Every visa application requires you to submit a photograph in some specific size and features. Malaysia visa application is very specific about the visa requirements, and the photograph needs to be in the exact way that they expect it to be. Here is an account of everything you need to know about the Malaysia visa photo size and other specifications.

Types of Malaysia Visa

Indians can apply for three different types of Malaysia visas and the photo specification is similar for all four visa types. The four different visa types available for Indians are-

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Malaysia Visa Photo Size

Let us start with the photo size.
The Malaysia visa photo size must be 35 mm x 50 mm. One cannot compromise on this size specifications.
The photo should be taken against a white background. No other colour, not even a paler version, is allowed. The white background enhances the focal point to make the facial features easy to spot.

malaysia visa photo specification


  • There should be no borders of any kind.
  • The white background must blend with the photo edges.
  • The photo should be recent, not older than 3 months.
  • The photograph must also be in studio quality to make the features clear.
  • Malaysia visa photo must have the face right in the centre with at least 80% coverage.
  • The picture should also have the face, head/hair, and even part of the shoulders visible. It allows for better visibility of the applicant.
  • The face must have a full frontal view with the eyes open.
  • One may wear glasses, but that must not have any glare, which can block the view of eyes or its colour.
  • Head coverings are generally not allowed except for religious purposes. But, it should not cover the forehead too much or block the eyes either.
  • Keep the hair tucked behind the ears and avoid wearing caps or hats.

I Do Not Have a Malaysia Visa Photo as Per the Specifications!

It is where Blinkvisa gets an edge over the official website of Malaysia visa application. Blinkvisa can help to create or adjust a picture according to Malaysia visa photo size and specifications. Any normal picture with a clear view and excellent clarity should suffice.
Just make sure that in the picture, the applicant is looking directly at the camera, and the body is straight.
Blinkvisa will also ensure that the picture shows the skin in proper tone with ideal brightness as well as contrast.

The Bottom Line

The Malaysian government is very firm regarding the photo size. In fact, even a simple change in the photographs could lead to visa application rejection.
It is essential to note that they would not reveal the reason for visa rejection. But, the visa photo has a high chance of being one of the main deciding factors.