Although most of us living the fast live in Bangalore would like to take a looong backpack trip across Europe, we are bound by both time and budget constraints and settle to explore near-by south Asian countries, which is not a bad thing.

For someone who wants to see it all within 7 days, Malaysia has it all. Want to snorkel and enjoy duty free shopping? visit Langkawi , Want to visit a bustling cosmopolitan city ? Kuala Lumpur it is, Enjoy good sea food and a relaxed trip ? Visit Penang.

Before you plan your next trip to Malaysia, you need to have (as an Indian citizen) a Malaysia visa. This article will guide you how you can get your Malaysia e Visa (eVISA/eNTRI) from Bangalore at the comfort of your home.

We have so far received 343 applications from Bangaloreans this month out of which we delivered 900 Malaysia eVISAs this month accounting to 7% of all the Malaysia visa applications.


Update:- As of 31 July 2018,15 days Multiple entry Malaysia eVISA has been discontinued for Indians, There are only 2 types of Malaysia visas, eNTRI visa and 30 days Single Entry visas. Read our article below to know more about the same. 

[su_heading] Do you need a Malaysia visa? Can you get Malaysia visa from Bangalore?[/su_heading]

Yes, Unfortunately Indians do need to get a Malaysia visa before they visit Malaysia. Although you can get Malaysia visa on arrival, it is almost INR 7000 per visa. We do not suggest this route unless it is an emergency and the last minute plan.

The good news is, you can get Malaysia visa online by simply filling our Malaysia visa form. So you can apply for Malaysia e visa from Bangalore or anywhere without visiting the embassy.

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 What are the different types of Malaysia online visa? 

When you are applying for Malaysia visa online, you have 3 options with different benefits and costs. You can know more about them from the table below.


Beware of Fake Malaysia visa agents and scams

First off, be careful of 10s of websites which are online and promise to get you Malaysia visa and once you have completed the payment, disappear altogether.

Ideally, make an advance payment of say 10 to 25% before your visa is approved. Once your Malaysia visa is approved, the agent will then provide you with your visa identification number which you can verify on the official government website and only then make full payment.

There are only two websites which we would recommend :

  • ( 10% payment, Malaysia visa experts, have a solid team and customer & chat support, cheaper option )
  • (Official channel for Malaysia visa, poor implementation and frequent crashes, cheapest option, a visa will be rejected or called for an interview if you do not know what to do)


Avoid all other websites which will only scam you of our money . Ideally speak to the travel agent and clear your doubts before you apply for visa.

What are the steps to get Malaysia e visa(eVISA) online from Bangalore?

The steps to get Malaysia eVISA / Malaysia eNTRI visa is the same.

  • Fill the Malaysia visa application form.
  • Make 10% payment and send the required document.
  • Once your visa is approved, you will get a call from our Malaysia visa experts.
  • Verify your Malaysia visa on government website and complete your payment to get Malaysia visa emailed to you.

How to apply for a Malaysia e-visa from Bangalore?

We can help you get your Malaysia visa. In fact, our service will help you get your Malaysia eVISA even if you do not have a flight & hotel already booked for your visa.

This is very important since we see that several visas get rejected on a daily basis and the people who have invested for the trip have no option but to lose their money. This is why our service is most used visa service around since we can help you procure your visa without making any flight & hotel bookings in advance. 

Here is a step-by-step explanation as to what you need to do:

Step 1: Visit the website for Malaysia e-visa visa from India. Click on ‘Buy Malaysia visa @ INR 1900’.


Step 2: You will be redirected to a new page. Here, you will be required to choose the ‘visa type‘. It is ok if this is not correct, we will call you and suggest you the best visa type for you

Step 3: Fill in the form with all the details asked for. You do not need to pay any fees now. An agent will call you and explain the procedure.

Make 10% of the payment before and rest when your visa gets approved. Please note that if you are leaving the same week you are applying for visa or an NRI you need to make full payment as per Malaysia eVisa policy.

Or you can apply from the official website.

Requirements for Malaysia eVisa and eNTRI visa when applying from Bangalore

The requirements for both Malaysia eNTRI visa and eVISA are the same for Indian citizens.

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  • You need passport with validity of at least 6 months and at least 2 empty pages for both exit and entry stamps.
  • Malaysia visa requires that you have a scanned photograph of the applicant. This image must be 35mm X50 mm width. Ask your local photo studio to get the scanned image as per specifications. If you are applying for Malaysia eVisa or eNTRI from us, then we will use our graphic designers to ensure that the photo is of the right specifications.

But even we will need your photo as close to the specification as possible. Malaysia visa photo requirement needs you to upload an image which is in either png or jpg format. The maximum size allowed for your photo is 2 MB. If you are applying through us we will make sure of this as well.

Majority of Malaysia visa rejections happens because of the photo specifications. So don’t take the risk and consult the professional of the same.


  • Scanned copy of your passport’s first page. If you have 2 passports, one which is expired or old, you need to have a scanned copy of your latest passport’s first page. This page needs to be of png or jpg format and be under 2 MB size. Below is a sample of how your scanned copy should look after you scan.


  • Scanned copy of your last page. The requirement for this is the same as above.


  • If you have travelled before, you need to upload a scanned copy of page with your most recent return trip stamp.


  • Confirmed flight booking with dates entering and exiting Malaysia(if you are applying for Malaysia visa through us, then we will arrange this document for you). This document needs to be pdf format.

We will take care of getting your flight ticket for the dates that you give us using our travel agent systems. So you are at no risk of losing your money if your visa is cancelled or your plans change. We are in fact your safety net against losing your money before your visa is approved or your travel dates are changed.

  • Confirmed proof of accommodation for the entire duration of stay (if you are applying for Malaysia visa through us, then we will arrange this document for you). This document must be presented in pdf format.

Again, we will use our travel agency connections to get you a proof of accommodation for the entire duration of stay and use that to apply for your eVisa. Once your visa is granted, you can make your own bookings just be on the safer side of things.


What is the cost to apply for Malaysia eVISA/eNTRI visa from Bangalore ? 


All the above fees include GST of 18%

Below is a sample eNTRI note


How to verify the status of my Malaysia eVISA or Malaysia eNTRI visa for Indian citizens ?

You can verify your visa by visiting the official Malaysia website.

  • Go to the below link


  • Enter your passport number in the first field.
  • In the second field, you will need to enter your sticker number. You can find your sticker number in your electronic visa.
  • Enter your Malaysia eVisa sticker number from your visa. See reference image below



If all the information entered is valid, then the website should return record found. This is how you can verify Malaysia eVISA has been approved

FAQ by Malaysia visa applicants 

What would happen at the immigration counter  ? 

Once you present your eVisa or eNTRI note, you might be asked details such as how many days you would be staying in Malaysia? What is your plan?

You might be also asked to present your return tickets and hotel bookings. Your e visa document might also be verified for spelling mistakes and other misinformation. This can lead to refusal of entry into Malaysia

Who can apply for Malaysia online visa ?

To know the details, Please see the below image.


What would happen if we over-stay in Malaysia more than the days we are allowed to in the visa ?

You are allowed to stay in Malaysia up to a maximum of 30 days. You will be subjected to an administrative fine by the Malaysian local authorities and your next entry into Malaysia may be denied for a certain period of time if you failed to stay within the stipulated time.

Can I apply for my  online visa from Malaysia?

No. eVISA does not allow applications to apply within Malaysia. eVISA must be obtained prior to your entry into Malaysia. You can apply for your Malaysia e visa from Bangalore.

Should I re-apply for a Malaysia eVISA if my departure date changes but the new date is within 3 months?

No. You do not have to re-apply for a new Malaysia eVISA within 3 months from the approved visa issuance date by the Department of Immigration Malaysia to enter Malaysia.

Should I re-apply for Malaysia eVISA if my departure date changes and the new date is after 3 months?

Yes. You will need to re-apply a new Malaysia eVISA since the approved visa issuance date by the Department of Immigration Malaysia to enter Malaysia is valid for 3 months only.

Upon receiving my issued Malaysia eVISA, I have realised that some of the information that I provided was wrong and needs corrections. What should I do ?

You must re-apply for a new Malaysia eVISA with the correct information as per your travel documents.

How long will my Malaysia eVISA be valid for ?

eVISA is vaild for 3 months while eVISA holder is entitled to stay up to a maximum of 30 days for each visit in Malaysia. Each application can only be used once and no extension is allowed.