Horse Racing, Betting Tax

ACT No.22 OF 1986.’
[6rlt Atrgrrsl, 19861
An Act fkrther to amend the Andhra Pradesh (Telan-
gana Area) Horse Racing and Betting Tax
Regulation, 1358 F.
Be it cnacted by the Legislitive Assembly of the
State oS Andhra Pradesh in th: Thirty-seventh.Year
of the Republic of India as follows:-

  1. This Act mybe called the Al~dhraPradeshshort~iue.
    (Telangana Area) Horsc Racing and Betting Tax
    (Amcndmcnt) Act. 1986.
    3osertion OF
    new section
  2. In thc Andhra Pradesh (Telangana Area) Horse

    namely :-
    Racing and Betting Tax Regulation, 1358 F.(herein- I~.ARegula-
    after rsferred to as the principal Regulation), after 2fIx
    seciion 18, the following section shall be inserted, r3se~.
    tax or any other amount due und~rthe
    provisions of this Chapter is not paid
    ail I axe.
    “L~%Yof iot;rCu . 1 $-A. Tf the totalisato~-tax, betting
    …. . .
    to tho ~ovcrnmentby the Stewards of a racc meeting
    within the time spc~ified,the stewards or the racc
    meeting shall, in addition to the amount of such tax,
    pmalty or any othcr amount due, be liablc to pay an
    interest at the rate of twq rupees for every hundred
    rupees or part thereof for each month qr part thereof
    from tkdate -specified for its payment.”
    (a) in sub-sectiou (11, after the expression'”The.
    totalisator tax ,payable under section 13″, the
    +Rrccivad the arscnt of tllc Governor on .the 6th &wt,1981;. ~orshtcmcnt
    of Objcls and Rcawns, pleast rcc the Arrdfra Pradc.~I~Gu:crfe, Pnrt LV-A,
    Ihhaurdinaq, dated thc 17th July, 1986 at page 3.
    ., . .
    . .
    . . -. – -., . ..i.
    expression “an& the—interest;;f any under
    section 18-A” shall ,be inscyted ;
  3. i ,.. . .. . ‘
    (b) in sub-scciibn ‘ (a, after the expression
    “unaer sect-iod 17”, the expression “and the interest,
    if any, payable under section 18-A” shall.

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