Qatar has the world’s highest per capita income. Also, it is one of the global business hot spots. And, thus frequented by many companies for various business purposes. However, unlike the tourist visa, with Qatar business visa, additional requirements apply.

Qatar Business Visa an Overview

Every year numerous companies and their representatives visit Qatar. Reason being, the nation is fast-emerging as an ideal backdrop for business seminars, symposiums, expos, etc.

Besides, you cannot seek employment in Qatar using your business visa. Also, you may use a business visa for tourism. Needless to say, you cannot use Qatar tourist visa for business reasons.

Qatar Visa

Salient features

Accordingly, based on the duration of the visit, the popular types of Qatar business visas are as follows. So let’s learn about the salient features of both the popular types summarized in brief.

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Note: Presently, we process only Qatar tourist visa for Indians and single-entry business visas. Refer to the Qatar government site for a work visa, student visa, etc. 

Types of business visa online

At Blinkvisa, we process the 30 days and 90 days business visas. Both are a single-entry type of visas. Meaning, you may use the visa only once to enter the country and cannot use it to enter Qatar for a second type. Therefore, you need to apply for a new business visa when you wish to visit again.

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A brief on Qatar 30 days business visa

Ideal for business visits not exceeding 30 days, this visa has a validity of up to 3 months. As stated earlier, you can use your business visa as a tourist visa also. However, you cannot use your tourist visa as your business visa. Typically, the processing time is approximately 6 working days. Thus we reckon you to apply at least a week (7 to 9 working days) before your intended travel date.

Qatar 30 days business visa

A brief on Qatar 90 days business visa

Unlike the 30 days business visa, the 90 days Qatar business visa is suitable for stay periods exceeding 30 days. Apart from the stay period, it is similar to the former type of visa.

Qatar 90 days business visa

Qatar Business Visa Fees

Visa Type Visa Fee Blinkvisa Charges SGST + CGST  Total Cost Avail Cashback
30 Days Business Visa INR 10199 INR 500 18% INR 10789 INR 10789
90 Days Business Visa INR 21199 INR 500 18% INR 21789 INR 21789

How does cashback work?

At Blinkvisa, we offer a 100% cashback on all your online visa. That being said, the complete business visa fee including the Blinkvisa charges and GST is credited back to your registered account. However, this happens in the form of Blinkcash which is credited to your Blinkwallet, which is linked to your user id.

What is Blinkcash?

Blinkcash is the cashback, which is akin to a refund. Also, it locks amazing discounts on your travel-related expenses, right from flight tickets, hotel reservations, etc. Thus, at Blinkvisa, you get the complete value for your money.

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Qatar Business Visa Requirements

The following are the Qatar visa required documents checklist.

a. Passport

  1. Original passport
  2. Colour-scanned Copy of the first and last pages of your passport
  3. The validity of the passport must be at least six months from the time of arrival

b. Passport-sized photograph

  1. The photo must be taken against a blue background
  2. It must be of the dimension 38 mm x 48 mm

c. Cover letter

  1. The letter must be issued by the company you represent
  2. It must furnish details like your name (as on the passport) designation, pay grade, etc.

d. Invitation letter

  1. An invitation letter issued by the host company based in Qatar
  2. The letter must furnish the purpose, duration of your stay
  3. It must also entail the details of your accommodation and contact information

e. Flight tickets

  1. Confirmed round-trip, on toward, or return journey tickets

f. Proof of sufficient funds

  1. Last three months bank statement
  2. Credit/debit card or equivalent

g. Travel itinerary with proof of travel arrangement

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Qatar visa photo specifications

  1. The photo must be taken against a grey background
  2. It must be of 38 mm x 48 mm dimensions
  3. The face must cover 80% of the photograph (34 mm x 38 mm)
  4. Avoid wearing headgears
  5. In the case of religious headgear, ensure the face is visible from the lower tip of the chin to the forehead
  6. The eyes must be clearly visible. Avoid wearing spectacles

How to apply for a Qatar business visa?

Step 1

Visit Blinkvisa

Select the visa type, country, and other basic details. On clicking the ‘Get Visa’ button, you will be redirected to the visa page of the country

Step 2

Fill in the basic details like your name, tentative travel date, number of applicants, etc.

Step 3

Make the payment of INR 500 to initiate visa processing. And, receive the complete visa fee as cashback even before the processing starts

Step 4

Our visa expert will walk you through the visa requirements. Upload the essential documents. Receive your visa in six working days.

Qatar visa FAQs

1. What are the different types of Qatar visa online?

The following are the types of Qatar visa online;

  • Qatar tourist visa
  • Qatar business visa

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2. What is the Qatar tourist visa fee?

Qatar tourist visa cost for Indians

Please note: for applicants aged 55-years and above, the tourist visa fee is INR 14399

3. Is there a Qatar visa on arrival for Indians?

While there is a Qatar visa on arrival for Indians, it is not a viable one as there are certain conditions which one must fulfil. Also, a visa on arrival is not applicable for a business visit.

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4. Is my Qatar visa fee refundable?

Unlike the other visa agents online or otherwise, we do not charge the complete visa fee until your visa approval. Moreover, you get a 100% cashback on your visa fee even before receiving your visa, which is as good as a refund. However, we do not offer a cash refund on the fee.

5. Do I need a visa to transit Qatar?

If your transition period is more than 4 hours and less than 96 hours, you may avail a Qatar transit visa on arrival via any of the Qatar Airways. (Source)

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6. Can I use my business visa as a Qatar visit visa?

While you may choose to stay with a friend/relative residing in Qatar, using your business visa, you cannot use your Qatar visit visa as a business visa.

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