If there is one country which would be a joy to visit (other than the weather), then it is Dubai a.k.a the United Arab Emirates. With modern architecture reaching out to the sky, excellent theme parks and awesome nightlife makes it one of the most visited tourist locations from India. And, after SRK signed up as the brand ambassador of Dubai, the number of tourists from India has said to have risen by 31%!!. So there is an increase in Dubai Visa demand too.

But as Indians, we need a tourist visa to visit Dubai and the fee can easily cost you about half of your one-way flight ticket & there are so many varieties of this visa that it is easy to get confused about which one to apply for.

In this guide, we have answered all the questions you have about Dubai visa, visa types, requirements and other queries. If you would like to outsource your Dubai visa process to us and get 100% cashback of your Dubai visa fee, then fill the below form.

What is a Dubai visa?

Dubai visa also called “United Arab Emirates visa” is an acknowledgement from their government giving you permission to visit and stay within Dubai for the duration and conditions mentioned in your visa document.

So it is important to know which type of Dubai visa you need to apply for since you could, at worst, ruin your entire trip.

Dubai visa statistics from India

Statistics suggest that India ranks number one among the visitor countries frequenting Dubai. One can find a significant amount of Indian celebrities, right from cricketers to movie stars holidaying in Dubai.

Statistics point, 18,00,000, and 20,73,000 visitors from India were recorded in 2017 and 2018, respectively. The numbers are predicted to increase in the coming years. The below table ranks the tourist countries frequenting Dubai;

Visitor Statistics

Do Indians need to get Dubai visa?

Yes. Indians need to get your visa well in advance, around 10 days before travelling to the gulf. It is also very important that once you get your visa, you verify all the details in your Dubai visa copy to ensure that there is no mismatch in the information entered by you.

Dubai Visa

Blinkvisa is not only for your Dubai visa but also for a whole custom travel plan done for you. It ensures you to have an amazing trip. You can also use the cashback that you will get in BlinkWallet. It provides you more savings when you book your flight, hotel and other activities. It’s great for gaining huge discounts on your activities as well.

Dubai Travel Itinerary

Important: The validity period is 58 days for all Dubai tourist visas, which means you must enter Dubai before the validity expires.

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Can Indians get UAE visa on arrival?

No, Indians cannot get visa on arrival as of now. However, Indian citizens having a US visa or who are residing in the US, or are the residents of the European Union are eligible for a free 14-day Dubai VOA. Other than that there is no possibility of getting a Dubai visa on arrival for Indians.

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What are the types of Dubai visa?

As is the case for any visa, there are several types of Dubai visas depending on the purpose of the visit. These are as mentioned below

Can you apply for a Dubai visa online on your own?

One can apply for Dubai visa online on own through the Embassy or Consulate. However, it is better to opt for applying for a visa through authorised agents like Blinkvisa. With the help of a credible agent, you can get your visa faster and secure.

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What are the types of Dubai Tourist visa that you can apply?

There are 6 types of Dubai tourist Visas. Dubai Tourist visa requirements are the same for all of the visa types, the difference among them is just the duration of stay and cost.


The visas mentioned in the blog can neither be used to start a business in Dubai nor as a work visa. But, all the visas except the Dubai 96 hour transit visa can be used to attend business conferences, job interviews, etc. 

What are the types of Dubai Business visas that you can apply?

Normally, most of the travel agents would not suggest you to apply for an actual Dubai Business visa since it is a hassle and the requirements for it is not entirely clear from the UAE government, hence you are always suggested to apply for Dubai tourist visa and enter the country as a tourist and you can handle your business activities once you are there.

There is a 6 month UAE Job Seeker Visa which is out of the scope of this article.

How do you apply for a Dubai visa (business or tourist)?

Thankfully, it is possible to apply for a Dubai visa from the comfort of your home with a qualified travel agent such as us. You need not visit an embassy or run around with your documents. Once you apply for your UAE visa with us, we will make a recommendation on the type of Dubai visa you can best apply for the post which, all you need to do is submit your soft copies of the relevant documents.

And note that, with Blinkvisa, unlike other travel agents you need not pay the full visa fee before your visa is approved, so you are secure in the event that your visa gets rejected and be confident in our ability to get your visa approved.

And most importantly,  you will get 100% cashback of your Dubai visa fees with Blinkvisa, you can use the cashback in your BlinkWallet with us to book your flights, hotel activities, travel insurance or forex with us.

How many days before your travel should you apply for your Dubai Visas?

As you may have noticed, there are two types of Dubai visas, regular and express visas.

For regular visas, you need to apply atleast 14 days before your date of departure. For express, visas allow us atleast 4 days for of processing for your visa.

What are the documents needed to process a Dubai tourist or business visa?

The documents needed can be classified as mandatory or common documents for all applicants and then additional documents for specific requirements

Mandatory documents for Dubai Tourist/business visas:

  • Scanned copies of the first and last pages of your original passport.
  • Scanned copy of your recent passport-sized colour photograph
  • Scanned copy of your original PAN card
  • Confirmed return tickets to get the OTB or ‘Okay to Board’ clearance from the airlines.

When staying with relatives based in Dubai

  • A copy of the original passport (front and last pages) of the said relative/host
  • Copy of PAN Card of the host/relative
  • Address proof of the host
  • Photocopy of Dubai residence permit of the host in case the host holds a passport of another country
  • An invitation letter issued by the host

In the case of children and minors

  • Copy of the original passport (front and last pages) of the said relative/host
  • A copy of the PAN Card of the host/relative
  • Address proof of the relative
  • Bank statement of the host (previous three-months bank statement)
  • Photocopy of Dubai residence permit of the host in case the host holds a passport of another country
  • An invitation letter issued by the relative

What is the visa fees for Dubai?

The below table explains all cost of all Dubai tourist visa types & as promised, you will get 100% cashback in your BlinkWallet on all your visas with Blinkvisa.

Visa Name Visa Fees Blinkvisa Fee (INR) Total Cost (INR) Avail Cashback
Dubai 14 days tourist visa 6100 500 + 18% GST 6690 6690
Dubai 14 days express tourist visa 7050 500 + 18% GST 7640 7640
Dubai 30 days tourist visa 6300 500 + 18% GST 6890 6890
Dubai 30 days express tourist visa 7299 500 + 18% GST 7889 7889
Dubai 96 hours transit visa 4499 500 + 18% GST 5089 5089
Dubai 90 days tourist Visa 16000 500 + 18% GST 16590 16590

How to Save on Your Dubai Visa Fees?

Coming back to the 100% cashback offer on your Dubai visa fee; it is what we provide on all the country visas that you apply through Blinkvisa.

The Dubai visa fee for every country is different. For instance, a Malaysia visa may cost you up to INR 3780, while a visa for Dubai may shoot up to INR 16590. The bottom line is, when you apply for a visa through us, you will receive a 100% cashback!

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How the BlinkCash works?

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Cashback Discount

You can avail discounts on not only your flight tickets with a plethora of airlines to choose from but also on hotel bookings and activities. For instance;

Activities Discount with Cashback

Sample Dubai Tourist visa

Once your visa is approved, you will get a document similar to the one below. Take a couple of copies of your approved visa while travelling.

Dubai visa sample

Visa on arrival in Dubai

Citizens of the following countries can get Dubai Visa on Arrival.

Visa on arrival

Note1: Only British citizens, British Overseas Territories citizens, and British residents having a certificate of entitlement to the Right to Abode can extend their Dubai visa on arrival for a fee.

Dubai VOA (Visa on Arrival) for Indians

Indian citizens having a US visa or who are residing in the US, or are the residents of the European Union are eligible for a free 14-day Dubai VOA. Other than that there is no possibility of getting a Dubai visa on arrival for Indians.

Do we need to get a Dubai transit visa?

The 96 hours transit visa is ideal when you are travelling to another country and transitioning to a third country via Dubai. It enables you to stay for a maximum of 96 hours in Dubai.

However, you are required to leave the country within 96 hours from the time of your arrival. Although the Dubai visa requirements are the same for all the visa types, in this case, you also need to furnish proof of your round-trip confirmed tickets.

96 hours transit visa

When to apply for a transit visa?

We recommend you to apply for this visa when you are travelling to another country but need to change your flight in Dubai. It is also ideal for spending a day or two in Dubai; however, it must be en route to your destination country and you must have a confirmed booking to show that you are leaving UAE within 96 hours.

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FAQs for Dubai Visa

1. Is the Blinkvisa fee refundable?

The initial fee is non-refundable. You will have to pay the remaining applicable fee to download your visa. However, the entire visa amount will be given to you as cashback.

2. Can I reapply for in case my visa gets rejected?

Yes, you can reapply. Though, we recommend you to consult an expert like Blinkvisa to increase your chances of approval.

3. Can I use the Dubai 90 days tourist visa as my residence permit to stay in the country?

The purpose of a Dubai tourist visa is to enter the country for business or pleasure. You are entitled to attend seminars, conferences, meetings, or shop to your heart’s content. Every permit has a stipulated stay period that you must comply with, hence, using it as a residence permit is akin to a crime. Moreover, you can still visit or stay with a relative or host provided they provide a cover letter stating the authenticity of your visit.

Note: For a business visa intended to attend conferences, meetings, etc., one must provide cover letters from the company they are representing and also the host company.

4. How much will a 96 hours transit permit to Dubai cost?

Dubai transit visa fee

For more information, visit Blinkvisa.