A land popularly known for craziness, fun and break free holidays, Thailand is the favourite of many. That is why when going for a Thai vacation, one cannot afford to have spoilers!

Now when it comes to applying for a tourist visa, the Thailand visa fees have had many vacationers question about their travel plans. True that everybody desires an affordable trip and there have been experiences shared by many on the huge amount of visa fees collected by unauthorized visa agents. (they finally end up even without a visa!) Well, with agencies like Blinkvisa, you do not have to worry about unnecessary costs, you can save as well as get a 100% cashback!

This article explains to you how to save on the Thailand visa fee and avail attractive offers through Blinkvisa.

Sneak-peek on Thai Visa:

Anybody travelling to Thailand requires a visa when it comes to tourism or for business purposes.

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Visa Name  Validity  Stay period  Processing Time 
Thai Visit Visa online 30 days 90 days 2-3 days
Thailand Tourist Visa  30 days 15 days 2-3 days
Thailand Business Visa 90 days 6 months up to 5 days


Any queries regarding which visa to opt or to know about the requirements for Thailand visa, the expert authorities at Blinkvisa are always at your service.

Thailand Visa cashback

Blinkvisa is not only for your Thailand visa but also for a whole custom travel plan done for you. It ensures you to have a memorable trip. You can also use the cashback that you will get in BlinkWallet. It provides you with more savings when you book your flight and hotel. It’s great for gaining huge discounts on your activities as well.

Thailand visa validity

The validity and stay period of visa depends on the type of visa that you are opting for. When you apply for a Thailand online visa for tourism then you can stay for 30 days and also it is eligible for all purposes including tourism. Whereas, a Thailand Visa On Arrival is valid only for 15 days and it is eligible only for tourism purposes and nothing else.

Thailand Visa Fee

Did you know that the visa fee is different for each country? Thailand visa policies are liable to change and that is why it is essential to research and look upon the regulations before applying or you could even contact our visa agent at Blinkvisa.

For Indian citizens, Visa upon Arrival (VOA) is eligible and they can arrive in Thailand and get the visa at the immigration counter. However, you must pay at least 20,000 Thai Baht to get the visa. (The VOA is not free for Indians) It is to be noted that you must exchange your currencies well in advance from India in order to avoid the extra forex charges you would have to pay at the airport!

Hence, we suggest you get the visa in advance to avoid paying the forex fee and the visa charges. And so, when you opt for a Thailand tourist visa, you get a secured visa along with 100% cashback in your Blinkwallet. The charge is just INR 2140 including Blinkvisa charge and GST.

Thailand visa fee

Note: Blinkvisa gets the complete fee from you only after your visa is approved. Unlike other agencies, who get the entire fee and not give you the required visa. 

How Blinkwallet works and how to save on the visa fee?

Blinkwallet is your account with Blinkvisa. Once you apply for a visa, you get the account created and the account is the place where your cashback gets credited. Only through the Blinkwallet account can you utilize the cash for your other travel activities.

You have to keep in mind that irrespective of your visa charges, we provide cashback on your complete visa fees (visa fee + Blinkvisa fee + 18% GST), which means, you need the initial visa charges to initiate the processing of your visa. And only after visa approval, you need to pay the remaining visa fees.

For example, you apply for a Thai visa, you pay INR 500 as the primary charge, submit the documents required, get your visa approved in 3 days. Pay the remaining fee of INR 1640 and soon you will see the complete visa fee credited to your Blinkwallet account.

What are the discounts and how to avail them?

Through the cashback credited to your Blinkwallet account, you can utilize it on your travel plans such as – flight tickets, hotel bookings and activities you are intending to enjoy in Thailand. We provide up to 11% worth discounts on all the above requirements.

Thailand visa for Indians

You can see the huge difference in the flight ticket charges when applied through our Blinkcash.

Thailand visa for Indians

With our Blinkcash offers, you need not have to worry about booking at an expensive hotel giving up on your comfort. Visit the Blinkvisa site and know more about how many discounts you can avail of.

We have processed over 4,500 Thailand tourist visa & our customers saved over 36,000+ hours of processing time. Anyone who applies for Thailand tourist visa with us is eligible for 100% cashback. Over INR 3.5 million cashback has been credited to our customer’s Blink wallet.

Bottom Line:

At Blinkvisa, we aim to convert your visa expenses into travel expenses and give you a whole custom travel plan to cherish for.

Thailand visa fees FAQs

1. How to avail 100% cashback on the Thai visa fees?

Only Blinkvisa offers 100% cashback on your visa fee. Thus, to avail this amazing offer, you need to apply for your Thailand visa at Blinkvisa.

2. What are the documents required for a Thailand tourist visa?

Thailand visa details

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3. Can I avail of the Blinkcash discounts on my Thailand travel activities?

Yes, you get up to 11% discounts. You can utilize the credited cashback in Blinkwallet and select your favourite activities and avail the discount.

Thailand Blinkvisa activities