Dubai, the heart of UAE has always been a centre of tourist attraction for travellers around the globe.  Quite a huge number of tourists flock to this country to experience both beaches and deserts. Even a huge number of Indians visit Dubai every year. Research says that nearly 1 million Indians have visited Dubai only in the first half of 2019.

All the Indians visiting Dubai must obtain a Dubai tourist visa. This is an online visa, and one can get it through the official website or from the visa agencies. The cost of a Dubai visa can be up to INR 16590. This blog explains everything you need to know about Dubai visa for Indians and how you can get it with 100% cashback.

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Dubai Visa

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Dubai trip plan

Dubai Visa for Indians: Overview and Types

Indians can get an online visa for Dubai. An online visa for Dubai is issued for tourism and transit purposes. There are 6 different types of visas available for Indians. Depending on the travel plan, one can opt for any of the mentioned visas-

The visa types mentioned above are differentiated depending on the duration of your stay in Dubai. All the mentioned visas are non-extendable visas and allow only one entry into the country. One must return to their home country before the allowed stay period exhausts.

In order to get a visa for Dubai, no physical document or interview is required. The applicant receives the visa via email. It has to be downloaded and a printed copy of the same should be presented on arrival in Dubai.  Here are the Dubai visa types and specifications-

Visa Name Validity Stay Period Processing Time Cost (INR)
1 Dubai 14 days tourist visa 58 days 13 days up to 5 days 6690
2 Dubai 14 days express tourist visa 58 days 13 days up to 3 days 7640
3 Dubai 30 days tourist visa 58 days 29 days up to 5 days 6890
4 Dubai 30 days express tourist visa 58 days 29 days up to 3 days 7889
5 Dubai 96 hours transit visa 30 days 4 days up to 5 days 5089
6 Dubai 90 days tourist Visa 58 days 89 days up to 8 days 16590

The cost mentioned above can be turned to ‘zero’ if you apply for Dubai visa through Blinkvisa. Blinkvisa offers 100% cashback on the visa fee. You will get the entire visa amount back to your BlinkWallet. You can use the cashback amount to book flight tickets, hotels and activities to do during your trip to Dubai.

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How to Apply for Dubai Visa?

A visa for Dubai is very easy to avail because of the online procedure. A visa aspirant can apply for a Dubai visa through the official website or via visa agencies like Blinkvisa. If you opt for applying for your visa through the official website, you will be your own and no assistance will be given to you.

On the other hand,  if you apply for your Dubai visa through Blink visa, you will get visa assistance in every step of the processing. Along with the same, you will get 100% cashback of the visa fee in your Blinkwallet.

  1. Visit Blinkvisa
  2. Select the visa type of your choice and click on Apply for Visa.
  3. Give your personal and travel details.
  4. Pay just Rs.500 to initiate the visa application process.
  5. A visa expert will be assigned to you and he/she will explain the required documents to support the application.
  6. Upload the scanned copies of the required documents
  7. Get the approved visa online and pay the remaining amount and download your Dubai visa.

Dubai Tourist Visa Requirements for Indians

Dubai visa requirements are as follows-

  1. Colour scan copy of your passport first and last pages
  2. Scan copy of your passport size photograph in pure white background
  3. Confirmed return flight ticket to get the Ok To Board clearance from the airlines. (required at the airport but good if you have it in advance)

Apply for Dubai Visa

Dubai Visa Sample

Dubai visa sample

Dubai Visa for Indians: Frequently Asked Questions

How will I receive my granted visa?

You will get your approved Dubai visa via email. It will be in PDF format. You must take a print out of the visa and carry it while travelling to Dubai.

 What documents do I need to carry to clear immigration?

At the immigration counter, you need to have your original passport and copy of the approved e visa. On arrival, the immigration officers will take your biometrics (eye scan as well as fingerprints). Biometric data is not required for minors.

Can I get a Dubai visa on arrival?

Indians can get a Dubai visa on arrival only if they fulfil some conditions. Indian passport holders with a valid Resident Permit of the UK or the European Union countries only can get a visa-on-arrival.

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Can I extend my Dubai tourist visa?

No, the Dubai tourist visa for Indians is non-extendable. One must exit Dubai before the allowed stay period exhausts.

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Can I get a Dubai visa online?

Yes, Indian passport holders can easily get a Dubai visa online by applying through the official website or via visa agencies.

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