Undeniably a tourist hub, Dubai beckons thousands of travel enthusiasts. In fact, India ranks as the number one tourist country to frequent Dubai. With 2073000 Indian visitors reported in 2017, it is a testament of this modern yet timeless country of UAE. One of the primary reasons for this is that the Dubai visa is an online paper visa. It means you can apply for your Dubai visa online, where your approved visa is delivered to you via your registered email id.

In this blog, you will learn everything about tourist visas for Dubai, right from the application to how to increases your chances of approval. We will also help you save on your travel expenses by providing you with a 100% cashback on your complete visa fees.

Tourist Visa Emirates

Dubai Visa: An Overview

Earlier, we had established that India is one of the countries whose citizens and passport holders require a tourist visa to visit Dubai. If your country falls in the category that requires an advance visa to visit this remarkable country, you are in for a huge surprise! That is, the cost of a single Dubai visa may go up to INR 16000, and this excludes tax and service charges.

While this may be true, you can still save on your Dubai visa fees by applying for your Dubai online visa on our portal. At Blinkvisa, we have not only simplified the Dubai visa online application process.

Going yet another step further, we also provide you with a 100% cashback on your complete Dubai visa fees. And this includes tax and service charges.

It is imperative to understand whether you need a visa to visit Dubai or not. If yes, these are the common types;

Dubai tourist visa, Dubai visit visa, Dubai transit visa, and Dubai business visa.

A brief on tourist visas

Typically, a tourist visa serves recreational or tourism purposes. While this may be true, it is also widely used by many travellers as a Dubai visit visa. Furthermore, it is commercially used as a business visa to attend business conferences, fests, etc.

Dubai visa is a paper visa

All the Dubai visas are paper visas. On approval, you will receive it as a PDF file via email. You will be able to download it after making the complete payment of the applicable fee. At the time of travel, it is vital to keep the colour printout of your visa handy.

Dubai Visa

Blinkvisa is not only for your Dubai visa but also for a whole custom travel plan done for you. It ensures you to have an amazing trip. You can also use the cashback that you will get in BlinkWallet. It provides you more savings when you book your flight, hotel and other activities. It’s great for gaining huge discounts on your activities as well.

Dubai Travel Itinerary

Now let’s learn about the popular types of tourist visas for travelling Dubai;

1. Dubai 14 days tourist visa information and fees

A 14 days tourist visa enables you to stay in the country for 13 days. It is imperative to leave the country on or before the 14th day. Thus, it is an ideal tourist visa for travelling Dubai for a short duration.

14 days tourist visa Dubai

Dubai 14 days tourist visa fees

The visa fee is determined based on the country, duration, and the processing time of the visa. A Dubai 14 days tourist visa will cost you INR 6690. And, this includes our service charge and GST. Moreover, you only have to pay the initial INR 500 as registration charges for initiating the visa application process. And, the remaining fee? You can pay for it when your visa is approved.

14 days tourist visa fees dubai

2.  Dubai 14 days express tourist visa information

Similarly, a Dubai 14 days express tourist visa is the same as a Dubai 14 days tourist visa. The significant difference, however, lies in the processing time. While the latter takes upto five working days, the express visa is processed under three working days. Comparatively, most of the tourists prefer the 14 days tourist visa when they have enough time to plan their trip and travel itinerary.

Express 14 days UAE tourist permit

Dubai 14 days express tourist visa fees

Though similar to the 14 days tourist visa, the time taken to process an express visa is three working days. As in the case of all the visas applied through Blinkvisa, you only need to pay the initial INR 500 for the application process. Only after approval, you are required to pay the remaining visa fees. It is one of the benefits of applying via us.

14 days express tourist visa dubai fees

3.  Dubai 30 days tourist visa information

If your intended trip or travel itinerary exceeds 14 days, then you must go for a Dubai 30 days tourist visa. However, this particular visa enables you to stay in Dubai for 29 days. It is a single entry visa, which allows you to enter the country only once.

30 days tourist permit UAE

Dubai 30 days tourist visa fees

Whether you are applying for a single visa or for your entire family, you will receive instant cashback on all the visas.

30 days tourist visa dubai fees

4.  Dubai 30 days express tourist visa information

Similar to the other types of tourist visas, a Dubai 30 days express tourist visa is a non-extendable, single entry visa. It takes three working days to process this visa.

30 days express tourist permit

Dubai 30 days express tourist visa fees

To begin the application process, you need to pay the initial registration fees. Later, to download your approved visa, you must pay the remaining visa fees.

30 days express tourist visa fees

5.  Dubai 90 days tourist visa information

For a stay period exceeding 30 days, you can opt for a Dubai 90 days tourist visa or visit visa. It is non-extendable and grants single entry into the country.

90 days tourist - visit visa

Dubai 90 days tourist visa fees

Only Blinkvisa offers the complete cashback on your visa fees. You can use this cashback to avail of great discounts on your hotels, flights, and other travel-related activities in the destination countries.

dubai 90 days tourist visa fee

Other types of Dubai visas

Dubai 96 hours transit visa

Unlike the tourist visas, one cannot apply for this visa when Dubai is the destination country. The purpose is to transition to a third country from Dubai.

Also, for the approval of this visa, it is vital to produce the confirmed round-trip tickets along with the other mandatory documents (mentioned further in the blog.)

96 hours transit visa

Dubai 96 hours transition visa fees

You get assured cashback on all your visa fees when you apply through our portal. The cashback also paves the way for amazing discounts on your flight, hotels, and activities when you use the Blinkcash.

96 hours transit permit fees

Dubai visa on arrival (VOA)

Particular countries can avail of a Dubai visa on arrival. Nevertheless, it is a tedious process. Also, it is not an assured visa. Which means approval is not guaranteed after reaching the country. Hence, opting for a visa in advance is often recommended.

(More information on VOA in the FAQs section of this blog)

How to Apply for a Tourist Visa to Dubai?

At Blinkvisa, applying for a tourist visa for any country is as same as shopping for your favourite dress or gadget online.

All you need to do is visit our website to fill the easy online form. After this, our visa expert will call you within half an hour. They will aid you in the application process, right from the documents required to online form submission.


Unlike other agents who demand the complete visa fee even before the visa approval, we request you to pay the remaining visa fee only after the visa approval.

Apply for Visa Emirates

What are the Documents to Be Furnished?

Dubai visa requirements: The following are the must-have documents to be furnished at the time of application;

  • A scanned colour copy of your original passport with at least six months validity
  • Scanned colour photograph against a white background
  • A scanned colour copy of your PAN card

Documents checklist on arrival

1. Confirmed return or onward tickets

Note: It is a must to produce proof of round-trip tickets for 96 hours transit visa

2. Details of accommodation

a) Hotels

  • Confirmed hotel bookings.

b) When staying with a host/relative

  • The invitation letter given to you by the host
  • Residence permit of the host or relative in case of foreign citizens
  • Copy of the photo id of the host

c) When the invitee is a child or minor 

  • Copy of the Host/Relative’s PAN Card
  • Previous three-months bank statement of the host/relative


A No Objection Letter (NOC) granting permission or consent to the child/minor to visit the country. The parents must issue it along with their photo id proof and passport. Also, a NOC issued by the student’s school or college.

d) For Dubai business visa

  • Invitation letter from the host company
  • Cover letter from the company you are representing

4. Travel itinerary

  • Plan your trip with our custom travel plan to make the most of your time in Dubai

Note: Lack of a travel plan might increase your chances of visa rejection!

5. Dubai currency or equivalent (International Credit /Debit Cards)

  • Proof of sufficient funds to support yourself during your stay in Dubai

Worried about your travel itinerary?

At Blinkvisa, we deliver a well-thought, handpicked travel itinerary based on your travel plans and budget for free.

Tourist Visa Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How long does it take to process my Dubai tourist visa?

The processing time varies based on the type of your tourist visa;

Visa Processing Time

2. Is my Dubai tourist visa fees refundable?

Generally, all the visa agents do not offer a refund on the visa fees. On the contrary, at Blinkvisa, you will have to pay an initial INR 500 to initiate your visa application process. Only after the approval of your visa, you need to pay the remaining visa fee.

Note: We will credit the complete Dubai visa fees (INR 500 + Visa Fees + 18% GST) into your Blinkwallet as Blinkcash soon after registration. 

3. Does Dubai have Visa on Arrival?

Citizens of the following countries can get Dubai Visa on Arrival.

Visa on arrival

Note1: Only British citizens, British Overseas Territories citizens, and British residents having a certificate of entitlement to the Right to Abode can extend their Dubai visa on arrival for a fee.

4. Can Indians apply for a visa on arrival?

Indian citizens having a US visa or who are residing in the US, or are the residents of the European Union are eligible for a free 14-day Dubai VOA. Other than that, there is no possibility of getting a dubai visa on arrival for Indians.

5. Can I convert my tourist visa into an employment visa?

A tourist visa serves tourism and business purposes where one can visit the country for business festivals and conferences. However, one can never use it to start a business or as an employment visa.