Vietnam, one of the finest destinations around the world and of course for a reason. The country is filled with soul-satisfying natural landscapes, mountains, and lakes. In addition to these, Vietnam has a wonderfully diverse culture and rich history which seems to be attracting people from all around the world, particularly from India and I was one of them. When I planned to go to Vietnam, the first thing that crossed my mind was do I need a visa for Vietnam?

The online search began and I came to know about BlinkVisa and it’s a unique feature of providing 100% cashback on Vietnam visa. I was sceptical at first but decided to take a shot and requested a callback. I got a call in under 10 minutes and the person explained to me everything so perfectly. And when I was told about 100% cashback even before visa approval, I was shocked.

Vietnam is being chosen as the perfect destination all around the world for long getaways from the daily chores back home or a short leisure break from your business. There’s no lack of adventure activities here as well. Visiting Vietnam was a wonderful experience of my life and I’m planning to visit again.

How did I choose my Vietnam Tourist Visa

I have not travelled a lot so I was not going to risk my Visa approval if I go by myself online so I paid just INR 500 advance to Blinkvisa, and I was shocked to receive INR 1339 in my wallet. It turns they are well aware of what they’re doing as well as confident and now so was I. I knew at that time I’ve made the right choice. Even though Visa approval is not 100% in their hands, they still made me feel everything was going smooth, and it did.

Vietnam visa banner

Blinkvisa not only made it smooth, but the fact that they provided entire money back in my Blinkwallet was impressive. I used it to get a discount on my hotel and flight booking ?; so basically I didn’t spend anything on Visa.

Process of Applying for Vietnam Tourist Visa

As I am an Indian, we require either Vietnam visa prior visiting or we can get an approval letter online through which we can get visa on arrival in Vietnam. I wasn’t aware of this. Thanks to BlinkVisa for explaining all this and made my visa process extremely simple and saved my time as well as money via 100% cashback.

Time taken to process Vietnam Visa

In just 4 days I received my visa in my account portal. All I did was pay rest of the amount (actual visa fee) and download the document.

Vietnam single entry visa 3 months info

I was just going for leisure purpose but Vietnam also has the availability of Business Visa if you ever want to go on a business trip.

Requirements for the Approval Letter for Vietnam Visa

The only things required to get the approval letter for visa on arrival are:

  1. Scanned copy of Passport (Front & Back)
  2. Scanned copy of Passport sized photographs

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Cost for getting Vietnam Visa

In the end, the entire amount is returned to me in the form of Cashback in my Blinkwallet was INR 1339 and it includes all charges, taxes, and fees. As already mentioned, all this amount is returned to you in the form of cashback.

Vietnam single entry first

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The exact process to get Vietnam Visa

  1. Visit Blinkvisa
  2. Select visa type, destination, and enter your phone number
  3. Click on ‘Book Appointment’ and fill the basic information and travel details
  4. Pay just INR 500 and the process of visa will be initiated
  5. You’ll get a call and the visa expert will explain the documents and other requirements (if any)
  6. Visa expert will help in the filing, documents arrangement, and scrutiny. Once the visa approval letter is finalized, the remaining amount needs to be paid and you can download the letter.

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Blinkcash is like a virtual currency. It’s basically the cashback you earn through after applying for a visa. This amount is applied as a discount to hotel bookings, flight bookings, as well as any activity you book through Blinkvisa.

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How did I plan an itinerary for this trip?

Again, the experts at Blinkvisa helped me create the best and memorable experience as i was going with my friends. I got a call from them and they explained to me very carefull about locations and how can i create my own itinerary:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Do I need a Vietnam visa to enter the country?

If you are an Indian citizen, you will be needing an Approval Letter before visiting Vietnam. This approval letter can be used to board the flight and then receive a visa on arrival in Vietnam.

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2. Can I apply for a visa without any agency?

Yes, of course. You can visit any Vietnam Visa Centre and get the process done by yourself however the process may be long, tedious, and time-consuming. So, we recommend you go through an expert agency like Blinkvisa. We can help with documentation, submission, and don’t forget 100% cashback on visa fees.

3. When should I apply for Vietnam Tourist Visa?

Usually, people prefer to do it a one-month prior visit, but we recommend and process in just 15 days.

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4. How do I get Visa-On-Arrival in Vietnam?

Once you reach Vietnam with your approval letter, you’ll have to produce documents like this Approval Letter, Passport with at least six months validity, photographs, and a stamping fees of $25.

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