If you wish to visit this marvellous, exotic, and one of the most romantic countries i.e France, the first thing you have to do is finding about the France visa and the application process. France is a Schengen country that means you get to travel and explore around 26 countries, not just France. The Schengen Agreement between these 26 Schengen countries allows a visa holder to travel freely and without restrictions among these countries.

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A visa expert will get your visa organized without much effort on your part. All you have to do is submit your document and let us do the rest like forms, scrutinization, visa appointment, and more. In addition to your visa assistance, at Blinkvisa, we give you a 100% cashback on your entire visa fees, that too even when you haven’t made the complete payment yet. In fact, this is the most-liked aspect as stated by our 5,00000+ happy customers!

France Visa Cashback

What is the Application Process for France Visa?

As already mentioned, France is a Schengen State (country) meaning it is a part of the Schengen Agreement. So, when you apply for France tourist visa or business visa, and it gets accepted, you are free to travel between all the 26 countries.

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Exciting! Isn’t it?

With just one visa, you can explore almost the whole of Europe. But there’s just one small problem: Getting the Visa. The visa policy, rules and regulations, terms and conditions for Schengen visa France are common to all Schengen countries but quite difficult to understand. If you apply for France visa through visa experts, you won’t be required to do extensive research and spend much time. Nevertheless, this will also hugely reduce the chances of your visa getting rejected.

France Visa Process is Easier than you Think

If and when you go through Blinkvisa, our visa experts will make your visa process extremely easy. You don’t have to worry about your visa getting rejected by the minutest mistake. You only have to be aware of the type of visa required for your travel. Even if you are not sure, no worries! We will give you perfect recommendations based on your travel purposes like exploring, business activities, visiting family or friends.

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You can follow the process below to get your visa in hand:

1. Visit Blinkvisa.com

2. Select the type of visa required, tourist of business and click ‘Apply for Visa’

3. You will have to fill some basic information like your name and contact details.

4. Make the payment of the INR 1000 only. As soon as you make this payment, you will get the entire INR 7680 (Total Schengen Visa Fee) as cashback credited into your Blinkvisa wallet.

5. In about one hour, you will get a call from our visa expert who will explain and suggest you the visa type and its requirements.

6. If you’re from Bangalore, we shall send our executive to your doorstep for documents pickup else. We will carefully examine them, checking for any mistake, fill out the required forms for you.

  • If you are not from Bangalore then, we will still assist you with the documents and their accuracy.

7. We will then set up your appointment for interview and biometrics at the appropriate embassy or VAC.  All you need to do is visit there on time. You will be asked questions based on your travel as well as personal. Also, your biometrics would be taken.

8. As soon as your visa gets approved, you’ll have to pay the remaining fee, and the passport along with visa will be delivered at your doorstep.

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Visa application form sample

schengen visa form

Travel Plan for your Trip

In addition to your visa for this magnificent place, we can also plan a complete travel itinerary for you to enjoy your time with family or friends.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How to apply for a visa if I am not from Bangalore?

You don’t have to worry as our visa experts will direct you at every stage of the application process. They will help you arrange the accurate documents and forms and also get it checked. All you have to do is get the interview done smoothly.

2. What to do when I go for Interview?

When you visit the place, you’ll have to go along will all your documents required, based on the visa type and purpose. The interviewer will ask you personal and travel-related questions. Be confident and let the interview run smoothly.

3. What documents do I need for Visa?

Depending on the visa type and purpose, the required documents may vary. You can find the documents required for France visa in detail here.

4. What is the fee for France Schengen Visa?

The initial amount you have to pay is only INR 1000, the remaining amount of INR 6680 will have to be paid only after the approval of your visa. To know more you can visit France visa fee.

5. What should I know about France visa if I’m from Bangalore?

There is not much difference in the process from anywhere in the world. However, since Blinkvisa is based in Bangalore, we do provide doorstep delivery for your visa. You can read more about France Schengen visa from Bangalore here.

6. What to do with the cashback from visa fees?

At the initial payment of INR 1000, you’ll receive the entire visa fee as cashback. You can use this to book flights, hotels, as well as activities available in France like sightseeing, travel activities, etc.

7. Do I need a visa to transit via France?

If you have a layover in France, visit France Transit Visa