With a culture that dates back to many millennia, China is a melange of old traditions with a modern outlook. The country is a fascinating blend of everything that appeals to modern travellers with a touch of timeless tradition. Adding on to the mysterious allure of the country is its visa. While there are certain countries, which may travel visa-free, the rest do require an advance visa to enter this truly oriental enigma. Let’s understand the China Visa Application Form and the Chinese Visa Application Process if the country is on your bucket list.

Do I Need a China Visa?

Earlier, we mentioned that certain countries do not require a visa while others need one. So, let’s find out the countries requiring a China Visa in advance.

Refer to the illustration below for more details

China visa policy map


The Process of Applying for a China Visa

Unlike the hassle-free e-visa, China visa is a sticker visa, which is pasted on the passport. Thus, along with the China Visa Application form, you need to submit your original passport as well. That being said, the China visa process is an offline process. Nevertheless, you can apply for China Visa Online with trusted visa agents who will ensure the safe delivery of your passport along with the approved visa.

China visa application process for Indians

Typically, the duly filled application form is scrutinized by the Chinese Embassy who grants the sticker visa. Thus, the China visa application form and process involves the submission of a duly filled paper application or online application.

Apply Visa

While there are only two China Embassies in India located in Mumbai and Delhi respectively, personally delivering the application form would be a little difficult when based in the other Indian cities.

Hassle-free China visa

With Blinkvisa, you can fill in the easy online application form and courier your original passport and passport-sized photographs.

In fact, it is much easier to get China visa for Bangaloreans as we facilitate pickup ad drop facility for documents submission. We will then apply on your behalf. And, you will receive your approved visa stuck to your passport delivered to your doorstep.

In the case of other Indian cities, you may courier the required documents, and we will ensure to safely deliver your passport back to you.

A Brief on China Visa

Before getting into the China visa application form and process, let us understand the various categories of China visa, which are as follows;

  • L Visa or Tourist Visa/Visit Visa
  • F Visa or Non-commercial Visit Visa
  • M Visa or Business Visa
  • Z Visa or Work Visa
  • X Visa or Student Visa
  • C Visa or Crew member Visa
  • J Visa or Journalist Visa
  • G Visa or Transit Visa
  • D Visa or Residence Visa
  • Q Visa or Family Visa or Personal Visit Visa
  • S Visa or Relatives of Foreigners Visa
  • R Visa or Visa for Highly Qualified Persons

Preferred types of Chinese visa

The following types are widely preferred as they serve the purpose of tourism and business-related visits. And based on the processing time, there is a special visa type known as express visa. The following are the types of tourist or L visa and business or M visa. In both cases, the type of entry is single and they entitle you for a stay period of up to 30 days. The validity is up to 90 days and the processing time varies with the express visa type.

Tourist and business visa

China visa for Indians



Express tourist and business visa

China express visa


Chinese Visa Price

The Chinese visa price breakup is provided below. Needless to say, the applicants receive 100% cashback on complete China visa cost. The cashback not only includes the visa fee, but also our service charges and applicable GST charges.

Type of China VisaVisa FeeBlinkvisa ChargesSGST + CGSTTotalAvail Cashback
Tourist VisaINR 8999INR 50018%INR 9589INR 9589
Express Tourist VisaINR 14499INR 50018%INR 15089INR 15089
Business VisaINR 10499INR 50018%INR 11089INR 11089
Express Business VisaINR 14499INR 50018%INR 15089INR 15089


It doesn’t end at cashback! In fact, the cashback unlocks discounts on the actual cost price of flight tickets, hotel bookings, activities, to name a few when booked via our portal, www.booking.blinkvisa.com

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China Visa Application Form

The non-visa-exempt nations including Indians need a China visa in advance. Basically, it is a sticker visa pasted on the passport. Hence submitting one’s passport along with the duly filled China Visa Online application is essential. At Blinkvisa, we make sure to make it as simple as possible for you. All you have to do is provide your documents, which you can drop-in at our office or courier it to us, or simply schedule an appointment for our visa assistant to pick up the same from the convenience of your home.

Note: The pickup and drop facility is available for Bangalore residents only. 

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How to apply for a Chinese visa?

  1. Visit www.blinkvisa.com
  2. Select the country and visa type, enter your email id, city, etc and click on the ‘Get Visa’ button
  3. You will be directed to the specific visa page of the country chosen
  4. Fill in the basic details like the number of applicants, tentative travel date, return date
  5. Make the payment of INR 500 and receive the complete visa fee as cashback
  6. Share your documents
  7. Receive your visa in seven to ten working days (the processing time may vary as per the courier service)

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China visa application form for Bangaloreans?

  1. Visit Blinkvisa
  2. Select the country and visa type, enter your email id, city, etc and click on the ‘Get Visa’ button
  3. You will be directed to the specific visa page of the country chosen
  4. Fill in the basic details like the number of applicants, tentative travel date, return date
  5. Make the payment of INR 500 and receive the complete visa fee as cashback
  6. Make an appointment for document pickup
  7. The visa is delivered to your doorstep within seven to ten working days

Blinkvisa appointment

What are the requirements for a Chinese visa application form?

The mandatory documents are,

  • A valid passport with at least 6 months’ validity and at least 2 blank pages.
  • A clear photograph in the required China visa photo size of 35 mm x 45 mm, taken against a white or light blue background
  • Cover-letter that explains the personal details and travel itinerary*
  • Bank statements for the last 3 months
  • Confirmed return tickets
  • Hotel reservations or proof of accommodation

At Blinkvisa, we believe that a well-planned trip is vital to make the most of your trip. Thus, we provide a custom-made travel itinerary to meet your expectations and needs


Additional documents

  • The original leave sanction certificate and 3 months’ salary slip for the employed people
  • Company registration certificate; 3 months’ bank statement; last 3 years’ IT returns for self-employed.
  • Pension payment certificate or 6 months’ bank statement for retired people
  • Copy of ID card for students along with bonafide certificates
  • Minors need a copy of birth certificate and parents’ passport copy. They also need NOC from the non-accompanying parent, if any.
  • Invitation letter, copy of inviter’s passport/PR, as well as their address proof, in case you are visiting a family member or a friend living in China.

For the list of complete requirements for major visa categories, read China Visa Requirements

With Blinkvisa simplifying the Chinese visa application process for Indians, you can plan your much-awaited trip to China. Needless to say, plan your trip and leave all your visa concerns to us.

Chinese Visa FAQs

1. I have a layover in China for 36 hours, do I need a transit visa?

Yes, apart from the Chinese visa-exempt nations the rest require a Chinese Transit Visa. Moreover, the application process is similar to that of a tourist visa. Thus, we recommend you to apply for an express tourist visa instead.

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2. Is there a China Visa on Arrival for Indians?

Generally, there is no China Visa on Arrival. Nevertheless, one may avail only in the case of emergencies provided;

  • you have an invitation letter issued by a government-approved sponsor or Chinese authorities
  • or have a confirmation from immigration authorities that the visa will be issued on arrival
  • when you have a government-approved sponsor meeting you at the airport

3. Where can I submit my China visa application?

You may submit them at a Visa Application Centre or Chinese Embassy. Accordingly, there are only two Chinese Embassies in India, in Mumbai and Delhi respectively. Whereas there are three application centres in Kolkata, Mumbai, and Delhi.

Thus, we recommend you to visit, Blinkvisa for hassle-free China Visa application form or process.