Azerbaijan Visa Online also referred to as the Azerbaijan ASAN Visa is granted to nationals of close to 95 countries only. Nevertheless, there are certain countries, which may travel to Azerbaijan visa-free or also those, which may avail an Azerbaijan visa on arrival. So, if you have Azerbaijan on your travel agenda, here’s all you need to know about Azerbaijan e-visa.

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Types of Azerbaijan Visa

  • Ordinary Visas
  • ASAN Visa or Azerbaijan e-visa

While there is the Azerbaijan online visa or ASAN visa, there is also the option of the ordinary visa types. Typically, the latter is meant for various purposes like tourism, business, medical, transit, etc. For more information, read Azerbaijan Visa.

In a nutshell, there is an online visa and the traditional visa. The latter must be applied to and approved by the Azerbaijan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is issued by the Embassy or Consulate of the Republic of Azerbaijan. While the traditional or offline visa is a tedious process involving a lot of paperwork and biometrics, the online or ASAN visa is rather easy.

About ASAN Visa

The Azerbaijan e-visa or ASAN visa is a standard visa allotted to close to 95 nationals as follows;

Azeri e-visa eligible nations


One may also claim that the Azerbaijan e-visa is a rather convenient option even when compared to the Azerbaijan visa on arrival. Moreover, the latter is granted to the citizens of only 14 countries.

A visa cost, whether for on arrival or visa in advance must not come up as the surprise at the eleventh hour. In fact, one must understand that it will make up one-fourth of the travel expenses while vacationing abroad.

Cost of Azerbaijan e-visa or ASAN Visa

While the Azerbaijan visa cost is not sky-high, it is neither free. However, at Blinkvisa, we provide a 100% cashback on your entire Azerbaijan visa fee, the service charges and taxes included. And, this happens only at Blinkvisa, India’s first and only visa experts to give away not 20 or 50% but a whopping 100% cashback!

Apply Azerbaijan Visa

ASAN Visa or the Azerbaijan e-visa or the tourist visa online is as follows;

Azerbaijan tourist visa

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Also, the Azerbaijan tourist visa fee for the online application process is as follows;

Azerbaijan visa fee

We have already established the fact that at Blinkvisa, we provide a 100% cashback. Now, to understand how the cashback works alongside a plethora of other benefits like discounts, read Azerbaijan Visa Fee.

The convenience of ASAN Visa or Azerbaijan visa online

The Azerbaijan tourist visa online is typically an ASAN visa, which enables short stay periods of not more than 30 days. The following are the important aspects of an Azeri visa online.

  • The entry type of an Azeri e-visa is single-entry.
  • Azerbaijan e-visa validity begins three working days after the submission of your documents (may vary as per the Azeri holidays.)
  • The e-visa is rendered invalid if not made use of within the validity period.
  • To re-enter the country, one must apply for an e-visa after exiting the Republic of Azerbaijan.

What are the Visa Requirements to Apply for an Azeri Visa Online?

Azerbaijan e-visa documents checklist is provided below.

  1. Passport
  2. Scanned copy of your passport-sized photograph
  3. Confirmed flight tickets
  4. Travel itinerary*

Note: The passport must have a validity of at least 3 months from the expiry date of your visa’s validity. It is important to upload a clear copy as the biodata page is read by the ASAN Visa System. 

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How to Apply for an Azerbaijan E Visa?

There are two ways, one is on the official ASAN Visa portal, the other, which is a rather more convenient method is applying through a trusted visa agent.

Also, when applying on the ASAN visa website, you would be asked to pay the complete visa fee for processing. However, at Blinkvisa, we only ask you to pay the initial registration charges of INR 500 only to jump-start your visa processing.

Needless to say, the ASAN Visa portal does not offer a refund in the case of your e-visa getting rejected. On the contrary, at Blinkvisa, you would be paying the remaining visa fee only after visa approval.

Why Blinkvisa?

Why apply through Blinkvisa

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Applying for Azerbaijan Visa at Blinkvisa

We have a simplified application process at Blinkvisa, which is as follows;

  1. Visit or click here
  2. Select the country, type of visa and provide your basic details
  3. Fill in your tentative travel date, return date, number of applicants, etc information
  4. Pay INR 500 to initiate your application and receive INR 2240 as cashback
  5. Upload your documents and receive your visa in three working days

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Applying for an Azerbaijan online visa is rather easy with Blinkvisa. And, if you would want to visit this fabulous country, we have tried our very best to provide the updated information on the online application process.

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Azerbaijan E-visa FAQs

1. Is there an Azerbaijan Visa on arrival for Indian citizens?

Although there is the option of an Azerbaijan Visa on Arrival, it is not available for Indians. Nevertheless, Indians may avail the easy Azerbaijan e-visa or the ASAN Visa.

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2. Can I extend my Azerbaijan e-visa?

Yes. You may extend your e-visa for a period of up to 60 days. However, you must visit the Consulate of the Republic of Azerbaijan to apply for the same.

3. Are there any entry restrictions to Azerbaijan?

Yes, Armenians are denied entry due to the impending war. Also, foreigners of Armenian descent are not allowed to enter. Moreover, foreigners visiting Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh cannot enter Azerbaijan.

4. Can I use my Azeri tourist visa for business purposes?

One must apply for an Azerbaijan business visa, which requires a Letter of Invitation, which is further approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Azerbaijan.

Presently, at Blinkvisa, we provide the Azerbaijan tourist visa. However, we also offer assistance with business visa and transit visa.