Is a Sri Lanka ETA same as a Sri Lanka eVisa? This is one of the most common questions that come to mind when the island country is on our travel list.

Undoubtedly, Sri Lanka has a natural elegance that has attracted tourists from many countries over the years.

Further, the country’s efforts to improve its tourism sector has made travelling to Lanka quite easy, especially with the Sri Lanka e-visa facility.

Apply for Sri Lanka E-visa and get 100% cashback on your Sri Lanka visa fee.

What is Sri Lanka ETA?

Effective from the 1st of January 2012, Sri Lankan government issues Sri Lanka ETA or Electronic Travel Authorization for a short visit to Sri Lanka.

Types of Sri Lanka ETA

Having a Sri Lanka ETA or Sri Lanka eVisa is a must for the following visit categories;

Note: Sri Lanka ETA is for short visits only. For long-term visits like residence permit, work permit, etc, one must apply for specific visa types.

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Sri Lanka Tourist E-visa

Typically, used for sightseeing or holidaying in Lanka. It could also be used for visiting friends or relatives based in Sri Lanka. Apart from this, one may also use it for medical treatments like ayurvedic, yoga, etc., It also finds use when one wants to participate in competitions, cultural festivals, sporting events, etc.

At Blinkvisa, we offer a double-entry Sri Lanka tourist visa or ETA also sometimes referred to as Sri Lanka visit visa.

Sri Lanka tourist visa

Generally, we process in less than three working days. You can use this particular visa to enter the country twice using the same visa. At each entry you make, you can stay for 29 days, wherein on or before the 30th day you would be required to exit the country.

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Sri Lanka Business E-visa

It is typically used for participating in business meetings, negotiations. To attend conferences, seminars, or business workshops. It is also ideal for participating in short term training programs under one month.

At Blinkvisa, we process double-entry Sri Lanka business visa or ETA.

Sri Lanka business visa

Usually, we process a Sri Lanka business ETA or evisa in under three working days.

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The Sri Lanka visa requirements for the popular types of Sri Lanka visas are listed further in the blog.

Sri Lanka Visa Fees

Type of Sri Lanka e-visa Visa Fee Blinkvisa Charges  Avail Cashback
Sri Lanka Tourist Visa INR 1450 INR 500 + 18% GST INR 2040
Sri Lanka Business Visa INR 1450 INR 500 + 18% GST INR 2040

At Blinkvisa, we provide 100% cashback on your visa fee. 

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Sri Lanka visa-exempt countries and categories:

  • The Republic of Singapore
  • The Republic of Maldives
  • The Republic of Seychelles
  • Crew members of flights and ships

Note: Only three countries are exempt from an ETA wherein they can travel visa-free.

Apart from the countries and category mentioned above, the rest must apply for ETA or e visa. Nevertheless, there is a visa on arrival for select countries (with ETA and without ETA). Refer to the illustration below;

Sri Lanka Visa on Arrival

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Other types of Sri Lanka visas

Sri Lanka transit visa

For transiting to a third country via Sri Lanka, other countries except for the ETA-exempt nationals and crew members of flights and ships must obtain a transit visa.

At Blinkvisa, presently we do not process Sri Lanka transit visa. Needless to say, we would update the availability status as soon as possible.

Sri Lanka gratis visa

It is provided to non-ordinary passport holders (service passport, diplomatic passport, official passport.) Source

The visa, in this case, does not entail any charges.

Sri Lanka residence visa

Usually, it is provided to Non-Sri Lankans seeking to reside in Lanka for justified purposes. For instance, some of the categories  determining the special purposes are;

  • Employment Category
  • Investor Category
  • Religious Category
  • Student Category, to name a few

Sri Lanka E-visa Requirements

1. Passport with a validity of at least six months

2. Scanned copy of the first and last pages of your passport

3. Scanned copy of your latest passport-sized photograph with the following specifications;

  • A digital photograph of dimensions 2 x 2 inches
  • The photo must be a recent one and must be taken against a white background
  • It is also essential to have a neutral expression in the digital photo

Note: Avoid wearing spectacles and headgears. In the case of religious headgears, ensure at least 80% of the face is visible. In the case of spectacles make sure they don’t glare.

4. Confirmed round-trip tickets

5. Confirmed proof of hotel accommodation

6. Proof of sufficient funds to bear travel expenses

7. Travel itinerary

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Do not have a Sri Lanka travel itinerary or travel plan?

At Blinkvisa, we not only assist you with your visa requirements but also provide a handpicked travel guide to make the most of your trip.

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Sri Lanka eVisa FAQs

1. Do I need to print my Sri Lank e-visa or ETA?

We recommend you to carry a couple of printouts of your Sri Lanka eVisa along with the softcopy of the same while travelling.

2. How many days does it take to process a Sri Lanka evisa?

At Blinkvisa we process it under three working days.

3. What is a double-entry visa?

The entry type is double entry. It means that you can visit the same country twice using the same visa before the expiry of the visa’s validity.

4. Is Sri Lanka ETA a sticker or stamped visa?

The approved ETA is electronically linked to your passport. Thus, it is neither a sticker nor a stamped visa.