Academic Year, Affiliated College, Aided College, All Indian Council for
Technical Education, Appointed Day, Approved College, Autonomous College,
College, Constituent College or University College, Faculty, Hostel, Teachers,
Teachers of the University, University, University Area, University Centre,
University Laboratory, University Lecturer, University Library

following Act of the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly received the assent of the
Governor on the 23rd December 2006 and is hereby published for general
ACT No. 42 OF 2006.
An Act to provide for the establishment and incorporation of a Technical University
at Coimbatore.
BE it enacted by the Legislative Assembly of the State of Tamil Nadu in the
Fifty-seventh Year of the Republic of lndia as follows:-

  1. (1) This Act may be called the Anna University, Coimbatore Act, 2006. / s~$~~;~n,
    (2) It extends to the area comprising the districts of Coimbatore, lhd+g4, extent and
    Erode, Karur, The Nilgiris, Tbw~i,Dharmapuri, Krishnagiri, Namakkal and Salem in the, commence-
    State of Tamil Nadu. .
    (3) It applies to all colleges and institutions situated within the University area
    and affiliated t6, -or apprdved by, the Univers~tyin accordance with the provisions of this
    Act or the statutes, ordinances and regulations made thereunder and also to all colleges
    and institutions ‘deenled to’be affiliated to, or approved by, the University unber this Act.
    (4) It shall come into force on such date as the Government may, by notification,
  2. In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires,-
    (1) “academic year” means a period of twelve months comrnencing or such
    date as the Syndicate may specify in respect of all the colleges and institl~tionsunder
    the control of the University or any particular college thereof:
    (2) “affiliated college” means a college or institution, situate within ttie University
    area and affiliated to the University and providing courses of study in engineering. technology
    and allied sciences for admission to the examinations for degrees, diplonias or other
    academic distinctions of the University and includes a college deemed to be affiliated to the
    University under this Act and an autonomous college:
    (3) “aided college” means a (;ollogt. olhcr lt);ln ;q Govcrnnw~ltcolltx~cwhich receivcs
    aid out of the Government Funds:
    (4) “All lndia Council for Technical Education” means the Council established under
    Section 3 of the All lndia Council for Technical Education Act, 1987;
    (5) “appointed day” means such date as the Government may, by not~ficatlon.
    appoint under sub-section (4) of Sectlon 1,
    (6) “approved college” means a college situated wlth~nthe Uruverz~tyarea and
    Tdm’ sston to the
    exam~nationsfor tttles and diplomas of the University and rncludes an ~nst~tuttondeemed
    approved by the University and prov~d~ngcourses of study for
    to be approved by the Universtty under thls Act,
    (7) “autonomous college” means any affiliated college d
    autonomous college by the Syndicate of the University;
    I ..
    (8) “chairman” means the chairman of a Faculty of the Un~yerslty,
    (9) “college” means a college or an institution established or maintained ar
    approved by, or affiliated to, the University and providing any course of study or training
    in engineering, technology and allied sciences for admission to the examinations for
    degree&, diplomas or other academic clistinctions of the University:
  3. (10) “constituent college” or “uriiversity collc:ye” means a college established or
  4. maintained by the University for providing any course of study or training in engineering,
  5. technology and allied sciences for admission to the examinations for degrees, diplomas
  6. or other academic distinctions;
  7. (11) “Director” means the head of research .and development or the head of ;very
  8. centre of advanced study, as may be prescribed:
  9. (12) “Faculty” means a Faculty of the University;
  10. (13) “Government” means the State Government:
  11. (14) “hostel” means a unit of residence for the students of the University maintained
  12. or recognised b ‘ the University in accordance with the provisions of this Act and includes
  13. a hostel deeme to be recognised by the University under this Act
  14. (15) “pr scribed” means prescribed by the statutes, ordinances or regulations;
  15. (16) “Pri cipal” means the head of an affiliated college;
  16. (17) “redlstered graduate” means a graduate registered under this Act;
  17. (18) “stztutes”, “ordinances” and “regulations” mean respectively, the. statutes,
  18. ordinances and regulations of the University made or continued in force under this Act.
  19. (19) “tezchers” mean such Lecturers, Readers, Assistant Professors, Directors
  20. and other persons giving instruction in University departments, colleges or laboratories,
  21. in affiliated or approved colleges or in hostels and librarians and other like persons as
  22. may be dec:laretl by the statutes to be teachers;
  23. (20) “teachers of the University” mean persons appointed by the University to
  24. give instruclions on its behalf:
  25. (21) “Un~versity” means the Anna llnrversity, Coimbatore established under
  26. Section 3.

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