The Council, Medicine, Registered Practitioner, President and Vice-President,

An Act to provide for rile Medical pracltrioners in
Belrgal ‘[andformotrers cor~r~ectedrlrerc\virh.] –
‘[WHEKEAS] the sanction of rhe Governor General has been ob-
55 and 56 tained,under section 5 ofthe Indian CouncilsAcl, 1892, to [hepassing
Vic~.,C. L4. of this Act ;
11is hereby enac~edas follows :-

  1. (I)This Act inay be called thc Bcngal Medical ACL,1914 ;
    (2) It exrends to he whole of’IWest Bengal] ;and
    LLsm PAPERS.-For v~Slatcmcnt or Objecls and Rcasons. srr Lhc Caluirffo
    C;rr:c~rcat1913. PI. IV,page 246 ;forlcpoff ofSclecrCornmi~rcc,see ;bid, I9f4,Ft.
    lV. pagcs 50 lo 53 :lor Proccedillgsin Cuu~lcil,scc ibirl. 1913. Pr,IVA. pages 796.
    797, and ibirl, 1914, PI.IVA. pagcs 18 to 31.210.534 lo 592. 595 to 613.
    L~ALEx~~h-r.-This Act cxicnds LO~hcwholr:ofWest Bcngal,rcc seclion 112).
    ~hcscwordswcrcinsc~cdbys. 2of thc Bcngal Mcdical(Amendmcnt) Acr, 1954
    (Wcst Bcn. Ac~XVI or 1954).
    ‘Thc firn paragraph of ~hcPmamblc wkv omilldby s. 3(r1),ibi4
    ‘This word was subsliluicd ror ihc words “And whcrcas” by s.3(b),ibid.
    Thzsc words wcrc subsiiiuicd lorthc word “Rcnpal” by pangraph (2)orAnicIc
    3OF [he Indian Indcpcndcnce (Adap~alionol’Bengal and Punjab Acts) Ordcr, 1918.
    Shon rillc.
    local cxrcnt
    ccrnenl.(3) It shall come into force on the day on which i~ispublished in
    the ‘[OflcialGrrzerre]nRcr having received[heassenr of the Govcmor
    7: General :
    [Ben, Act VI I
    Provided that section 29, section 30 and section 3 1 shall notcome
    in~oforce until a date to be appoinred in this behalf by the ‘[Srate
    Government] by nolificalion in the ‘[OfftcinIGazeire].
    Dchnirions. 2. ‘[In this Act, unless there isanything repugnant in the subjec~
    or context,-]
    (b) the expression “the Council” means the Council estab-
    lished under section 3 ;’* *
    “(b 1) the expression “medicine”means modem scienlific medi-
    cine and includes surgery and obstetrics, but does not
    include ve~erinarymedicine or veterinary surgery or the
    Homoeopathic, the Ayurvedic or the Unani system of
    medicine ;and [heexpression “medical”shall beconstrued
    accordingly ;
    (c) the expression”registeredpraclitioner”meatis any person
    registered under the provisions of this Act ;
    h (dl the expressions “President” and “Vice-President” mean
    respectively [he President and the Vice-President OF the
    Council ;and
    ‘(el the expression “Registrar” means a Registrar appointed
    under secrion 14.
    ‘Thcse’words werc suhstitutcd For the words “CnlcirrfuGnzeire” by paragraph
    4(1)or 1hcGovcrnrncnl of lodia (Adaptnlion a( Indian bws)Order. 1937.
    qhcwords “Provincial Govnnmcnt” wcrc originally substitu~rdlor thc words
    “Lmal tiovcrnment” hy paragraph 41 1)ofthc Governmcn~of India (Adaprarion of
    Indian Laws)Order. 1937. and thcrcarier Ihc word “Slate” was substitu~cdfor ihc
    word “Provincial” by paragraph 4(1) of thc Adaptation of Laws Ordcr. 1950.
    ‘These words wcre subslilullcd for thc words “ln [his Act,-” by s. 4(a) oilhc
    Bengal Mcdical (Amundmcnr) Act. 1954 (Wcsr Ben. Act KVlof 1954).
    ‘Clause (o) was ornirtcd by s, 4(b),;bid
    Thcword “anrl” ar rhc cnd urclausr:(b)was omiticd and clausc (bl)wns .

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