Consumer, Energy, Energy Charge, Gross Charge, Licensee

ANDIV~IEREAS rhc prcvious sanclion of[hcGovcrnor Gcncral has bccn
1 .-, ::.,
SIIOII titlc.
cxlcnt and
obtained under su b-section(3) orscction 80A of !hc GovcrnrncnrorIndia 5 & 6 GCO. 1
ACLLO thc passing of [his Acr;
It is hereby enacred as follows:-

  1. ( 1) This Act may hecalled rheBengal Eleclricily Duty Acl, 1335.
    (1)Ir exlends LO [he whole of ‘[Wesr Bengal]:
    !Provided thal during a pcriod or onc year with crfccr horn-
    (a) Lhc ls1 day of Junc, 1979, no clcc~ricityduty ‘[ncr chargc
    for energy consumed or thcuni~sofcncrgy consurncd. as rhc
    cnsc may bc.] shall bc payablc hy n pcrson (orhcr than
    .a licensee) who generarcs cncrgy lio~na diescl gcncra~ing
    plnnr, or
    (b) the 1st day of April, 19X5,no cleclriciry duly !(nc~chxgc€or
    energy consumed or[lieunils of energy consumed,as\liecase
    may be,] shall be payable by n pcrson (olhcr rhan nliccnscc)
    who generates energy from a ‘[cod-based generating plant,
    ‘The words “\Vwt Scngnl” wen: substituted lor thc word “Bcnpal by pmgnph (I)
    or Aniclt 3 nT the Indian Indcptndtncc (Adnpra~ionor tlrnrnl ;tnd Punjah Acts)
    Order, 1g-18. .
    !Originally. the first proviso with its Exj~lnnnrinlrand thc sccond proviso ivcrc
    nddcd ro sub-scction (1) or szcrion 3 by s. 2(1) orthe Bcnpnl Elscrricity I)uI~(Amend-
    rncnt) Acl, 1979(West Bun. Act XVIIl or 1979),hrcr,thc first prori.rou irhi1.c E~-plrrrrorir)r~
    wr~ssubsritutcd by s. ?(I) or ihc \Vrsl Bengal Tmarion Laws (Amcndrnvnt) Acl, 1985
    (WCSI Dcn. Acr V or 1985). Finally, clause (c) or rht: liar proviso was suhsri~urrdb?:
    s. ?(2) or ihe West Ilc~igalT~WtionLaws (A~ncndriicnt)Ac’l, 1990 (Wwr Rcn Acl V1
    of 1990).
    ‘Ths tvodswi~hinsqu.~bnckcts~vcrcsubsritutcdlortIlc rvords”on llic unlls nCrncr~y
    consulncd” by s. 4(2)(a)(iii) or [he \Vest Bengal ax at ion Laws (Arncndn~cnt)Act, 1993
    (Wcst Bcn. Aci 1V of 1993).
    ‘The tvortls wi~hinsqumc bnclrcrs acrcsubstilurcdforthc words “coal-bxcdgcllcnring
    planr” by s. 31) oftllc West Bcligal Taution Laws (Altiend~r\ent)Acl. 1990 (~’uslBen.
    Acr Vl of 1990).'(c) the Is1day of February, 1990,noeleclricity duly on Lhc uniis
    ufenergy consumed shall bepnyahlc by a person (other rhan
    a licenscc) who gentrates energy from n wnsrc-gas-bascd
    generating plant,
    rcgis~eredunder seelion 78, for his own consumption lor any
    induslrial or manufacluring process (including cold storages and
    cincma houses),andforsucho~herpurposcs~~heSrarcGovermnent
    may, by nnli ficalion in [he Oficinl Gozerte, specify in (his hehalf.
    E.vplrttlariotr.-For ~hcpurposcs of this proviso,”own uonsumplion”
    shall nnt includc any consurnprion Tor domestic purposes:
    ‘Provided further rhalheSlate Government may, by notificalion in thc
    Oficirrl Gazette,cxlcnd [hepcriodreferrcd to in 111eErst provisoIrom rime
    to tirnc but such extension shall not excecd nperiod of onc yearal a dmc:
    ?Providedalsothat wherc any eleclricityduiy is charged,levicd or paid
    ar thc rarcs specified in any of rhc clausesofany ariiclcofPart C oi~hcFirst
    Schedule, such dury may be chargcd, levicd or paid, monthly for a period
    of three conscsu~ivemonths on Lhc basis of avcrngernonrhly cnnsumprion
    during the threcmonrhs immcdialely preceding ~hcpried as aforesaid. in
    such manncr, insuch wcas, for such classof consumersandsubjecl to such
    condirionsas may be prescribed.
    E.rpla~lafiun.-Tt~zexprcssion”month” shall mcan a period nfnor less
    than 25 dnys and not more than 35 dnys and shall bc cornpulcd in [he
    manner prescribed.
    (3) It shall cornc into force on such dale? as the JISlare Governmcnl]
  • . may by noli [ica~ionin[he3[OficialGazce], appoint6
    ‘See Ioot-note 2 on page 370.mric.
    ‘nblr proviso with ils E~tl~ru!iorr was nddtd by s. 1 or thr: IVesr Bcngal Electricity
    Duly (Arncndlnenl)Acl, I984 (Wcs~Rm. Acr XX 01 1994).
    This Act cnrnc inlo lorcc on rhc 1st JuIy, 1935, vide oalilicalion No.515 1 Corn..
    da~cdthc 151Junc, 1935. published in ~hcC<~lrrrr~nC;~~:CIIC,dalrd rhc 6111Junc. 1935, Pm I.
    pijge M.
    ‘Tlr words “PmvincialGo~smmcnt”wqrr: originnlly substirurcdTor Ihc wrds”Local
    Gnrcrn~ntnl”by p~r.k-gph4(1) of thc Gob~cmmcnt01 India (Adapialion or India hws)
    Ordcr. 1937. and thtrralrcr ~hzword “Siatt” was subsulu~edlor I~Kword “Provincial” by
    pan~nph411 of thc Adnpnuon olLaws Order, 195CI.
    ‘Thc words within <quabncke~swvcrcsubsritu~cdforrhc wads”CalcirrruGnze~te”by
    pwdpnph 4(l) ofthc Governmcn~or India (Adaptation of Indim Laws) Ordcr. 1931.
    Thc words “2nd shall continue in forcu Tor thcycm only” uFcmrrpraled by 5. ‘? of.
    and the Schcdult 10,Ihc Bcngal ExpiringLaws Act. 1933 (Bcn. Acl 1V of 1938).

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