The Bangabasi Group of Colleges

Atr Acr ro r~~rrkc berrer provisio~is fur lfre cor~frol, Irrntln,qenlerlr [lrr~d mairrre~latlce of rlrc Darrgabrrsi Grorrp of Coll~g~.s, nirll u view to ~w~tr;o~irrg edlrcr~riorr orrrl ro fl~ke over for rilcrt prtrpose for (I iirniterl ~>et-iorlhe n;urrogoilenl of nll IIIE prol~er-fics belorlgi~lg 10 [he said gr-o~rp of colleges or held for rl~e bc~reJt or use iIrc~,-coJ WHERFAS it is expedicnl in [he public in~eresto make belter provisions for the control, n~anagcrnenl and maintenance or the Bangabasi Group of Collcgcs, willt a view 10 promoling educalion and 10 lnkc over for tha~ purpose for a limiled period the managcmenl of all lhe properlics belonging 10 the snid group or colleges or held for thc benefil or use ~hcrcok It is hereby cnacled in rhe Twen~y-ninlh Year or the Republic of India, by thc Legislature of West Bcngnl, as follows:- . This Act may be called he Bangabasi Group of Colleges (T~king sllon lillc. over of Management) ACI, 1978. 2. In this ACI, unless the conlext olherivise rzquires,– Definitions. (a) “appoinled day” means thc dale of puhlicalion of the order ~nade undcr section 3; (b) “the Bangabasi Group of Colleges” mcans- (i) ~hc Bnngabasi College (Di~y), (ii) the Bangabasi Morning College, (iii) the Bangabasi Evening College, and (iv) the Bzlngabnsi Collegc of Comrnercc nl Calcuttn, logether with the lands, buildings, erections and Lxlures constituting the same and includes all furniture, equipments, srorcs, moneys and other assers, and all lecture rooms, laboratories, libraries, hostels and boarding houscs, if any, heId or used in connecrion wih, or as accessories lo, or as adjunc~s of, the snid group of colleges. ‘For Slalcrncnl or Objcc~s and Rcasons, set thc Cnlcrirrn GU;CI~C, h;rrmnrdirrury, Pan I\’. or llic Is1 Dccemhcr. 1978, pagc 250h; for pmcedings or rhc Icsl Bcngal Lcgisla~ivc Assembly, src thc procctdings or thc mccling of that Asscnlbly hcld on thc

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