While some need either an eTA or a Canada visa, others only need their valid passports to travel to Canada. Thus, it is vital to understand if you need a Canada Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) or visa before planning your trip. And if you do need one, we have an easy three-step Canada visa application. And, that’s not all! We also have the step-by-step guide, leaving no scope for errors while applying for your Canada visa online. In this blog, you will also discover ways to save considerably on your Canada visa fees.

Canada Visa: A Walkthrough

A visitor visa is the most commonly preferred Canada visa. However, there are other types as well that serve specific purposes or rather for specific categories.

What are the types of Canada Visa?

  1. Visitor visas or temporary Canada Visas
  2. Study permit or student visa
  3. Work permit or work visa
  4. Permanent Residence visa or permit
  5. Business immigrant visa
  6. Express entry program visa

Temporary Canada visa for Indian citizens is further classified into various categories based on the purpose of visit. A temporary visa may be of the single entry type or the multiple entry type. The point to remember is that one cannot remain the country after the expiry of their visa.

Types of Canada visitor visa

  1. Canada Tourist visa
  2. Canada Business visa
  3. Student visa
  4. Super visa
  5. Temporary work visa
  6. Temporary residence permit
  7. Facilitation visa
  8. Visa to give birth in Canada
  9. Intending organ donors visa
  10. Working holiday visa, etc.

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Canada visitor visa for Indians

Presently at Blinkvisa, we offer the following types of Canada visitor visa;

  1. Canada tourist visa for Indian citizens
  2. Canada business visa for Indian citizens

Both the types of Canada visitor visas are multiple entry visas. Although one can apply for a Canada visa both offline and online, we recommend the Canada visa application online. It is because it is a hassle-free process where everything is dealt with online. There is no interview process nor biometric verification in contrast to the offline Canada visa application process.

Before dwelling into the complete Canada visa application process, let’s learn the salient features of Canada tourist visa and Canada business visa in a glance.

Canada Tourist and Business Visa Information

Canada tourist and business visa

Canada Visa Application

Here is a detailed explanation of the Canada visa application process (paper application). We have segregated the entire process into three divisions for an easy understanding as follows;

  1. Preparing the Application
  2. Applying or Submission of the Application
  3. Post Documents Submission

Preparing the application

  • Visit the official website of IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada)
  • Download the application form and document checklist
  • Fill out the application form that is printed on a non-glossy, white, paper.
  • Make sure the 2D barcode is clear on the printed copy.
  • You will then have to attach the copy of your valid passport and a Consent form issued by the Visa Application Centre.

Note: Downloaded or handwritten forms are not accepted. And, make sure the 2D barcode is clear on the printed copy.

Submitting the application

  • You must submit the duly filled form at your nearest Canada visa application centre.
  • Pay the Canada visa fee

Canada Visa Paper Application Fee

A single or multiple entry visitor visas cost you INR 5260 or $CAN100/person. And, it costs INR 26305 or $CAN500/family (a family of five or more)

Apart from the visa fee, you must also pay the fee for biometrics.

Canada visa biometrics charges

Biometrics per person costs you INR 4470 or $CAN 80; biometrics per family (two or more) INR 8947or $CAN70

To pay this fee, you must click here!

Important: To pay the fees applicable for an entire family, it is vital to apply for the Canada visa of all the members together at the same time. Before you submit your application, include your proof of payment (receipt) along with your application. Keep a copy of the same for reference.

Post documents submission

  • If you have an appointment at the Canada visa application centre make sure to attend the same at the allotted time.
  • If you have applied for a visa for family. Make sure all the applicable members are present for the interview.
  • Ensure to give your biometrics on the same date. If you are unable to, book an appointment for biometrics during the business hours of the application centre.

Canada visa application online a convenient option than Canada visa paper application

You can avoid all the hassles and hurdles when you apply for your Canada visitor visa for Indian passport holders at Blinkvisa. we have a simple online application process. For instance, below is an illustration that explains the Canada visitor visa for Indians online application process.

Apply Canada visa online

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Canada Visa Fees

Visa Fee Blinkvisa Charges SGST + CGST Total Cost Avail Cashback
INR 10,100 INR 1000 18% INR 11280 INR 11280

At Blinkvisa for both Canada tourist visa and Canada business visa, they have a standard price. We also have a unique cashback advantage. Thus, spending on your Canada visa fee at Blinkvisa is like spending nothing at all.

To help you understand better, consider you are applying for a visa for your spouse and self. In that case, you will make an initial payment of INR 1000 to initiate the application process.

As soon as you pay INR 1000, instantly a cashback of INR 22560 gets credited into your account. It happens in the form of Blinkcash in your Blinkwallet.

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Canada Visa Requirements for Indians (Online Application)

1. Scanned copy of the first and last pages of your Indian passport

2. Scanned copy of your passport-sized photograph

Canada visa photo specification

  • The photographs must have a matt or semi-matt finish
  • It must cover at least 60%-80% of your face
  • Must have a white background, without any borders
  • The photographs must be of 35mm x 45mm dimensions
  • The name and date of birth to be written on the back of each photo (for offline applicants)
  • Make sure, the photo is not more than three-months-old
  • Avoid scanning photographs that have stamps or stapler marks on them

3. Cover letter

A covering letter from the applicant stating their name, passport number, purpose and duration of the visit.

4. Travel plan/itinerary

To get a custom-made travel plan covering your purpose and needs, click here!

5. NOC letter

For salaried or employed personnel

To be issued by your employer/company

The letter must state your;

  • Name (as on passport)
  • Position/designation in the company
  • Joining date/date of commencement of your employment
  • Employer’s name and contact details (address and telephone number)

For students

The cover letters must be issued by school/college authority claiming non-objection.

In the case of children/minors under 18-years travelling alone

A cover letter issued from the parent/guardian stating non-objection along with the PAN/Passport, or id proof of the parent/guardian

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The bottom line

Applying for your Canada visa online is rather convenient when compared to the offline or Canada visa paper application process.

Canada visa application FAQs

1. Do Indians require a visa to visit Canada?

Yes, Indians holding a valid Indian passport must apply for a Canada visa, unless they hold a US residence visa permit or a Green Card.

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2. Is my Canada visa application fee refundable?

Applying with a Canada visa application centre requires you to pay the complete visa fee which is non-refundable. Moreover, in case of visa rejection, the charges applicable for couriering your documents back to you also falls on you.

However, when you apply through Blinkvisa (online application), you only need to pay the initial fee of INR 1000. Only after receiving your visa PDF, you are required to pay the remaining visa fee to download your visa.

3. What is Blinkcash?

At Blinkvisa, we offer a complete cashback on your visa fee which reflects in your Blinkwallet account liked to your registered id. The amount gets credited into your Blinkwallet as Blinkcash.

4. Do I need to apply for biometrics?

Here are the countries (grey) that may require mandatory biometrics;

Biometrics for Canada visa