Sri Lanka was one of the holiday destinations that always held me fascinated. And the opportunity to explore the picturesque country knocked right on my doorstep. It seemed as the Universe conspired to fulfil my wish of visiting the tranquil island country. And I was invited to attend my close friend’s wedding. As his bride to be was a Sri Lankan, this wedding trip turned out to be one of the best vacations of my life. And, here is how I applied for my Sri Lanka visa online by seeking the visa assistance service of Blinkvisa.

A passport is always a must for applying for any visa. My passport had a year’s validity (validity of at least six months required for visa approval), and thus, applying for a visa was not an issue.

Long ago, my uncle had narrated the complexities involved in applying for a visa. The requirements (a mountain of documents), the application process (complicated), the interview at the Consulate or Embassy (scary to the bones). Needless to say, I scratched out most of the foreign tourist destinations fearing the hassles of acquiring a visa.

Thus, the ease of visa application was a deal-breaker for me which would make or break my trip to Sri Lanka. And, to my delight and relief, I discovered that Sri Lanka has ETA or Sri Lanka eVisa. Which, is a totally hassle-free visa application process and becomes even easier when you apply through a trusted visa agent like Blinkvisa.

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Popular Types of Sri Lanka Visas

I choose the tourist visa which I later found out is also referred to as a Sri Lanka visit visa or visitor visa. While a few travellers also go for a Sri Lanka transit visa and Sri Lanka student visa.

The purpose of the former is to stay with a relative who is a resident of the country. While a student visa is for when one wishes to pursue an education in Sri Lanka.

For information on the different types of Sri Lanka Visas, Read Sri Lanka Visa

Choosing the right visa agent matters!

While I spent INR 2040 for my Sri Lanka Tourist visa which included the service charges, my other friend opted for an agent who charged her INR 12000 for the same visa. Her visa not getting approved came as a no surprise as the cost was too high and the online reviews were never encouraging.

While I was quite picky when it came to visa agents, I finally opted for Blinkvisa as they delivered a handpicked Sri Lanka travel plan for the entire duration of my stay. The best part was, they did not charge me at all. I simply clicked on the link below, and voila, a custom-made travel itinerary just for me!

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The easy Sri Lanka visa online with Blinkvisa

I can compare my experience of applying for my Sri Lanka eVisa via Blinkvisa to ordering food on Swiggy or Zomato. That being said, all I had to do was, provide my name (as on the passport), my email id (Sri Lanka visa is emailed to the registered id), and my phone number (SMS sent, once visa on visa confirmation.)

It cannot get easier than that, visit, and register for online visas.

Blinkvisa has a hassle-free application process with utmost transparency at every step. In fact, they also provide complete assistance from start to finish.

Here’s a brief on how I applied for my Sri Lanka visa online;

Sri Lanka visa application

After filling in this simple form, the Next step was to make a payment of INR 500 only to initiate the visa process.

Within minutes the complete visa fee that INR 2040 was credited to my account.

Note: The 100% cashback is credited as Blinkcash into your Blinkwallet, which is registered on your email id. 

To receive the complete visa fee by paying only the service charge of INR 500 was a shocker. I was both delighted and was at the same time wondering ‘if it’s too good to be true.

The Visa Expert Will Contact You Within the First Half-an-hour of Registration

My doubts and apprehensions were soon put to rest when one of Blinkvisa’s visa experts called me.

The visa experts provide complete visa assistance, right from the Sri Lanka visa requirements, to how to upload or share them.

The person allotted for my visa application was very patient and answered all my queries until all my doubts were cleared.

Sri Lanka visa requirements

I was asked to share the scanned copies the first and last pages of my Indian passport in PFG, JPEG, or PDF format. While for some countries, the scanned copy of the first page should suffice.

Sri Lanka visa photo requirements / specifications
  • A digital photograph of dimensions 2 x 2 inches
  • The photo must be a recent one and must be taken against a white background
  • It is also essential to have a neutral expression in the digital photo

Note: Avoid wearing spectacles and headgears. In the case of religious headgears, ensure at least 80% of the face is visible. In the case of spectacles make sure they don’t glare.

After I submitted the requested documents, I was told that the Blinkvisa agents would apply for the visa on my behalf. And true to their words, I received an SMS and an email confirming my visa approval within two working days.

Typically, Sri Lanka online visa is processed within three working days with Blinkvisa.

My Sri Lanka evisa was delivered via email. Then all that remained was to make the payment of the remaining visa fee (18% GST + INR 1450) to download my evisa.

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Sri Lanka visa online FAQs

1. What is the Sri Lanka visa fee?

At Blinkvisa, the following Sri Lanka visa fee is applicable;

Type of Sri Lanka e-visaVisa FeeBlinkvisa Charges Avail Cashback
Sri Lanka Tourist VisaINR 1450INR 500 + 18% GSTINR 2040
Sri Lanka Business VisaINR 1450INR 500 + 18% GSTINR 2040

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2. Do I need a Sri Lanka ETA to apply for a Sri Lanka Visa on Arrival

Certain countries do require an ETA to avail a Sri Lanka visa on arrival, however, others do not. Refer the illustration below for more specifications;

Sri Lanka Visa on Arrival

Nevertheless, visa on arrival is not a convenient option as it sounds to be.

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3. How to apply for Sri Lanka visa?

Apply Sri Lanka e Visa

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