China is equally fascinating and intriguing making it an enigma. There is also the fact that though Hong Kong and Macau belong to China, they have an independent visa policy. While there are different China visa categories, the most popular type is the China tourist visa, which is also called a travel visa, and sometimes referred to as China visit visa.


A Brief on China Tourist Visa

Typically, the tourist visa is also known as the L visa. It serves the purpose of visiting the country for tourism purposes. When you visit a friend/family residing in China, the same is termed as a China visit visa.

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Did you know?

One requires a transit visa for transiting to a third country via China. While there is a China transit visa or the G visa, most of the travellers choose the L visa in lieu of the transit visa. Thus, a tourist visa is also referred to as a China travel visa.

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Popular types of L visa

The following are the popular types of China visa for Indians typically for the purpose of tourism;

China tourist visa


China tourist express visa

Note: The express visa is processed within three to five working days, which may vary as it is dependent on the courier service.


China visa is a sticker visa

One must apply for a China visa offline by submitting their original passport along with the duly filled China visa application form. Upon verifying the documents, the visa is pasted on the passport and returned back to the applicant on the address furnished. As there are only two Chinese Embassies in India (Mumbai and Delhi), visiting in person to submit the application is rather inconvenient for Indian residents.


At Blinkvisa, we cater to all your offline and online visa requirements. In fact, we specialize in delivering visas. Whether it is an offline or online application process, we are with you at every step of the application process.

Applying for a Chinese L visa

Get hassle-free China Visa for Indians with Blinkvisa. All you need to do is send in your passport and two passport-sized photographs. If you are a Bangalore resident, we also have pickup and drop facility for China visa required documents. You may either hand it over to our delivery executives (visa experts and counsellors) or simply walk-in to our office located in Bangalore.

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China Tourist Visa Fee

While there are two kinds of tourist visa, the China visa cost varies for both the types, which is as follows;

China tourist visa price breakup

China tourist visa fees

Note: For every visa applied, you will receive a cashback of INR 9589 on each visa. Thus, if you apply for a visa for spouse and self, you will receive a cashback of INR 19178

China tourist express visa price breakup

China tourist express visa fees

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Understanding Cashback

While we credit the complete visa fee, it happens in the form of Blinkcash, which is added to your Blinkwallet account. Using this Blinkcash, you can avail attractive discounts of up to 12% on booking your flight tickets, hotel reservations, activities, etc on our portal.

For example;

Beijing China Activities

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China tourist visa requirements

China tourist visa requirements

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Do not have a China travel itinerary?

Worry not, we create handpicked custom travel plans to meet your travel requirements at no additional cost.


Apply for Tourist Visa

The application process is quite simple with us, which is as follows;

  1. Visit
  2. Select the country and visa type
  3. Provide basic details (name, email id, etc) for registration
  4. Fill in basic details in the detailed country-specific online application form
  5. Make a payment of INR 500 as registration fee and receive the complete visa fees as cashback*
  6. Schedule an appointment for the required documents pickup (only for Bangalore residents) or courier them to us (other Indian cities)
  7. Receive your visa in seven to ten working days

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China Visa FAQs

1. Which are the other types of China Visa?

Apart from the tourist or travel visa, there is China Business Visa, Transit Visa, etc.

2. Is there a China Visa on arrival?

While there is no China visa on arrival for Indians, however, one may be provided for genuine emergency reasons as follows;

  • in the case of genuine emergencies, which make applying for a visa in advance impossible or difficult;
  • if you have an invitation letter issued by a government-approved sponsor or Chinese authorities;
  • or have a confirmation from immigration authorities that the visa will be issued on arrival;
  • when you have a government-approved sponsor meeting you at the airport.

3. What is the visa fee for other visa types?

The following are the most preferred types of visa, tabulated with the cost;

Type of China VisaVisa FeeBlinkvisa ChargesSGST + CGSTTotalAvail Cashback
Tourist VisaINR 8999INR 50018%INR 9589INR 9589
Express Tourist VisaINR 14499INR 50018%INR 15089INR 15089
Business VisaINR 10499INR 50018%INR 11089INR 11089
Express Business VisaINR 14499INR 50018%INR 15089INR 15089


4. Can I apply for a China visa online?

Although an offline process, you can initiate the application process online.

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