Office of Profit

An Act further to ainend the At~dI~raPradesh Paymznt
ofSalaries and Pension and 1C~:movalof Disquali-
fications Act, 1953.
Bc: il enacted by the Legislative Assembly of the
Stat0 of Andhra Pradesh in the Thirty-scventh Year
of the Republic ofIndia as follows :-

  1. (1) This Act may becalledthe Andhra Pradeshshorrtitb
    Payment of Salaries and Pension and Removat ofand ~m-
    Disqualifications (Amend~ncnt)Act, 1986.
    (a) item 77 shall bc deemed to have come into
    force on the 8th May, 1984 ;
    (b) item 78 slzall hc deemed to have comc into
    force on the 12th October, 1984 ;
    [c) item 79 shall be deemed to haw corn: into
    force on the 26th October, 1955.
  2. h~the Andhra Pradesh Payment of Salaries Amcsdmcat.
    md Peasion and Removal of Disquafifications Act, ofthasha-
    dule, Act ll
    1953, in the Schedule, after cntry 76, thc following of tss4.
    entries shall be .inserted, naincIy:-
    “77. -The- of& of the ciainnan, Kakatiys
    Urban Development, Authority, Warangal
  3. The Office of the Chairman, Tiruprct
    Urban Development Authority, Tir upsti
  4. The OEce of Ihe Deputy Chairrnzn, State
    Dcvclopment Board”.
    *R~ccivtd$c assent 05 tho GOvetnor on Ihc 13th April, 1986, For
    ~~a.crncnt of0b)ects and Reasons, PJease s& the Andhr,, Piokh Gare,fe,
    W-A, Extnordinary, dated the 22nd March, 1986,at pilge 3.
    ACT, -1987.
    ACT No. 44 OF 1987.”
    19th September,, 1981.
    An Act further to amend the Andhra Pradesh Pay
    ment of Salaries and Pension and Removal o.
    Disqualifications Act, 1953. enacted by the Legislative Assembly o,
    the State of Andhra Prade%h -in the Thirty.
    eighthYear of the Republic of India as follows:-
    *Received the assent oftheGovernoronthe8thSepternber
  5. For Statement of Objects and Reasons, please see th
    Andhra Pradesh Gazette, Part IY-A Extraordjnary, dated th
    12th ~ugust,1987! at page 4.Short tit~c 2. (I) This Act may be called the hdbaPradesh
    ai~dwm-Paylnellt of Salaries and qsnsion and Removal of
    .- -:
    L>isquaJifications (Amendmerit) Act, 1987.
    (2) It shall be deemed to have come icto force
    on the I st July, 1987.
  6. In the AdlLl’;t Pradcsh Payment of Sala- Act of of~ion3~ries and Pension and Removril of Disqualdic’i~tions 1951. Act, 1953 (hereinafter rcfcrred to as the principt Act), in sectiorr 3, ia sub-sectior; (I), after the words “one thousand and bve hundrzd supets per mensom” the words ‘.special a.llowalce;of; onc thousand !iv
    hu.n&c=d,a~zdfifty rupzes par moasem” shall bc insei-~cd.

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