Malaysia, a small yet wonderful country contains everything you need to rejuvenate yourself.

But, before you plan your trip, you must know the prerequisites of  Malaysia trip. Along with everything else, a visa for Malaysia is very important as without this document, you will not be able to enter Malaysia.

An e Visa Malaysia is the best type of visa if you want to have a Malaysia trip that lasts longer than 2 weeks. With this visa, you can stay up to 29 days in Malaysia. A trip of 29 days is more than enough to explore every nook and corner of the fabulous country.

This article contains everything you need to know about eVisa Malaysia. This is an online visa and hence it is very easy to avail. Though you can avail it easily, it is not for free. A visa for Malaysia can cost you up to INR 3780.  This blog explains how you can get a visa for Malaysia with 100% cashback.

Malaysia visa

What is eVisa Malaysia?

This type of visa is given to foreign nationals who want to visit Malaysia for tourism. One can easily apply for this visa online and get it via email within 3 working days. The validity of this type of visa is 3 months from the day of issuance. The visa holder is allowed to stay for a maximum of 29 days in Malaysia with an eVisa.

Malaysia eVisa has two different types-

  • Malaysia 30 days single entry visa
  • Malaysia 30 days multiple entry visa

Apart from eVisa, Indians can also apply for eNTRI visa Malaysia. Here is a brief on all three visa types-

Indians intending to visit Malaysia for tourism purpose can apply for any of the below-mentioned visa types-

eNTRI Visa 

  • Single Entry
  • Stay period 15 days
  • Cost of visa : INR 2490
  • Processing time : 1 day
Single Entry Visa

  • Single Entry
  • Stay period 30 days
  • Cost of visa : INR 3580
  • Processing time : 2–5 days
Multiple Entry Visa

  • Multiple Entry
  • Stay period 30 days
  • Cost of visa : INR 3780
  • Processing time : 3-5 days

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Malaysia Travel Plan

Types of Malaysia eVisa

Malaysia visa is of two types- single entry and multiple-entry. Both these visas can be used for tourism purposes. One can even use this type of visa for business tours such as attending meetings and seminars or signing agreements. The processing of eVisa is very easy and it takes just 3 to 5 days to get the visa approved.

Here is a brief explanation of the two types of Malaysia e visa available for Indian tourists-

Malaysia 30 days single entry visa

The single entry visa for Malaysia allows you to stay up to 29 days in Malaysia. An applicant can apply up to 5 visas single entry visas from one account. Hence, this visa becomes the best type of visa when you want to visit Malaysia with your friends or family.

Malaysia 30 days multiple entry visa

A 30 days multiple entry visa is similar to a Single entry visa in terms of documents required or processing time. The only difference is the number of entries allowed. The visa holder is allowed to enter multiple times into the country as long as the visa is valid. In each entry, the visitor can stay up to 29 consecutive days in Malaysia.

 Malaysia eVisa Fee

The fee for Malaysia visa is different for both the types of visas. The visa fee for Malaysia visa consists of three parts – Package fee, service charges, and GST.

Malaysia Visa Fee  Visa feeBlinkvisa feeTotalAvail Blink Cashback
30 Days single entry2990500 + 18%35803580
30 Days multiple entry3190500 + 18%37803780


The visa fee for Malaysia can bother you no more as you are eligible to get 100% cashback on your visa fee. Additionally, we also offer a free personalized travel plan for your upcoming Malaysia trip.

Malaysia eVisa Requirements 

Malaysia visa requirements summary

    • Scanned copy of the first and last pages of passport with at least 6 months’ validity and 3 empty pages for entry and exit stamps.
    • A clear soft copy of your photograph in JPEG or PNG format
    • Travel itinerary in PDF format (get it from
    • Proof of residence pass in the applied country for expatriates
    • A cover letter (only for multiple entry visa)

Malaysian visa requirements

Documents Required at the Entry Checkpoints

When you arrive at the Malaysia airport, you must have these documents ready for inspection.

  • Valid passport with which you applied for the Malaysia visa
  • Malaysia Visa color printout
  • Boarding pass.
  • Sufficient funds (Cash/ Debit or Credit Cards).
  • Confirmed returned flight tickets.
  • Complete travel itinerary
  • Proof of accommodation.

The Final Thoughts

A visa for Malaysia is now easier to avail because of Blinkvisa’s assistance in every step of visa processing. Apply for your visa today and get 100% cashback on your Malaysia e visa.