A trip to China can be a mesmerizing experience. The Great Wall of China, busy cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, can make it all the more fascinating to explore. Indians need a China visa to visit the country for business or tourism. Now, one can apply for a China visa from Bangalore at ease, with 100% cashback on the visa fees.

It is easy to get a visa for China, but it is not free, though. A China visa can cost you up to INR 13590 for a normal visa, and INR 15089 for an express visa. In here, we will explain everything you need to know how to get a China visa from Bangalore with 100% cashback.


How to get China Visa from Bangalore?

General overview

Residents of Bangalore can apply for a China visa currently through an offline process.

The process involves you submitting the necessary documents. They include China visa application form, required documents, and photographs in PDF format. Additionally, you need to submit the original passport that will have the visa stamped in it.

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Where to Apply for China Visa?

Applying for a China visa is not a lengthy process, but it demands to pay some serious consideration. When applying for a China visa from Bangalore, you need to submit the passport for visa processing along with all other required documents. The discrepancy in any of the same can result in visa rejection. Hence, it is better to get the help of visa experts. A China visa applicant from Bangalore is eligible for 100% cashback on the visa fee if applied through Blinkvisa. Opting for assistance from Blinkvisa will help you save time through these steps.

  • Choosing the right type of visa
  • Filling the application form
  • Getting the documents in order
  • Submitting the application form at the Embassy.
  • Creating the best travel plan as per your budget and convenience.

Along with saving your precious time, we also help you by saving your money. In addition to the visa assistance, we also offer 100% cashback on your visa fee.

apply for china visa from blinkvisa

This cashback can be used to book flights, hotels, and activities from your Blinkvisa portal. It includes travel bookings, hotel reservations, and activities in visiting countries. Moreover, BlinkWallet has lifetime validity so you can use it anytime in the future for domestic or international trips.

Additional Benefits of Opting for Blinkvisa Assistance

Your China visa application will be more comfortable with the expert assistance of Blinkvisa. Our visa experts can assist with each step of the visa processing.

We also help you in making your custom travel plan as per your budget and convenience. Our travel experts can create the best travel plan to enjoy your trip to the fullest! Blinkvisa assists you with a custom-made travel plan according to your preference and budget.  This planning can go hand-in-hand with visa processing.  You can always ask for a travel plan for your trip to China.

Want Blinkvisa to Plan Your China Trip for Free?

Get a day-wise plan for your China trip within your budget & save up to 25% of the trip cost because of Blinkvisa’s bulk deals with the suppliers. All are cancellable and fully refundable, unlike travel packages.


Types of China Visa

China visa for Indians is mainly of two types- Tourist Visa and Business Visa

  • If you want to enter China for tourism purposes, you need a visit/tourist visa.
  • China business visa allows entry for attending meetings, visiting factories, negotiating agreements, etc.

Both these types of China Visa are available for Indians. Indians can apply for normal processing or express mode. According to the processing time, the types of visa for China from India are,

Time-taken to process China visa for Indians from Bangalore

Usual processing time for China visa for Indians can be between 3-10 days. The duration is depending upon the chosen processing type.

The processing time for China visa is,

  • China Tourist visa: 7-10 days

China tourist visa

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  • Tourist visa express: 3-5 days

China tourist express visa

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  • China Business visa: 7-10 days

China business visa

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  • Express business visa for China: 3-5 days

China business express visa

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The processing time mentioned here is according to the business days. In case there are any weekends or holidays, there could be a delay in processing.

When to apply for China visa?

The ideal time to apply for China Visa is one month before the intended entry into China. This should be enough time to add in any kind of delay in visa processing. At the same time, you can quickly get a proper travel itinerary, as well.

You can even apply for a visa 3 months before the intended travel date. Similarly, the latest you may apply is 20 days before the departure date.

Additional information

  • China visa has a validity of 90 days within which one may use the visa.
  • The stay period is only a maximum of 30 consecutive days, once you enter the country.
  • By default, China visa allows only single-entry. Furthermore, there is no multiple-entry option with China visa for Indian passport holders on short trips.


China Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens

China visa requirements for Indians change with the purpose of the visit. However, the list of documents may slightly differ from each other for a tourist visa and business visa.

China tourist visa requirements

There are a few mandatory documents, as well as a few additional documents for China visa. They differ depending upon the applicant.

The mandatory documents are,

  • A valid passport with at least 6 months’ validity and at least 2 blank pages.
  • A clear photograph in the required China visa photo size of 35 mm x 45 mm, taken against a white or light blue background
  • Cover-letter that explains the personal details and travel itinerary
  • Bank statements for the last 3 months
  • Confirmed return tickets
  • Hotel reservations or proof of accommodation

Additional documents for a tourist visa

  • The original leave sanction certificate and 3 months’ salary slip for the employed people
  • Company registration certificate; 3 months’ bank statement; last 3 years’ IT returns for self-employed.
  • Pension payment certificate or 6 months’ bank statement for retired people
  • Copy of ID card for students along with bonafide certificates
  • Minors need a copy of birth certificate and parents’ passport copy. They also need NOC from the non-accompanying parent, if any.
  • Invitation letter, copy of inviter’s passport/PR, as well as their address proof, in case you are visiting a family member or a friend living in China.

China Visa Fees from Bangalore

China visa fees for Indian differs with the processing type. The China visa cost from Bangalore would be between 10K – 15K+.

Here is the detailed list of China visa fee in Bangalore.

Type of China VisaVisa FeeBlinkvisa ChargesSGST + CGSTTotalAvail Cashback
Tourist VisaINR 8999INR 50018%INR 9589INR 9589
Express Tourist VisaINR 14499INR 50018%INR 15089INR 15089
Business VisaINR 10499INR 50018%INR 11089INR 11089
Express Business VisaINR 14499INR 50018%INR 15089INR 15089

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I apply online for a China visa in Bangalore?

There is no option to get a China visa online for Indians. China visa application requires the physical submission of the passport. But, there is no requirement of a personal interview or biometrics.

2. Is the China visa centre part of the China embassy in India?

The visa centre is not part of the China embassy but a commercially registered service organization that operates independently.

3. Can Indians avail China visa on arrival?

There is no China visa on arrival provision for Indians.

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4. Where are the Chinese visa application service centres in India located?

The Chinese visa application service centre in India is located in Kolkata, Mumbai, and New Delhi.

5. Is the 10-year China visa available for Indians?

No, the multiple-entry 10-year China visa is not available for Indians. As of now, this visa is available for the citizens of 5 countries- Argentina, Canada, Israel, the USA, and the UK.

6. What is the minimum balance amount in the bank account while submitting the China visa application?

The minimum required balance for China visa is Rs. 1,60,000 in the account. Additionally, you need to submit 6 months updated bank statement as well.

7. Can I extend my China visa?

No, you cannot extend a China tourist visa or business visa. At the same time, the Chinese government may approve of an extension under some extreme circumstances, if there is any strong reason with enough proof.

8. Can I visit Hong Kong with my visa to China?

China visa is not valid for visiting Hong Kong. Furthermore, Hong Kong requires you to apply for a PAR (Pre-Arrival Registration) before departing. To know more, please read our article about the Hong Kong Visa.

9. Do children need a separate visa application to China?

Yes, each individual needs a separate visa for China. So, a separate visa application is required even for minors.