The 1,500 miles of coastline to dive for and the cuisine, which is a treat to your tastebuds, and the busy nightlife for parties! The reasons are plenty to visit Thailand at least once in your life. And, to achieve this feat, planning your Thai holiday with the best Thailand travel plan* is vital. In fact, the first step of action even before finalising the tourist attractions is filling out your Thailand visa application form online.

With the easy two-step Thailand evisa processing at Blinkvisa, your much-awaited Thailand trip is just a click away!

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It gets even better as we also provide you with a handpicked Thailand travel itinerary that meets your travel budget.

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Thailand Visa at a Glance

Thailand visa information

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Before dwelling into how to apply for Thailand visa, let’s understand the Thailand visa.

E-visa Thailand is a single-entry visa that is valid for 30 days. Meaning you can use this visa to enter and exit the country only once within the expiry of the validity period. It entitles you to a stay period of up to 15 days. Hence, you would be required to exit the country on or before the 15th day.

Thailand Visa cashback

Thailand Visa Application Form: A Two-step Application Process

Step 1: Fill in the simple application form

Thailand application form

All it takes is to provide mandatory details like your name as on the passport, email id, phone number, travel date, etc. After which, you will have to pay INR 500 only, which is the initial visa application fee.

Note: Upon payment of INR 500, the complete visa fee os INR 2140 is credited to your account in the form of Blinkcash in your Blinkwallet.

Our visa experts will then call you within half-an-hour from the time of receipt of your application. They will guide you with the visa requirements.

Thailand visa requirements

  • Scanned copies of the first and last pages of your passport
  • A scanned copy of your passport-sized photo
  • Confirmed Flight Tickets*
  • Proof of Hotel accommodation (pre-bookings, reservations, etc)*
  • Thailand travel itinerary

*Blinkcsah unlocks discounts up to 25% on your flight tickets, hotel bookings, travel activities, etc. For more information, click here!

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Step 2: Upload the documents

At Blinkvisa, all it takes is scanned copies of your passport and photograph. You need to send it to the email id provided in PDF, JPEG, or PNG format only.

Note: The passport must have at least six months of validity.

Voila! Then, all that remains is to wait for your visa. The entire process right from filing the form to receiving your eVisa takes less than three working days.

How would you receive your Thailand eVisa?

The confirmation or approval of your visa is intimated to you via SMS and an email. All you need to do is making the remaining payment of the visa fee to download the PDF file of your Thailand e visa.

Take a couple of printouts of your visa while travelling to Thailand.

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Do not have a Thailand travel itinerary?

Get a handpicked Thailand travel plan to suit your travel needs and budget at no additional cost from Blinkvisa.

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How does the Blinkcash work?

Blinkvisa offers instant, 100% cashback on your complete Thailand visa fees. In fact, we process your visa without the advance visa fee, unlike other visa agents. Meaning you only need to pay INR 500 for initiating your visa application.

As soon as you make the payment, INR 2140 is credited to your account as Blinkcash in your Blinkwallet.

Earlier we established the fact that Blinkcash unlocks attractive discounts on your flight tickets, hotels, activity bookings, etc. Let’s see how!

Thailand activities discount with Blinkcash

In the above example, you can enjoy a discount of over INR 1400 per person using the Blinkcash. And that is not all, you can also enjoy discounts on flight tickets and hotels. For the best deals and amazing discounts click here!

Thailand visa FAQs

1. Do Indians need a Thailand visa to enter Thailand?

Yes, Indians need a Thailand evisa to enter Thailand.

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2. Is there a Thailand visa on arrival for Indians?

For information on Thailand visa on arrival for Indians, read Thailand visa on arrival V/s Pre-approved visa debate – Which is better?

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3. Is my Thailand visa fee refundable?

Unlike other agents, Blinkvisa does not ask for the complete visa fee for processing your visa. You only need to pay INR 500 to initiate your visa application. The cashback in the form of Blinkcash in Blinkwallet has lifetime validity. Thus, you can use it anywhere, anytime.

4. Can I use my Thailand tourist visa as a work visa?

A tourist visa serves the purpose of visiting the country for tourism or business purposes like meetings, seminars, conferences, attending job interviews, etc. However, it is not a work/employment/job visa.

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