Board, Company, Estate Officer, Premises, Public Premises, Unauthorised

ACT No. 15 OF 198G.
An Act further to amcnd the Andhra Pradesh public
Premises (Eviction of Un-authorised occupants)
Act, 1968.
Be it enacted by the LegisIative Assembly of the .
State of Andhra Pradesh in the Thirty-seventh Year
of the Republic of India as folIows :-
I. This Act may be called the Andhra Pradesh Shod all#.
Public Premises (Eviction of Unauthorised Occupants)
Amendment Act, 1986.

  1. In the Audhm Pradesh Public Premises (Evic- trg:F~;,
    tion of Unauthoriscd Occupants) Act, 1968 (herein- AC~ZOOI
    after rcferrcd to as the principal Act, in section- 2,196s.
    (i) clause (a) shall br: 1.c-lettcred as clause (art)
    and before the clnusc as so re-lett~tred,the followilzg
    clause shall bz inszrtcd, naml:ly :-
    “(a) ‘corporati: authority’ means,-
    (i) any local authority ;
    (ii) any conlpany or corporation referred
    to in cIause (d)”.
    (ii) for clause (d), the following clause shall bc
    substituted, namely :-
    “(d) ‘Public Premises’ means any premises
    belonging to or taken on lease or requisitioned by, or
    on khalf of the Government; and includes any premi-
    ses belonging to, or taken on lease by, or on behalf
    (i) any local authority ;
    bRmtiued the assent of the President on tllc mrh Junc. 1986. tor
    Startnlcnt of Objecis and Reasons, plmse sec thc Atldhra P~adcshGtr:ertr,
    Part 1Y-A. hlraordinary. datcd thc 25thSeprember, 1985, at page 4.
    ,,\Central Act
    1of 1956.
    (ji) any conlpany as section 3
    of the Companies Act, 1956, in which not less than
    MQ-one per cent of the paid up share capital is held
    by the Government; and
    (iii) any corporation (not being a com-
    pany as dehed in section 3 of the Companies Act,
    1956 or a local authority established) by or under a
    Central Act or a State Act and owned. or controlled
    by the Government;”;
    (iii) In clause (e), for the words “any
    building or part of a building”, the words “any land
    or buildi11.g or any part th1:reof” shall bu substituted;
    (iv) in sub-clause (ii) of clause (g), after
    the words “by the Government”, the words “or the
    corporate authority” shall be inserted. –
    Ahendmcnt3. hclause (a) of section 3 of the principal Act,
    ofsection3.,-aftcr the words “Gazetted Officers of Government”,
    the words “or oiliccrs ofequivalent rank of the corpo-
    rate authority” shall be inserted.
    Amcndmcot 4. h1 sub-SCC~~OU (2) of scction 6 of the principal
    ofwtion6. Act, aftcr the words “due to the Government”, thc
    words “or the corporatc authority” shall bc inserted.
    of new Sec-
    Secfion 11.
  2. For section 1f of -theprincipal Act, the follow-
    ing scction shall be subslituted, namely :-
    I I. No court shall have jurisdiction to e~ltcr-
    tain any suit or proceeding in respect
    ”B3r of jurisdiction- of, the evictiolz of any person who is
    .in unauthorised occupatiorl of aoj
    public premises or, the recovery of the arrears of rent
    payable under sub-section (I) of section 7 or the
    damages payable under sub-section (2) of that section
    or the costs awardcd to the Govcrnmcnt or the cor-
    porate authority under sub-section (5) of section 9 or
    any portion of such rent, dayages or costs.”
    of section 14.
  3. In sub-section (2) of section 14 of the priricipa1
    Act, after the words “due to the G.overnment” the
    words “or the corporatc authority” shall be inserted.

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