As winter draws near, you’re probably planning your next ski holiday on the slopes. Ski touring is a great way to enjoy the snowy weather as well as some beautiful views. However, a successful ski season relies heavily on advance preparation and planning to enjoy a stress-free holiday. Read on to learn how to prepare for a ski holiday with minimal stress.

Planning your ski holiday

Advancements in technology have made it easier for ski lovers to plan their next trip to the mountain slopes from the comfort of their homes. You can now get accurate weather forecasts, choose your accommodation and find ski trail maps using your mobile device or computer. Here are three essential tools to help you plan your next ski season:

1. Piste Pro website

Piste Pro is a website that ski tourists use to get accurate snow forecasts and find ski trail maps. The Piste Pro website offers hour-by-hour snow forecast information that’s altitude specific for free, allowing you to identify the areas with the most snow for skiing. Since their forecasts are accurate, you can easily plan your day on the slopes, guaranteeing a fun and seamless experience. With Piste Pro, you can easily view or download ski trail maps on any device and view ski resort altitude ranges. The website features an easy-to-use interface where users can search various countries to find their ideal snow resorts. Using the Piste Pro website when planning your ski trip ensures you choose the right resort to suit your needs and are familiar with the local snow weather.

2. Skitude

Skitude is a website that connects skiers and outdoor enthusiasts with mountain resorts. Simply download the Skitude app to plan and book your trip directly from your sofa. With Skitude, you can buy passes and get direct slope access, eliminating the need to queue at cash desks. You can also book restaurants from the app and find rental shops near your resort to buy skiing equipment. Skitude aims to make your ski trip fun and exciting by connecting you with a worldwide network of resorts and skiers. This online tool offers a 100% contactless mobile experience and more convenience.

3. Avalanche Forecasts

Although skiing is fun, it’s also dangerous, making it vital to take extra precautions when planning your next ski trip. An easy way to do this is through Avalanche Forecasts. Avalanche Forecasts is an app that lets you see predicted avalanches in various regions for the next two days. The app shows avalanche conditions on a map, and they’re colour-coded from extreme to low. To view the specific avalanche condition of a particular area, simply tap the region on the map, and you’ll get detailed information.