Dubai, the most popular of the seven Emirates of the UAE, is undeniably a commercial and tourist hub. Nevertheless, it is also popular as the destination for flights connecting to international destinations. Thus, when Dubai is not your destination country but where you have a layover to transit to a third country, you may require a Dubai transit visa.

When the layover period is eight hours or more, you may require a transit visa or stopover Dubai visa. Here is how you can get a Dubai transit visa with a 100% cashback on your visa fee!

10 Important Pointers on Dubai Transit Visa

  1. Visitors of select nationalities can avail a free Dubai transit visa on arrival for up to 48 hours
  2. The 48 hours transit visa on arrival may be extended to 96 hours on additional payment of 50AED
  3. The nationals of Afghanistan, Iraq, Niger, Syria, Somalia, and Yemen are exempt from Dubai stopover visa
  4. Travellers eligible for Dubai visa on arrival and visa-free entry need not avail a transit visit
  5. Transit visas are sponsored only by UAE based-airlines like Etihad, Emirates, etc.
  6. The sponsored stopover visa must be processed and approved before entering UAE
  7. An onward ticket or the ticket to a third destination is vital for transit/stopover visa approval
  8. Dubai transit visa is non-extendable
  9. It is not renewable
  10. The visa holder must leave the country within the 96 hours

Note: You can also apply for a transit /stopover visa via visa/travel agent like Blinkvisa.

Dubai Visa

When does one need a transit visa or stopover visa for Dubai?

  • When the layover period in Dubai is eight hours or more
  • When you need to leave the airport and officially enter the country
  • When you need to board a connecting flight having a different PNR number than the one you arrived with
  • When you want to change flights at different terminals
  • When you want to explore Dubai during your layover at Dubai

The Dubai 96-hour transit visa at Blinkvisa

The 96-hour transit visa enables a stay period of up to four days and is valid for up to 30 days. Typically, transit visas are single entry type of visa. Which means you can use it only once.

It is ideal to transit to a third country via Dubai. In fact, for your transit visa to be approved, you must produce the proof of confirmed round-trip tickets. Also, a copy of your visa (destination country) if applicable is mandatory.

Dubai 96 hours transit visa

Did you know?

You can get a 100% cashback on your complete Dubai visa fee only at Blinkvisa!

Transit visa fee

Dubai transit visa fee

Blinkvisa offers a complete cashback on your Dubai / UAE visa fees. It means when you apply for your visa, the complete visa fee of INR 5089 is credited back to you. It happens in the form of Blinkcash in your Blinkwallet, which is linked to your registered email id.

Is there a transit visa on arrival for Indians in Dubai?

Only Indians with a valid US visitor visa or Green Card are eligible for a Dubai transit visa on arrival. The others must apply for a sponsored transit visa.

Note: Indian citizens with a Green Card or US visitor visa must have a valid Indian passport with a validity of at least six months.

Dubai 96 Hours Transit Visa Requirements

The mandatory documents for Dubai transit visa are as follows;

1. Scanned copy of the biodata page and the last page of your valid passport

2. Copy of your passport-sized colour photograph taken against a white background

3. Last three months’ bank statement

Or proof of investment of USD 8000 or more, or applicable income tax papers supporting your annual income to be USD 8000 or more

4. Onward flight ticket of the country you are transiting through Dubai

5. Proof of accommodation

6. Valid visa of the destination country if applicable

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Transit Visa Application Process

At Blinkvisa, we have a simplified application process as follows;

  1. Visit Blinkvisa
  2. Fill in the simple online application form
  3. Pay INR 500 as the application initiation fees (Get 500 Blinkcash in your Blinkwallet)
  4. Our visa assistant will call you within half an hour from the time of receipt of the online form
  5. Submit the documents requested via email (We will scrutinize and submit the application on your behalf)
  6. Receive the approved visa via email
  7. Pay the remaining visa fee to download your approved visa
  8. Get instant cashback on your complete Dubai visa fee

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UAE transit visa FAQs

1. What is the processing time for transit or a stopover visa?

At Blinkvisa, it takes up to 5 working days for processing a transit or a stopover visa.

2. When will I get cashback on my visa fees?

The application process involves registration, which requires you to pay the processing fee of INR 500 only. As soon as you make this payment, the complete visa fee reflects in your registered account.

3. Do Indians need a UAE transit visa?

Yes, Indians need a transit visa as they are not exempt from the Dubai visa. However, with a valid Dubai visa, one can visit any of the seven Emirates of the United Arab Emirates.

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4. Is my visa fees refundable?

Only Blinkvisa gives you a 100% cashback on your visa fee. Thus, applying for your visa through us will get you instant cashback which is as good as a complete refund.

5. What are the other types of Dubai visa?

For the other Dubai visa types, read Dubai Visa The Complete Guide.