Can I get job in Qatar on visit visa ? yes sure . Qatar is one of the wealthiest countries in the gulf state and is ever-developing. Doha is the capital where you can get a job fast. It has 0.1percent unemployment, so people migrate to Qatar for well-paid jobs. It is the country having the highest per capita income. People from all over the world migrate from their native countries to Qatar for jobs.

Can I get job in Qatar on visit visa?

During your visit to Qatar on a tourist visa, You can enjoy and spend your vacation. You can also find a job that satisfies you and gives you a handsome salary. You can not work during your stay on your visa. Visa is a contract which permits a foreigner to live in a country you can not work during the stay on your tourist visa. But you can find a job on a visitor visa. You can find a job during a visit visa stay but convert it into a work visa; you must visit your country. After medical and further verifications, you can get a work visa.

Why find a job in Qatar?

Well, the reason to find a job in Qatar is that you are paid well. People here are friendly .best thing is it is a tax-free country, so you get all your money without cutting and enjoy your life.

How much is the Qatar visa fee?

The Visa fee for 30 days is approximately $209 . Visa fee for 180 days is $209, but you also have to pay the embassy, which is $330.

Which country can visit Qatar without a visa?

Suppose you are a member or a European Union citizen. If you are a citizen of these states, you can get a free visa. These citizens can visit Qatar for 90 days without a visa. But countries like Antigua, Barbuda, Argentina, Armenia, Brahmas, Brazil, Monica, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Malaysia do not have free visit visas. These citizens can visit Qatar for 90 days without a visa.

 Citizens of countries like China, Belarus, Bolivia, Brunei, Canada, and chile can visit Qatar for 30 days without a visa.

How to convert a visit visa to a work visa?

 On a moi Qatar work visa, you can not do a job because this is illegal in Qatar, but you can hunt for a job at the airport. You will not tell your motive for searching for a job. A tourist visa is for 30 days and can’t be extended easily. You can find a job during your visit visa stay. After you find a job, you have to visit your country. After medical and further verifications, you can get a work visa.

What are demanding jobs in Qatar?

Demanding jobs in Qatar are construction, oil and petroleum engineers, tourism, media and PR, health work, domestic work, engineers, technicians, teachers, marketing, hotel management,  informational technology and real estate agent.

Ways to apply during the stay in Qatar on a visit visa:

Physically present means you have more chances to get a job. They will observe your attitude and physically see you, so chances are to be employed.

Send your CV to companies:

One way to find a job is to make a professional resume which should be impressive. If a cv is good, then you will get a job.


The best thing is that if you have a reference, you can soon get a job. Company before advertising, ask from staff first about the employee. It could be helpful if you have a friend. If they work in a company, they can refer you for a seat, but they will hire you after checking your cv and interview.

Recruitment agencies:

Another way to get a job is to visit an agency and submit your cv for a job. Some agencies offer jobs and take money after the job is given. If the agency asks for money before the job, be alert, it might be a scam. If your job application gets approved, but you did not accept it. You get a call from the company, then check online for company authenticity.

Should have enough money:

You should have enough money to live in Qatar when applying for a job. To save money, you can live near the old Doha airport 1 . Travel on buses, not cars, because cars are expensive.

Read Newspapers:

Companies give ads in newspapers. You can apply through the instructions given in the newspaper.

Visit Qatar for the 2022 FIFA world up and find a job:

Qatar will hold the next Fifa world cup in Qatar, so book your tickets and find a job on a visit visa.


So, if you want a job in Qatar through a visit visa, you must find a job and exit your country for medical. Then after getting a job, apply for a work visa. After this, you can live in Qatar as long as you have a job. If you want more questions to be answered then comment in the section below.


Q) What are the requirements for a job in Qatar?

A) You should have a degree and experience in the specific carrier you are applying.

Q) What is the absolute age to work in Qatar?

 A) If your age is 60, you can apply for a job in Qatar, but it isn’t easy to find a working visa after age 50.

Q) Who can earn the highest salary in Qatar?

A) CEO of a multinational company can earn up to $33500, so if you have the ability, apply for it. Can I get job in Qatar on visit visa. Easily find job Qatar.