Looking for a foreign holiday destination where you do not have to spend a lot of money? Well, Malaysia should be on the top of your list. Read this article to know how you can get a Malaysia visa from Chennai.

As a country which is an amalgamation of Asian cultures, Malaysia surely knows how to attract travellers.

So, what is your idea of a perfect vacation? Do you want to explore forests or you are attracted to architectural marvels? Malaysia has it all.

We received close to 130 requests for Malaysia visa from Chennai in the month of March. This was 2.60% of the total applications from India.


We handle visa requests from Chennai and every part of the country. We have helped thousands of people in getting their visa approved.

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Do Indians need a visa to enter Malaysia? Is it possible to get a Malaysia visa from Chennai?

Yes, you will need a visa to enter Malaysia. You can consider ‘visa on arrival‘ as well. However, the price that you will have to pay for it is way more than what you will have to pay if you get your visa here.

Also, you will most likely have to wait in a long queue to get your visa. You can avoid all these when you opt for our services.

And yes, you can apply for your Malaysia visa from Chennai. That would be a Malaysia eVISA.

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Are there different types of Malaysia online visa? How to know the differences?

Ye, there are different types of online visa for Malaysia. Check the table below to get an idea of the types of visa and their respective costs:


Malaysia visa scams & fake agents

There are hundreds of websites that claim that they can get your Malaysia visa done.

Unfortunately, most of these are fake and operating illegally. They take your money and run-off.

Ideally, no website or agent can charge you more than 10-25% of the visa fee at the time of application. You have to pay the remaining amount only after the visa approval.

Whether your visa is approved or not, you can check it on the official government website.

Please choose any one of the following websites for your Malaysia visa from Chennai:

  • blinkvisa.com (In this website, you will have to give 10% of the visa fee initially and pay rest after visa approval)
  • windowmalaysia.my (This is the official Malaysian government channel for Malaysia eVISA that often crashes and has a high visa rejection rate)


Most of the websites and agents will scam you. Stay safe and use any of the windows mentioned above.

What to do to acquire a Malaysia visa from Chennai?

Follow these four steps to apply for your Malaysia visa from Chennai:

  • Fill the visa application form for Malaysia
  • Send all the required documents along with 10% of the visa fee
  • Wait for our Malaysian visa experts to call you after visa approval
  • Pay the rest of the fee and get the visa emailed to you

Please note that the steps are same for Malaysia eVISA and an eNTRI visa.

How to apply for a Malaysian visa from Chennai?

Avail our services to apply for your Malaysia visa from Chennai. We will take care of all that is required so that you do not have to worry about anything.

We also offer flight tickets and hotel reservations for your Malaysia eVISA.

Many people do not know that tourist visas never get approved unless they have confirmed flight tickets and hotel reservations.

Also, many people lose money after making reservations as their visas get rejected. That is why it is best to opt for our services. We take care of your reservations. Even if your visa gets rejected, you will not lose money or have to pay heavy cancellation charges.

Once your visa gets approved, you can make your own bookings.

Here is what you need to do to apply for your Malaysia eVISA from Chennai:

Step 1: Visit our Malaysia eVISA website from India. Click on ‘Buy Malaysia Visa @ INR 2800‘.


Step 2: You will be redirected to a new page where you will have to furnish a few of your details. However, before that, you will have to choose your ‘visa type’.

Choose one and do not worry whether it is correct. It can be corrected later.

Step 3: Fill out the form and wait for our agent to call you. Make 10% of the payment after the agent explains to you the procedure.

Please note that if you are planning to leave in the same week, you will have to pay the entire fee at the time of application. This is as per the visa policy of Malaysia.

You can also apply on the official government website.

Documents required for a Malaysia visa from Chennai

Here are the documents that you will have to submit:

[su_list icon=”icon:star” icon_color=”#1b4fdc”]

  • [su_list] You will have to send your original passport. It needs to have a validity of at least 6 months with a minimum of two blank pages for the stamps. [/su_list]

[su_list icon=”icon:star” icon_color=”#1b4fdc”]

  • [su_list] You will also have to send a scanned recent photograph of yours. The dimensions of the image should be exactly 35 mm x 50 mm. The size of the image should be 2 MB and it should be in the JPG or PNG format. If you are applying via us, our graphic designers will take care of this requirements. [/su_list]


[su_list icon=”icon:star” icon_color=”#1b4fdc”]

  • [su_list]The scanned copy of your passport’s first page. The size of the page should also be 2MB and it needs to be in the PNG or JPG format. Check the image below for your reference. [/su_list]


[su_list icon=”icon:star” icon_color=”#1b4fdc”]

  • [su_list] You will also need to scan the last page of your passport and send it. The requirements are the same as above. [/su_list]


[su_list icon=”icon:star” icon_color=”#1b4fdc”]

  • [su_list] Scan the page of your passport that has your last travel records, if any. [/su_list]



[su_list icon=”icon:star” icon_color=”#1b4fdc”]

  • [su_list] Confirmed flight tickets both to and from Malaysia. This document has to be in the PDF format. [/su_list]

If you are worried about your Malaysia eVISA getting rejected? You can avail temporary flight tickets from us. This is accepted by the Malaysia embassy and can help in your visa getting approved. Just give us your dates and we will take care the rest.

[su_list icon=”icon:star” icon_color=”#1b4fdc”]

  • [su_list] Proof of accommodation for the entire duration of the trip. The document should be in the PDF format and should show the hotel name, address, dates, and everything else. [/su_list]

Hire our services and let our experts take care of this as well. Our travel agency can help to get confirmed hotel reservations for your entire stay in Malaysia. You can book later, once your visa gets approved.

What is the cost of applying for a Malaysia visa from Chennai?

The cost of Malaysia visa from Chennai is explained in the below pic.

Below you can find our table which gives you the breakdown of the cost of Malaysia visa online.


The table above shows the cost for different Malaysia visas. The cost is inclusive of 18% GST.

Here is how an eNTRI note looks like:


How you can verify the status of your Malaysia eVISA online?

To check the status of your Malaysia eVISA, click here.


As clear from the image, you will have to enter your passport number and sticker number to check the status.

Do not know what the sticker number is? Check the image below:


Enter all the numbers correctly and check the status online.

What would happen at the immigration counter ? 

You will be asked for details of your travel and stay. What your plan is? You will also be asked to present your return tickets and hotel bookings. Also, your visa documents might also be verified for spelling mistakes and other misinformation. Hence, always check your information as false information could consequently lead to refusal of entry into Malaysia

Who can apply for Malaysia online visa ?

To know the details, Please see the below image.


What would happen if we overstay in Malaysia more than the days we are allowed to in the visa ?

You are allowed to stay in Malaysia up to a maximum of 30 days. You will be subjected to an administrative fine by the Malaysian local authorities and your next entry into Malaysia may be denied for a certain period of time if you failed to stay within the stipulated time.

Can I apply for my online visa from Malaysia?

No, you will have to apply for it before entering Malaysia. You can apply for your Malaysia visa from Chennai.

Should I re-apply for a Malaysia eVISA if my departure date changes but the new date is within 3 months?

No, you do not have to re-apply.

Should I re-apply for Malaysia eVISA if my departure date changes and the new date is after 3 months?

Yes, you will have to re-apply.

Upon receiving my issued Malaysia eVISA, I have realised that some of the information that I provided was wrong and needs corrections. What should I do ?

You must re-apply for a new Malaysia eVISA with the correct information as per your travel documents.

How long will my Malaysia eVISA be valid for ?

Your Malaysia visa will be valid for 3 months.