Do Indians require a visa to travel to Thailand? How much is the cost of a Thailand tourist visa? Can Indians easily acquire a Thailand visa online? Anybody deciding on a Thai trip is definite to ponder on these common queries.

A hub of happening nightlife and scrumptious food, Thailand is a scenic beauty that never fails to mesmerize people and that is why a record of 180,000 Indian tourists flocked Thailand this year, making it one of the most searched travel locations. Whether you’re planning for a short touch-and-go trip with friends or a romantic holiday, we’ve put together an easy go-to visa guide for you to enjoy Thailand hassle-free by applying for a tourist visa effortlessly.

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Quick Facts

  • Passport validity – must be valid at the time of entry and for at least 6 months from date of departure.
  • It is advisable to carry 20,000 Thai Bhat with you before reaching Thailand (due to the demand of the currency) as the conversion of currency might increase the charges and leave you spending a lot.
  • Ensure you have the photographs with the right specifications and properly filled up forms as these are important for you to get an easy visa.
  • Getting your visit visa before your travel is highly recommended than visa on arrival to avoid last-minute delays that often happen because of the long queues at the immigration.
  • There are 32 immigration checkpoints in Thailand to get a Visa on Arrival, including most large cities like Bangkok and Phuket.

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Irrespective of the Thai visa you choose, applying for your visa through Blinkvisa will help you convert your visa expenses into travel expenses. In fact, you can enjoy discounts up to 11% with Blinkvisa on your flight tickets, hotel reservations, and other travel-related packages and activities.

Thailand Visa cashback

Thailand visa overview

Before we get into the checklist and requirements of the Thailand online visa, it is better to have a fair understanding of the visa and its types.

Tourist Visa

A tourist visa for Thailand is an electronic visa that allows you to travel around the exquisite country and also meet your dear and near ones. Tourist Visa has both Visa On Arrival and Visa prior to travel. India is one of the 21 countries that are eligible for getting visas on arrival.

However, when you opt for the visa before travel, you are at the advantage of passing through immigration faster and reaching the hotel for your much-needed nap! Thailand tourist visa is the trump card that allows you to stay for 30 days when compared to the Visa On Arrival that lets you stay for only up to 15 days.

Blinkvisa aids to apply for a Thailand visit visa right in the comfort of your home. Thailand’s online tourist visa is designed to simplify the application processes by eliminating the hassle of physically going to an embassy or consulate and helping you get the visa much simpler. With Blinkvisa, you can fill the online application within a matter of minutes and your visa will reach your inbox in just 2-3 days!

Thailand visa information

Business Visa

The business visa is for those who would like to legally work in Thailand that has the validity of stay for 90 days. Applying for Thailand business visa would require accurate financial documents as it is given when people are duly qualified for the work permits. Nevertheless, the business visa does not give you the luxury of travel or the ease of applying online.

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Thailand tourist visa fee and requirements:

A visa for Thailand costs INR 2140 for each visa. When applying for a tourist visa normally, you might not get the visa at the guaranteed time and chances are that you might have to mostly face rejection and loss of money. But at Blinkvisa, you can get 100% cashback, meaning you will have to pay the entire amount only after you get the visa in hand!

Thailand visa fee

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Your mandatory documents :

  1. Valid passport ( Scanned copy of the passport’s front and last pages)
  2. Scanned Passport size photo with specific dimensions –  Size 3.5 * 5.5.
  3. Confirmed Flight Tickets and the travel itinerary because it is essential to give the exact dates of the trip planned (Blink Wallet Cashback to get up to 25% discount on flights)
  4. Hotel Reservations if any (Blink Wallet Cashback to get up to 25% discount on hotel)
  5. Travel insurance and medical insurance, if any

Thailand visa details

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How can Blinkvisa help you?

After you have the documents ready, contact Blinkvisa and pack your bags for the dream trip!

We will examine the documents carefully, fill the application form on your behalf and submit it at the embassy. We provide pick-up and drop services to get the documents from your side. All you have to do is to follow these simple steps at our site:

1. Click on the “Apply for Visa” button.
2. Provide us with your basic information such as name, email & travel date.
3. Complete the initial payment of just INR 500 & get full cashback into your wallet.
4. Use your BlinkWallet to purchase your flight, hotel, activities and other travel-related stuff.
5. Once your visa is approved, we will intimate you via SMS and Email.
6. Complete any pending due payment & download your Thailand tourist visa by logging into our portal.

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We, at Blinkvisa, have exercised around 4,500 Thailand tourist visas and customers saved over 36,000+ hours of processing time. Anyone who applies for Thailand tourist visa with us is eligible for 100% cashback.

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FAQs for Thailand visa:

1. How long can I stay in Thailand with a tourist visa?

You can stay for up to 30 consecutive days in Thailand.

2. Can I extend my Thailand visit visa?

Extension of Thailand tourist visa is allowed by the embassy. But in order to apply for an extension of the visa, the visa holder must apply on or before the period of stay expires.

3. How much is the cost of a Thailand visa?

The cost of a Thailand visit visa at Blinkvisa is Rs.2140, inclusive of visa fees, service charges, and GST. You can also get discounts worth 11% on flights and hotels through Blinkwallet.

4. How long does it take to process my online Thailand visa?

Normally it takes 20-25 working days to process Thailand’s visit visa from India but at Blinkvisa, you can get faster processing and get the visa within 2-3 days.

Thailand visa stay

5. How long is Visa On Arrival eligibility?

Citizens who have opted for Visa On Arrival is eligible only to stay for 15 days, meanwhile, those who have taken visa already can stay for 60 days.

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6. Is the Thailand visa for Indians a pdf document?

Yes, the Thailand visit visa for Indians is a pdf document and you need to take a print of it and carry along with you to show it to the immigration authorities.

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