One may say that Dubai is the forebearer of luxurious holiday destinations in the world. While some might disagree, there are some who perceive it to be one of the best tourist attractions. Whether the scintillating night-life or the signature avant-garde high rises. It offers a little bit and a lot of everything. Right from an adventurous interlude in the desert sands or the hot air balloon rides to exploring the marine life at the underwater zoo. The options are plenty.

Most often, many get confused with visa terminologies like visit visa, tourist visa, employment visa, to name a few. In this blog, we will discuss everything about a Dubai visit visa.

Typically, a Dubai visit visa or visitor visa is similar to a Dubai tourist visa. Let’s understand the similarities and differences it shares with the other Dubai visas like Dubai tourist visa, Dubai business visa, Dubai transit visa, etc.

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What is a Dubai Visit Visa?

Fundamentally, a Dubai visit visa is another name of a Dubai tourist visa. While this may be the case, it has certain differences that earn it the special name as a Dubai visitor visa.

It is imperative to understand these subtle differences to choose the right type of Dubai visa to meet your specific travel requirements.

Unfortunately, Dubai is one of the many countries where Indians require an advance Dubai visa to visit Dubai. More information for Indian Citizen, refer Dubai Visa for Indians

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Dubai Visa

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Types of Dubai tourist/visit visa online

The following are the Dubai visas online facilitated through Blinkvisa;

14 days Dubai visit visa

A 14 days Dubai visit visa enables a stay period of up to 14 days. It is imperative to leave the country on or before the 14th day. It is extremely useful for shorter stay periods. For instance, when you are visiting Dubai for a job interview and would be staying at your relative’s or sponsor’s residence.

14 days visit visa Dubai

14 days Dubai express visit visa

An express visa is called so because of the rushed processing time where it generally takes less than three working days. Apart from this, it is similar to the 14 days tourist or visitor visa.

Express 14 days Dubai visit visa

30 days Dubai visit visa

For a stay period of more than two weeks, you can apply for a Dubai 30 days visitor visa. It allows you a stay period of 29 days. However, you must exit the country on or before the 30th day.

30 days visit visa Dubai

30 days Dubai express visit visa

Same as the 30 days Dubai visitor visa, the difference lies in the processing time which is under three working days.

30 days express visit visa

90 days Dubai visit visa

For a stay period for more than a month, we recommend the 90 days Dubai visit visa. As in the case of all the Dubai online visas, it is a single-entry visa.

90 days visit visa - Dubai

Differences between a Dubai visit visa and tourist visa

While there are no significant differences, the key difference lies in the fact that it is a visitor visa. That is it can be used to visit a relative residing in Dubai. Thus, to qualify for a Dubai visit visa, the visa requirements slightly vary from that of the Dubai tourist visa.

Dubai visa requirements

1. Invitation or cover letter issued by your host/sponsor

2. Resident permit copy of the host

3. PAN Card of the host

4. Last three months bank statement or the host.

5. Applicant’s passport with at least six months validity.

Note: The passport must be valid at the time of exiting Dubai

6. Two colour passport-sized photos of the applicant

7. Copy of the applicant’s PAN Card

8. Previous three months bank statement of the host

9. Cover letter drafted by the applicant stating the duration and purpose of the visit

10. Dubai travel itinerary

Note: In the case of Dubai tourist visa; must produce the proof of accommodation in the form of hotel reservations. 

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Dubai Travel Itinerary

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How to apply for a Dubai visa?

Apply for Dubai Visa

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Dubai Visa FAQs

1. Is there a Dubai transit visa?

Yes, the Dubai 96 hours transit visa is the popular transit visa used to board connecting flights to a third country from Dubai. The visa requirements for a transit visa are different.

Dubai 96 hours transit visa

Apart from the common Dubai visa requirements, you must produce the confirmed round-trip tickets and the visa of the country you are visiting.

2. Is there a Dubai visa on arrival?

Yes, Dubai visa on arrival is granted to a total of 21 countries and territories. Needless the say, India is not one among them.

However, as of May 2017, Dubai visa on arrival for Indian citizens is granted if;

  • The Indian citizen has a US visa or Green card
  • Indian passport holder or citizen is residing in the US
  • Or is the resident of the European Union

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3. Can I stay in a hotel when travelling on a visitor visa?

Yes, you can. However, you need to produce proof of your hotel accommodation. It is because another name of a  Dubai tourist visa is visit visa when staying with sponsor/relative.

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4. Can I apply for a job using my visit visa?

Employment or work visa is a different kind of visa. One needs to apply for an employment visa to apply for a job. Also, it is facilitated by the company hiring you.