Land, Cho, Tree, Person Interested, Right Holder, Erosion

This Act may be called the Punjab Land Preservation4* *
mmmcenlm1. AC~,1goo.
‘[(2) It shall extendto the whole ofthe State of ‘[Haryana.]
6[(3) It shaU come into force at once ‘[in the principalterritories
and on the I 5th May, 1958 in the transferred territories.]
Delinitions. 2. In this Act unless a different intention appears kom the
subject or context,-
(a) the expression “land” means ,landwithin any ‘[* *] area
preserved and protected or otherwisedealt with in manner
in this Act provided, .andincludes benefits to arise out of
land zhd things attached to the earth or permanently
fastened to anything attached to the ed,
(6) the expression “cho’l meins a stream or torrent flowing
through or from the SiwaIik mountain range within

  1. Substitutcd for theword ‘Punjab by lhc Haryana Addptation of Laws (State
    and ConcurrentSubjects) Order, 1968.
  2. Thc words ‘Situate within or adjacmt tothe Siwalikmountain rangel’omitted
    by PunjabAct 11 of 1942, shon2.
  3. Theprcamblewas omittedbyibid, section3.
  4. Thebracketsand word “(chos)” omittedbyPunjabAct 4of 1944, section 2(a).
  5. Sub-section(2)insertedbyPunjabAct 11or 1942,s~rion4(d) and substituted
    byPunjabAct 4 of 1944, section 2(b) was substituled against the pram1 sub-
    section by PunjabAct I of195 I, section 2.
  6. Tbeoldsub-scctionQ)wasrenumberdassub-s~ou(3)byhnjab~ct11 of
    1942, section 4(a).
  7. Added by the H;lryana Adaptation of Laws (State and Concurrent Subjects)
    Order. 1968.
  8. The word ‘Zocal” omitted by thcFunjab Act 4 of1944, scctioo 3(a).1900 :Pb. Act 21 LANU PKFSERVATION
    (c) the expr~sionsLhe”,”timber”, “forest-produce”
    16 and “cattIe”, respectively, shall have the memings severalIy
  9. assignedthereto in section2 of the Indian Forest Act, ‘(1 927);
    (6) the expression “person interested” includes all
    persons claiming any interest in compensation to be made on
    account of any measures taken under this Act ‘(* * );
    (e) the expression “Deputy Corrtmissioner” includes
    any oficer or oficers at any time specially appointed by the
    “(Sate) Government to perform the functions of a Deputy
    Commissioner under this Act;
    4[fl the expression “rightholder” includes-
    (i) persons not being tenants or mortgagees
    having rights to or in land; and
    (io persons having rights of collection of forest
    produce or ofgrazing or pasture, and
    ( the expression “erosion”includes the removal or
    displacement of earth, soil, stones or other materids by the
    action ofwind or water.]
    that it is desirable to provide for the conservation of sub-soil areas.
    water or the preventionof erosionin any areasubjectto erosion
    or Iikely to become liable to erosion, such Government may
    by notificationmake adirection accordingly.]
    ’13. Whenever it appears to the 3(State) Government NOI&C~~~OI~ of
  10. In respect of areas notified under section 3
    generally or the whole or any part of anysucharea, the )IState]
    Government may by general or special order temporarily * *
  • * * * * regulate, restrict or prohibit-
    I. Snbstitutcdfor the figures “1878” by Punjab Act 4 of 1944, section 30). See
    the lndian Forest Act, 1927 (1 6 of 19271, sxtion 2.
  1. Theword4’md”o~~edbyibid,sec~on 3(c).
  2. Substitutedfor the word “Provincial” byheAdaptation ofLaws Order, 1950.
  3. Added by Punjab Act 4 of 1944, sectiod 3(d).
  4. Substituted for the old sation by Punjab Act 11 of 1942, section 5,
  5. Thewords “or permanently”were omitted by Punjab Ac17of 1926,section 2.

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