Visiting Singapore is a great gift to one’s heart and soul as it is the perfect holiday destination anyone could ask for. However, if Singapore is the next in your bucket list, you must start your budget preparations and apply for a Singapore visit visa beforehand! Because this international trip can turn out to be expensive if you end up spending a lot on the Singapore Visa fees.

This blog explains everything you need to know about Singapore visa fee and how you can get the Singapore Visa at no extra cost for your trip.

The Singapore visa cost can be reduced to ‘ZERO’ if you apply for your visa via Blinkvisa. Check out how you can save on your visa cost.

Blinkvisa is not only for your Singapore visa, you can get a whole custom travel plan done for you to make sure you have an incredible trip while also using your cashback that you just got to provide you even more savings when you book your flight and hotel and also gain huge discounts on your activities.

Visa to Singapore – The Basic Information

People can apply for Singapore visa offline with the assistance of an agency. Singapore Embassy does not provide any online visa or visa on arrival. Although there is no requirement of any personal presence or interviews, travellers should submit their passport along with the application to the visa agent.


Citizens cannot apply for Singapore visa online by themselves or avail Singapore visa on arrival. Also, the Singapore tourist visa is not an immigration pass. It is a pre-entry permission for the holder to travel to and seek entry. The grant of an immigration pass will be determined by the Singapore Immigration and Checkpoints Authority officers at the point of entry.

You can now get Singapore visa hassle-free on Get 100% cashback on your entire visa fee and with Blinkvisa, use the cashback to book the flight, Hotel, Activities to do in Singapore all at cost price.

Singapore Visa Online

Before we get into the Singapore visa cost and requirements, here is a small account of the types of visa that one can apply and the other details regarding the application process.

Types of visa for Singapore

Visa Type Validity Processing Time Stay Period Type of Entry
Singapore Tourist Visaup to 2 years5-7 working days30 daysMultiple
Singapore Business Visaup to 2 years5-7 working days30 daysMultiple

Of these types, it is the tourist visa that is naturally most popular. This type allows people to travel and stay for 30 days continuously and because it is a multiple entry visa, one can travel to and fro any number of times within the period of 2 years.

Singapore Visa Fees

While getting a Singapore visa through online means is withdrawn by the Embassy, getting a visa through authorised travel experts is the need of the hour. When you opt for any other travel agent other than Blinkvisa, you can get savagely charged for the visa processing and the extra commission.

With Blinkvisa, the charges are affordable and you also get the entire visa cost as Blinkcash which you can utilise throughout your trip. Basically, converting your visa expenses into travel expenses.

Singapore Visa Fee

Remember that the Singapore visa fee does not differ based on the category of the visa. Both the Singapore tourist visa and Singapore business visas can be availed at just 2690 INR.  Surprised? Let me break it up for you.

The exclusive Singapore visa cost break-up:

Visa FeeBlinkvisa Charges + GST Your cashback
INR 2100INR 500 + 18% GSTINR 2690

At Blinkvisa, we only get 500 INR as an initial charge and the remaining fee of 2100 INR will be taken from you after you get your visa! 

How to Apply Through Blinkvisa?

If you want to get your Singapore visa, here are the simple steps to apply for the Singapore visa.

  • Visit
  • Choose the type of visa from the left-most column.
  • Enter Singapore in the country column, enter your city & phone number and click on ‘Get visa’ button.
  • Make the initial Singapore visa fee of just INR 500. (Blinkvisa charges)
  • Now when you book an appointment with our ‘Visa Experts’. You will get a call in just half an hour explaining the list of documents to be submitted. (This way you don’t miss out on any important document!)
  • You can also opt for the doorstep pick-up and delivery of the documents and passport for an easier application.
  • Blinkvisa will intimate you visa SMS or mail once your visa is approved
  • Complete the remaining payment and download your visa!

You can see that your entire amount paid credited as Blinkcash in your BlinkWallet 

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How does Blinkcash work?

Blinkcash is the cash that will reflect on your BlinkWallet linked to your registered e-mail ID, after your visa is approved. This is can be used for any further bookings related to your travel plans.

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Using Blinkcash you can avail attractive discounts worth 11% flight, hotel, and activities booked through our portal

Documents Required for Singapore Visa

Singapore Visa Requirements – This the list of common documents required for both tourist and business visa.

Singapore Visa Requirements

Please note: Make sure at least 80% of your face is visible on the photographs. 

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Singapore Visa FAQs

1. What is the Singapore visa?

A Singapore visa or Singapore eVisa is an electronic Singapore visa which can be applied through authorized visa agents like Blinkvisa. You need not be physically available at the Embassy to apply for the visa. You can collect it via your registered Id or at your home through our experts.

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2. How long does it take to get a Singapore visa?

It generally takes 5 to 7 business days to get your eVisa for Singapore. So depending on the place of application may also bring a change in the time taking to process your visa. On a safer side, apply for the visa at least two weeks ahead of the travel date so that you can avoid any unexpected delays.

3. Can I apply for a Singapore tourist visa online?

No. Singapore does not provide any tourist visa online. However, by logging into, you can avail it online by submitting your passport and essential documents. Also, the 100% cashback on Singapore visa fees is akin to getting a visa without spending anything at all!

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