Official Language, Bengali, Legislation

As Act to provide for life adoptiotr oJ rhe BerignIi lar~grrage as tfre
langiru~e to be used tor rile official prrrposes of rlre Stale West Betrgal irrclrirlir~g prrrposes of legislu~iorr.
It is hcrcby cnacled in he Twelfh Year of he Republic of India, by [he Lcgislnturc of West Bengal, as follows:-

  1. (I) This Acl may be called the West Bcngal OCLcial Language sh01-1 rille
    ACI, 1961. and exieni. (2) I1 extends ro [he wholc or Wcst Bengal.
  2. Wilh effecl from such dare,’ not later than ‘four ycars from [he hnpuagcor
    dale of commencement of this Act, as the State Govcrnrncnt may, by
    nodficadon in [he Oficial Gazerre, appoint in this behalf,- olTicial
    (a) in ihe three hill subdivisjonr of the district of DarjeeIing, namcly, Dqeeling, Kalimpong and Kurseong, the Bengali
    languagc and the Nepali languagc, and (b) elsewhere, the Bengali languagc,
    shall be ~hc language or languages 10 be used for the official purposes oi
    rhe Sratc of Wcsr Bengal referred lo in arliclc 345 OF rhe Constinrlion of
    India. and different datcs may be appointed for different official purposes
    or For different areas in West Bengal: Provided dial the issue of any such notificalion shall bc without
    prejudicc to- (i) the use of any languagc othcr than the Bengali language
    which is authorised by or under any law for [he time being
    in forcc lo bc used for any purposc in any of the civil or
    criminal courls within the Slale of ‘lVcst Bengal, and
    (ii) the use of the English languagc in the exarninalions
    conducled by thc PubIic Service Commission, West Bengal.

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