The reason France is the best Tourist destination is because of its unbelievable architecture which gives you the experience of medieval history right in the biggest cities in the country. It’s culture and historical places are always included in the itinerary of tourists. One of the best things other than Tourism is the gastronomically magnificent food and wine which is famous not only in France but in the entire world. The Schengen France Tourist visa can help you explore entire France as well and 25 more countries.

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Schengen Area is a region which includes 26 European countries and you can explore all of them freely without any restriction once you have the Schengen visa.

France Visa Cashback

What is Schengen France Tourist Visa?

France is one of the Schengen Countries among a total of 26. It’s a sticker visa stuck to your passport which allows you to travel to all 26 countries without applying for each country. However, if you’re planning to visit all countries (or at least two of the Schengen Countries), first make sure if you have to apply for France or another country. You can apply from France embassy/consulate/VAC from your country only if:

  • You plan on visiting France only and no other Schengen country
  • You’re visiting more than two countries but will be spending the most time in France
  • You’ll be spending an equal amount of time in each country but your first entry in the Schengen Area will be from France

If any of the above conditions are met, then you must apply for Schengen France Visa.

Why should you apply for France Tourist Visa?

France Tourist visa can be applied for when you wish to visit and explore the country of France. However, it can also be used to visit your family or friends but in that case, you may need a few additional requirements for the same. France Schengen visa is valid for 6 months and you can visit France any time during its validity, however, you cannot stay for more than 90 days. If you did, you will be either fined or banned or both. You must return by or before 90th day.

France visa Bangalore

If your family or friends who are the nationals or residents of France invite you to visit them, you can apply for a

tourist visa. However, while applying you will have to submit the invitation letter from the France residents stating your relationship and reason for the visit. They will also act as your sponsor in France and are responsible for you there.

Tourist Visa vs. Visit Visa

As already stated, the visa for Tourist & Visit are same known as Tourist visa, only requirements are different.

Requirements for the France Tourist/Transit Visa

Proper documents and accurately filled form is extremely vital for visa acceptance and keep the visa rejection chances to a minimal. So, before you schedule the appointment, you must be careful if you really need a Tourist visa or any other one. Because there are wide varieties of visas like a business, medical, national, etc.

When you apply through Blinkvisa, you don’t have to worry about all this as our visa experts will clearly discuss with you about your needs and requirements. And going through an expert agency like Blinkvisa also improves your chances of approval for the visa.

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Read more on different types of visas for France.

There are some mandatory documents required as well as some additional documents based on your employment status.

Mandatory Documents

You must have these no matter what type of visa you’re applying for or for whatever purpose you’re going:

  1. Passport – At least 6 months validity from the date of entry and two blank pages
  2. Passport-sized Photos – Matte or Semi-Matte finish
  3. Application Form – Filled & Signed
  4. Travel Insurance – To cover at least 30,000 Euros while in Schengen Area
  5. Itinerary – Full details plan of your travel
  6. Proof of Accommodation – Hotel Booking or the invitation letter from Sponsor along with Resident proof or rent agreement
  7. Financial Proof – Bank statement of last 3 months
  8. Cover Letter
  9. Confirmed Return flight tickets
  10. Proof of Paid visa fee

Additional Documents based on your Employment Status

There are additional documents required based on your employment status such as:

  • Student
  • Employee
  • Self-Employed
  • Retired
  • Minor/Child

In order to find more about requirements in detail and the specifications, please read requirements for France visa.

Process of Applying for France Tourist Visa

Applying for France visa may not be as difficult as you think if you go through Blinkvisa. Our visa experts will clearly explain to you the needs and requirements. You would not have to spend time researching online about the process, documentation, forms, fees, appointments, biometrics, or interviews. We’ll arrange everything for you and update you about the same.

The process is simple:

1. Visit

2. Select the type of visa required, tourist of business and click ‘Apply for Visa’

3. You will have to fill some basic information like your name and contact details.

4. Make the payment of the INR 1000 only. As soon as you make this payment, you will get the entire INR 7680 (Total Schengen Visa Fee) as cashback credited into your Blinkvisa wallet.

5. In about one hour, you will get a call from our visa expert who will explain and suggest you the visa type and its requirements.

6. If you’re from Bangalore, we shall send our executive to your doorstep for documents pickup else. We will carefully examine them, checking for any mistake, fill out the required forms for you.

  • If you are not from Bangalore then, we will still assist you with the documents and their accuracy.

7. We will then set up your appointment for interview and biometrics at the appropriate embassy or VAC.  All you need to do is visit there on time. You will be asked questions based on your travel as well as personal. Also, your biometrics would be taken.

8. As soon as your visa gets approved, you’ll have to pay the remaining fee and the passport along with visa will be delivered at your doorstep.

Schengen France Tourist visa application form

schengen visa form

Have you got the Travel Plan yet?

No worries if you haven’t. Blinkvisa experts can create an itinerary perfect for you to enjoy with your friends and family. Click the button below to check:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. If I get a Schengen France visa, how can I travel to other countries?

If you get a Schengen France visa, you can travel to 26 European countries freely by road however if you travel by air, standard immigration rules will apply for entering into the country.

2. Can I visit Schengen country like France without Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is a mandatory document, and you may not be allowed to board the flight. In most cases, the visa will also get rejected if Insurance document of at least 30,000 Euros is not submitted.

3. How do I submit documents to Blinkvisa if I’m from Bangalore?

We can send our executive to pick up and drop documents at your home if you’re in Bangalore, or you can visit our office at the following address:

L-176, Ground Floor, 5th Main, Sector 6, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102