the country, type of visa and provide your basic details
  3. Fill in your tentative travel date, return date, number of applicants, etc information
  4. Pay INR 500 to initiate your application and receive INR 2240 as cashback
  5. Upload your documents and receive your visa in three working days

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5. What is the validity of my Azerbaijan e-visa?

The validity is 90 days, which counts three days from the date of submitting your documents. Here is the Azerbaijan e-visa at a glance,

Azerbaijan tourist visa


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