Capital Construction, Competent Authority, Development of Industries,
Displaced Person, Land

An Act further to amend the Andhra Pradesh Urban
Areas f Developmmt) Act, 1975.
Be it enacted by the Legislative Assembly of the
State of Andhra P~adeshin the Thirty-seventh Year of
~hcRepublic of India as follows :–

  1. (I) This Act nlay be called the AndhraPl-adesh
    Urban Areas (Development) Amendme~ltAct, 1986. short tm
    rind corn-
    (2) It shall come into force on such date as the
    Stale Government may, by notification, in the Andhrn
    PrndesI~Gazette, appoint.
  2. In the ~udhxa’Pradcsh Urbau Areas (Deve-
    lopmenr) Aci, 1975 (hereinafter referred io as the Substitation
    principal Aci), for seciion 4 the following sectionsziym,

    shall be substituted, miuely :-
    chief Planner and a post of Engineer who
    Town PIanncr
    AmubOw, shall exercise such powcrs rtad pfiform
  3. (1) For any authority, the Government my,19″*
    sanction a post of &cre&cy, a post of
    1 “Appo~~cnt uf Chief Accounts OEcer, a post of Town
    made by tbc authority in thisbehalf or deltpabd tq
    &on 4,
    such functions a

themby thr: Auchorityor the Chairman.
and Engin~r.
(2) Bofore sanctioning any post under sub-
section (I), the Goven~mcntshall consult the autho: –
rity conm:~-ned, .
(3) All thc appointments to posts sanctioned
uuder sub-section (I) shall be made by the Govern-
*Rcqivcd fht assent of thc Govornor onthe 16th August, 1986. .
For Statement of Objects and Reasons, pIeaso see the Andhra –
, Pradesh Geette, Part ZV-A,+Extraordinay, dated the 26th July,
1986,at pagci4.7
(4) All the officers appointed under sub-sec-
tion (3) shall, save as otlle~viseprovidzd in the lules
relating to the discipline and conducts of those oEcers
be deemed, fo,r all purposes, as oEcers of the Autho-
rity and shall, in the exercise of the powers and
discha~gcof the duties under this Act, be subject to
such control and direction of the Vim-Chairman as
may be prescribed.
(5) ,Thq Government &a!: pay out of the Con-
solidated Fui~dof the State, the sabri~s,,allowances,
.,leaveallownces, pension and wir tributron, if ;Iny,
towards the pr~videotfund or pznsion-cum-p1,ovidcnt
fund of every officer ,appointed by the Government
under sub-section (3).
i ,-
powcrto .
etc, of
section 4.
4-A. (I) The Govemmment. shall
have power-
(a) to make nrles to regulate the
classification, methods of recnrittment,
conditions of service, pay and allowances
and disdipfinary conduct of the officer
appointed under seciion 4-
(b) to recover from the Authority concerned the ,
whole or the salaly and allowances paid to any such
officer and such contribution towards
such officer paid by the Government under sub-section
(5)of section 4.
(2)The Government may al any time withdraw
any officer appointed under section 4 and appoint
another in his place. .


of a urbnp
rities dm
for the Stah
for any
class ot
dthc .
4-B (I) Notwithstanding anything in
this Act, or the rules made thereunder,
the Government may, after consulting
dl the authorities by Notification consti-
Stilute any cIass of officers or employees
of the Authorities into a Urban dew-
Iopment Authorities Service for this

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