The Malaysia┬átourism statistics and tourism forecast 2020 is based on the tourism market studies of past years. However, the market predictions or the tourism statistics forecast seem to have taken a completely different turn at the beginning of the Q1 of 2020. The reason for these dwindling numbers is directly related to the impending threat of coronavirus deemed as a community epidemic. So, let’s take a look at inbound tourists to Malaysia from India and vice-versa.

In terms of tourism, India Malaysia have always expressed a favourable relationship. But this also seems to be threatened. As many Indians fearing for their lives have found themselves cancelling their flight tickets, hotel reservations, and other related international travel plans.

Malaysia Tourism Statistics 2020 Forecast

January is perceived to be the peak of Malaysia inbound arrivals year after year. While the numbers remain to be seen, the likely threat of the coronavirus would predictably reflect a decrease this year.

e-visa Malaysia statistics 2019

While 41906 Malaysia e-visa applications were approved in January 2019, there was an expected drop this year. While more can be said only after the sources confirm, a lot of speculation aims towards the decrease in India inbound tourists to Malaysia in 2020.

Malaysia e-visa approval forecast 2020

Based on the aforementioned Malaysia e-visa approved applications, the forecast Malaysia visa forecast is expected to take a downtown due to the coronavirus threat. While this may be true, as of a report received on 28th February 2020, Malaysia has 22 cases of the Covid-19 disease reported.

Although this number is low when compared to Italy and Hong Kong with 453 and 92 cases respectively, travellers are still cancelling their previously planned trip to Malaysia.

Coronavirus statistics Feb 2020

The number of coronaviruses suspected and infected cases are only increasing day after day. And, because of this most of the unaffected countries are implementing numerous precautions. While the citizens are quite aware and not willing to take any chances, Malaysia is turning out to be one of the countries people would likely avoid until Q3.

Indian tourist arrivals to Malaysia

January to May are the holidays months, which travel enthusiastic Indians prefer to spend in some of the popular Asian destinations like Malaysia. While China is a probable option, since the coronavirus outbreak in January, Indians are largely avoiding the coronavirus riddled areas including Malaysia.

Thus, it won’t be wrong to predict that India inbound tourists to Malaysia may drop by 50% before the end of Q1 2020.

The Indian government has restricted entry permits for select nationals due to the Covid-19 epidemic. While Chinese nationals are not granted entry into the country, the individuals who have been to China in the past months are tested and quarantined for recovery.

Despite the entry restrictions, the number of foreign nationals visiting India has not experienced any significant decrease

Ministry of Tourism, Government of India’s Monthly Foreign Tourist Arrivals (FTAs)

While India inbound to Malaysia numbers may have reduced drastically, the same cannot be said of the number of inbound arrivals to India. Also, India is one of the least affected countries, the government in a bid to maintain the same has banned the entry of Chinese visitors. Although certain Asian countries like North Korea, which had the facility of India visa on arrival, must now choose to apply for a regular visa. Despite these entry restrictions, the inbound arrivals to India in the month of January 2020 was found to be 381267, which was a 31% rise as compared to 290967 in 2019.

The information stated below is based on a compilation provided by the Bureau of Immigration. The highlights are provided below;

India tourism statistics_foreign tourist arrivals 2020

Although India is likely to receive a huge influx of foreign nationals this year, the government though is leaving no stone unturned. While the India visa on arrival facility which was previously available for the nationals of South Korea and Japan was temporarily suspended, inbound visitors are strictly screened for infection.

Indian Government Suspends the Already Granted India Visa to Foreigners

India visa restrictions imposed by Indian government

India Coronavirus Live Update March 11, 2020

The Indian government has suspended India visa (e-visa and regular visa) issued on or before 11th March 2020 for the nationals of the following countries;

  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • France
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • Japan
  • Thailand
  • Singapore
  • The Republic of Korea, and
  • Iran

For Indian nationals inbound arrivals to India, the government has made a mandate to carry a ‘No COVID-19 Disease’ certificate issued by authorised medical personnel of the country they are arriving from.

Free Malaysia Visa

Specially issued to Chinese and Indian citizens, although technically not a free visa, the eNTRI visa is no longer appealing with the threat of the coronavirus epidemic.

As a measure to revise the dwindling number of tourists especially in the countries with a severe number of reported infections, granting free visas and relaxing the visa schemes may come as a no surprise.

Some of the tourist destinations, which haven’t witnessed a significant decline in tourist arrivals will be discussed in another article.

Visit Malaysia Year 2020 (VMY 2020)

While this may be the case, the Malaysian government is moving ahead with the Visit Malaysia Year 2020. In fact, all the events and activities to make the VMY 2020 a success are still on. Only time will tell the impact of coronavirus on Malaysia Tourism Statistics 2020.