Did you know that you can apply for a Thailand visa online? And that too with 100% cashback on your visa fee?

One may say that Thailand is the holy grail of hangouts for Indians, especially youngsters who plan to have an ideal holiday. Thailand is the cheap and best place for rejuvenation, at an affordable price. And that is why planning a vacation to Phuket or Bangkok can be out of the blue! But it doesn’t matter if the trip is well arranged or impromptu, you can get your Thai Tourist visa within just 3 days with Blinkvisa!

If you want to visit this amazing country and experience its authentic culture as part of your long-awaited plan then go through our comprehensive Thailand visa online guide for a hassle-free holiday like none other.

Is Thailand Visa Online a Tourist Visa?

Well, a question that commonly pops up among the minds of many Indian travellers is whether one can avail of a Thailand visit visa online and if yes, can it be used for tourism purposes? You have good news here. Thailand visa online is your ticket to roam around the gorgeous place, meet your long lost Thai relatives/friends and literally stay there for 30 continuous days!

The Thailand visa is an eVisa or Thai tourist visa, which means, it can be downloaded as a pdf and carried around wherever you go. This type of tourist visa is simple and can be applied online with Blinkvisa to get the visa faster and credible.

How Different is it from Thailand Visa on Arrival?

The Thai government has announced the list of countries that can enjoy the Visa On Arrival policy. Thailand’s Visa On Arrival is also a type of tourist visa that is granted to tourists at the immigration checkpoints after reaching Thailand. To sum up, Thailand visa online is different from Visa upon Arrival because it should be taken before travel. it must also be applied in India.

Indian passport holders who are visiting Thailand for Tourism can avail the Visa on Arrival service from the 32 designated channels of Immigration checkpoints. It is ideal for Indian tourists who wish to explore the country within 15 days.

But what makes Thailand visa online a beneficial option is because of its secured and safer processes. Visa Upon Arrival can be availed but you might have to wait a little longer at immigration and there are chances that you might not get the visa! Moreover, The Thailand Visa on Arrival can only be extended to 7 days by paying 1900 Baht at the Thai Immigration office and only for valid medical reasons.

That is why it is considered the best to avail of the visa in India itself and travel peacefully. With Blinkvisa, you can apply and get your visa through expert assistance and faster application processing.

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Did you know?

Officials at Blinkvisa helps you not only to get your visa for Thailand but also for designs a whole custom travel plan for you. It promises a fantastic trip. You can use the cashback in BlinkWallet. It provides you with more savings when you book your flight, hotel and other activities. It rejuvenates your travel plan with great discounts on activities.

How Much to Pay for Thailand eVisa?

The visa cost for Indians is INR 2140. The Thai e-visa fee mentioned above includes visa cost, agency charges, and GST @ 18%.

Note: Anybody applying for a Thailand online visa through Blinkvisa is eligible for 100% cashback. 

Thailand visa fee

Worried about paying the full visa amount and not getting a visa? Well, with Blinkvisa, you can pay the whole visa cost after you receive the visa! With an initial deposit of just Rs.500, they will commence your document processing and in 3 days, the visa will be mailed to your Blinkvisa account.

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Thailand visa for Indians and how to apply?

Blinkvisa requires you to fill the application forms, submit the necessary documents and then wait for your dream visa to come! They have the process segregated in simple steps:

1. Click on the “Apply for Visa” button at the Blinkvisa site.
2. Enter basic information such as name, email & travel date.
3. Complete the initial payment of just INR 500 which you will get as full cashback into your wallet.
4. You can use BlinkWallet to purchase your flight, hotel, activities etc.,(up to 11%)
5. SMS and an e-mail notification will be done on confirmation of visa
6. Complete payment and download your visa by logging in at our portal

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Wondering about the list of documents?

Any queries regarding the detailed formalities and list of documents to be furnished, you can always call the Blinkvisa experts.

However, to summarise, here are the major requirements:

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100% cashback and how to use it?

It is already established that the Thailand visa fee you pay will be credited to your Blinkcash account and you can pick on your plans ahead and utilize the cashback. There are also discounts provided by us to the travellers on their last-minute hotel reservations and travel activities.

Not to mention, Blinkvisa also readily offers customized travel budget plan. Through this plan, we select the best packages for Indian tourists at affordable prices and discount rates.

Here are some flight and hotel reservations provided by Blinkvisa at lesser rates:

Thailand visa for Indians

Frequently Asked Questions on Thailand visa online:

1. Is Visa on Arrival available for Indians who come from Singapore and not from India?

Yes, it is. There is no difference, where you are coming from. You should be an Indian citizen possessing an Indian passport.

2. Can I work in Thailand, using a Thailand Tourist visa?

No, you are not authorized to work using a tourist visa in Thailand.

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3) How long is the Thailand Visa on Arrival Valid?

The VOA has a validity of 15 days after arrival.

4) If Visa Cost is Zero, Why do I need to pay?

Applying ahead and avoiding wasting hours lining in the airport waiting to complete the visa is the best way to get your visa and to have more time to enjoy your trip. Avail the Thailand tourist visa online and save on your money and time to travel in and around Thailand.