Visiting Canada was always on my bucket list as many of my close friends and relatives are based there. Also, the other attractions like Niagra fall and Northern lights were always appealing to my spouse and me. Nevertheless, a few months ago, I finally was able to make this wish come true. Thus, this article is all about how I got my Canada visa from Bangalore with expert assistance and 100% cashback! (Yes, you read it right! 100% cashback on visa fee)

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Canada Visa: The Basic Information

There are various types of Canada Visa for Indians. However, a Tourist Visa and Business Visa are popular types. As my intention of visiting Canada was tourism, I opted for a Canada tourist visa from Bangalore.


A Tourist visa for Canada is a type of Temporary Resident Visa and is also referred to as Canada visitor visa. For more information, read Canada Visa

Types of Canada Visa Online

Canada tourist visa from Bangalore

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Canada business visa

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In summary, both the tourist and business visa are multiple-entry type visas. While the processing time is usually 30 working days for both, I applied for my Canada tourist visa from Bengaluru 40 days in advance.

With Blinkvisa, applying for a Canada visa is as simple as ordering food on Swiggy. While I was initially apprehensive as the cashback offer seemed too good to be true, I went ahead with them because a few of my friends were happy with their service.

Expert assistance at every step

And, I am glad for choosing Blinkvisa as they put all my fears regarding Canada visa to rest. Their visa expert walked me through the entire process and was also happy to address all my visa queries.

But before getting into how I got my Canada visa from Bengaluru, let’s have a look at the Canada visa fee at Blinkvisa.

Canada Visa Fee in Bangalore

Visa Type Visa Fee Blinkvisa Charges SGST + CGST Total Cost Avail Cashback
Tourist Visa INR 10,100 INR 1000 18% INR 11280 INR 11280
Business Visa INR 10,100 INR 1000 18% INR 11280 INR 11280

I was truly amazed to discover that Blinkvisa indeed provides a 100% cashback on all the online visas. That being said, I received a cashback of INR 22560 as I had applied for visas for my spouse and self.

Note: The cashback is, however, credited as Blinkcash in the Blinkwallet which is linked with the applicant’s registered email id.

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More about the Blinkcash and Blinkwallet

The Blinkwallet was linked to my registered email id, which was also my user id. The Canada visa from Bangalore application process typically requires applicants to pay the complete visa fee for visa processing.

On the contrary, Blinkvisa only charged me INR 1000 to start the processing of my Canada visa. Surprisingly, they also credited the cashback immediately. Thus, I did not have to pay the complete visa fee, but still, I received the cashback even before the visa processing.

How does cashback work?

Using the cashback I was able to book my flight tickets to Canada, hotel accommodation, and also activities in Canada. However, one can use up to 10-12% of the Blinkcash only for booking tickets or making reservations on the Blinkvisa portal.

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Examples of discounts that could be availed with Blinkcash*

*The discounts may vary depending on the dates chosen.

Canada discounts on flights with Blinkcash

Moving on to how I applied for my Canada visa from Bangalore, here is the list of Canada visa required documents which were crucial for my Canada visitor visa application.

Canada Visa Requirements

The following are the essential Canada visa required documents;

1. Scanned copy of the first and last pages of your Indian passport

2. Scanned copy of your passport-sized photograph

Canada visa photo specification

  • The photographs must have a matt or semi-matt finish
  • It must cover at least 60%-80% of your face
  • Must have a white background, without any borders
  • The photographs must be of 35mm x 45mm dimensions
  • The name and date of birth to be written on the back of each photo (for offline applicants)
  • Make sure, the photo is not more than three-months-old
  • Avoid scanning photographs that have stamps or stapler marks on them

3. Cover letter

A covering letter from the applicant stating their name, passport number, purpose and duration of the visit.

4. Travel plan/itinerary

5. NOC letter

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For the complete checklist for all the different types of Canada visa, read Canada Visa Requirements

How did I apply for my Canada visa from Bangalore?

I was able to avail my Canada Visa Online in these simple steps;

Step 1

I visited and filled in the simple online form selecting the country and visa type. After clicking on the ‘Get Visa’ button, I was directed to the online application form.

All I had to do was fill in the basic details like email id, tentative travel date, tentative stay period, etc. After which, I had to pay the initial registration fee of INR 1000, which is also the Blinkvisa charges.

Step 2

Within half an hour, their visa expert got in touch with me over the phone. She walked me through the list of documents required and also shared a link with the Canada visa documents checklist.

Step 3

After uploading the documents, I received my visa approval confirmation in less than 30 days.

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Earlier, I stated that applying for an online visa is as easy as ordering food online. And, with Blinkvisa, I did not feel the stress that generally entails a visa application process.

Canada Visa FAQs

1. Is there a Canada visa on arrival for Indians?

Only the visa-exempt nations can avail Canada visa on arrival. Refer the illustration (source: Wikipedia) below;

Canada visa exempt passports

Important: Except for the U.S. nationals and citizens of France residing in Saint Pierre and Miquelon arriving directly from the territory, require an eTA when entering Canada by air.

Indian passport holders except for the Green Card holders, US residents, etc. are not eligible for a Canada visa on arrival. Hence, they must opt for Canada visitor visa or tourist visa.

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2. What is a Canada Travel Visa?

A Canada visitor visa is sometimes referred to as a travel visa.

For more information, read Canada Travel Visa

3. Is the Canada visa fee refundable?

As you get the complete cashback on your visa fee, it is as good as a refund. However, a cash refund is not an option.