Schengen Area is a zone which contains 26 European countries and you’re free to travel among these countries without restriction once you have a Schengen visa. France is one of the most famous and most visited destinations in the Schengen Area which has some of the most exquisite culture in terms of history, food, architecture, and hospitality.


You can apply for Schengen France visa from the appropriate embassy/consulate/VAC in your own country but you must be careful about choosing the right embassy for France. Blinkvisa can help you get the process flowing easily so that you don’t waste your time, money or effort.

France Visa Cashback

A Brief about Schengen Visa for France

Schengen Area is an amalgamation of 26 countries who have an agreement to allow travellers to travel in each other’s country freely and without restriction. France has a Schengen sticker visa which contains the details of your travel like validity, countries you can visit, country of entry, number of entries, etc. Applying for a visa through Blinkvisa can ease your process as well as reduce the chances of your visa getting rejected. Not to mention the 100% cashback on your entire visa fee.

What is 100% cashback on Visa?

When you apply through, you will have to pay the initial amount of only INR 1000, not the whole amount like an embassy or consulate. As soon as it’s done, you’ll get a call in under an hour from our visa expert who’ll guide you on the requirements for the type of visa you require. At the same time, you’ll receive the entire fee back into your Blinkvisa wallet which is INR 7680.

You can use this cashback to get huge and attractive discounts on your hotel, flights, and activity bookings.

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Get a Personalized Travel plan

In addition to the 100% cashback and smooth visa process, you get a chance to get a customized itinerary specially curated for you from our visa experts. Depending on the number of days, who you’re travelling with and what you may like, we’ll suggest the best possible way you can enjoy with your friends or family. Click the button below to get your plan:


How to get Schengen France Visa?

Getting a Schengen France visa is easier than you think with Blinkvisa. All we need is documents from you which you can either send us, or we can assist you in organizing proper documents and setting up the appointment for the visa.

The documentation is an important process for getting a Schengen visa because you will need additional documents based on your current employment status, the purpose of visit, and in some cases the country you’re applying from.

Types of Schengen France Visa

You can apply for any of the following France visas from Blinkvisa:

Tourist Visa

As you may have guessed, Tourist visa allows you to explore the country of France and nearby 25 Schengen states freely and without restriction. The visa is valid for six months and you are allowed to visit any time during this duration, however, you can only stay for a maximum of 89* days throughout any 180 day period*.

France visa Bangalore


Visit Visa

If you have a family, relatives, or friends in France and they invite you over to stay with them for some time, you can apply for a visit visa. However, there is no difference between a visit and tourist visa other than few additional documents required like an Invitation letter from French citizen or resident stating their residence, relationship with you and mentioning that they’ll be responsible for you while you’re in the country.

Business Visa

A business visa allows you to conduct business activities in France like conduct meetings, seminars, promotions, etc. If you’re going to invest or set up a venture in France, you’ll need to provide additional documents. If this is approved, you may be provided with a multiple entry extendable resident visa for up to two years.

France business visa


Note: Schengen States/countries allow you to stay maximum of only 89 days in any 180 days. By or before 90th day, you must leave the Schengen country. To get more clarification on this, please read Schengen 90/180 day rule.

Application process for France Schengen Visa

The application process is explained below:

1. All you have to do is visit, select the type of visa and click ‘Apply for Visa’.

2. Our visa experts will get in contact with you and tell you about the documents required and the submission process.

3. You pay the initial fee of only INR 1000 and get the cashback returned back into the wallet.

4. Use the cashback to book flights, hotels, and activities from our Blinkvisa booking portal.

5. Once your visa is approved, you have to pay the remaining amount and get visa delivered to your doorstep.How blinkvisa works

To know more in detail please read the application process for booking visa.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How can I apply for France Schengen visa from Bangalore?

If you’re from Bangalore, Blinkvisa can provide pickup and drop facility for your documents as well as your visa. You can apply for a visa from and let us take care of the rest.

2. Where can I use my cashback?

The cashback you receive called Blinkcash can be used on booking hotels, flights, and activities.

3. What documents do I need to get the Schengen France visa?

The document requirements vary based on your nationality, current employment status, and purpose of visit. You can detailed information on documents required for France visa here.