Collector, Deputy Collector, Estate, Mauza, Occupant, Survey, Tenure,
Tenure-Holder, Zamindar

Ae Act ro pmvirlrfir !he slrrvey arld denrorca~io~l of lard
WHEREASit isexpedicnl, wirh a vicw to the definitionand idcntifica- Prcmblc.
tion of lands, thc bcller securily OF landed properly-and the prevenlion
or encroachmcnrs and dispules, lo provide for thc survey of lands and
forthe es~ablishmentmd rnaintenanccof marks to dislinguish boundaries;
11 is hereby enac~edas follows:-

  1. This Act may be called Lhc Bengal Survey Act, 1875. Shon tirte.
    [Conrmerlcerrret].-Hep. 11y s. 4 ar~dthe Third Scl~ed~ileof ire ArendirlgAcr, 1903 (1 of 1903).
    It extends to the =(the States of West Bengal and Bihw and thal part ~ocdcxlcnl.
    of rhe S~alcof Orissa which on thc sixth day of Oclobcr, 1875, was
    subjec~to heLieutenant-Governor of Bengal].
    ‘LEGISMIWE~m.-ForS~mcmcntofObjcctiand Rmm,sce rhe “GlkufruGniefk”
    of 187.5. R. W,page 41; lor Rcpn ofSelecr Comrnirrh., scc ibid, page 305:Tor furlher
    Rcpn of Sclcct Conlmittcc. weibid, page 461: and Tor hcRwecdings in Council. see
    ;bid. 1875, Supplcmenr, paga 14, 350, 939. md 987.
    hcuurn.-This Acr wlls pxscd for !he whole ofthe ionncr Pmvinceof Bcngal-
    $re scaion 1: but rhcrc is now a srpmc Act Tor Calcu~la,which is also applicable to
    Municipdiues-xcc rk Calcutm Survey ACI, 1887 (Ben. Acr Iof 1887).
    ‘fhc words ‘thhovin~vsol Wtrt Bengd and Biband that pM OF lhc Provin~1:
    ofOrissa which on hcsixth Jiry 01October 1875 was subjcd to thc Lieuimmr Governor
    of Bcngal” were fin1 substilured Tor thc words ‘~erri~oricssubject to the Licutcnml-
    Governorur Bcngal” by pm3(1) and heSchrduleor lhc Indian Jndcpcndcncc(Adaprnrion
    of Bcngal and Punj;lb Acts) Odcr, 1948. 7hcmAer rhr words “Stares” rind “Smte” wcrc
    subsniu~edfor rhc words “Provinecs” and “Rovincc”, rcspectivcly. by pa41) or rhe
    Adaplarion of Laws Order. 19Sn.[Ben. Act V
    i71eBellgal Survey Acr, 1875.
    (Part I.-Preli~staq.Secri0112.)
    [ion CJ~USC.
    “Section .”
  2. In this Acl, unless rhere bc something rcpugnanL in thc subjcct
    or conlext,–
    “Collector” mcans cvcry Collector of a dislricl, and includes
    every officcr cilhcrgcncrally or specially vested with the powers
    OF a Colleclor for the purposes of this Act;
    “Depuly Colleclor” includes any Deputy Colleclor lo whom the
    CoIlcctor or Superintendent of Survey may delegate any or his
    funclions under this Acl;
    “estate” means-
    any land which iscntercd an [he revenue-roll as separately
    assessed with the public revenue,
    any land acquired from the l[Governmen~]undcr onc
    tide, which is liable to pay land-revcnuc nr any fulure lime,
    any char or island thrown up in a navjgabIe river or in
    the sca which undcr Ihc laws in force is at the disposal of
    thc ‘[Government],
    any lmd which is cnlcred on thc Collector’s registers as
    a scparate holding, free in perpetuity from liability 10 pay
    any lnnd gained by alluvion or by dereliclion of a river
    or of the sea ro any eslale as here defined, which under the
    laws in force, is considered an increment to the lenure to
    which such land has accreled, shall be deemed a part of such
    “trrariza” includcs cvcry village, hamlct, tolu and similar sub-
    division of an estate, pargarra or village by whatever name such
    sub-division may be known;
    “occupan~”includcs cvcry mmbdar, tenwc-holdcr, Cmcrand
    othcr pcrson cntillcd 10 rcccive rcnts in respecr of land, or
    holding land on a claim (hat he is so enutled, and every raiyat
    in occupation of land;
    “section” means a secrion of [his Acl;
    “survey” includcs idcnrification of boundaries, and all olher
    operations antcccdcnl lo and connccted with survey;
    “rcnure” includes all permanent interests in land, with the
    exception of estares as above defined, and with the exception
    of hose of raiyaa having a right of occupancy only; it also
    includcs all gl~tinvuliholdings;
    “~cnure-holder”means a11 or any of the holders of a tenure;
    “Z~~~~itrclur. ‘- “zotrlit~dar”means all or any of fie holders of an estate.
    ‘The word “Crown”W& first subslituted lor heword “Govemmenr” by pm. 3 and
    ScheduIc 1V or ~hcGovcrnlncnt of India (Adaptahon of Indian hws) Order, 1937.
    Therealter Ihc word “Government”wm suhsrilured for rhc word “Crown” by pm.411)
    or thc Adap~a~ionor Laws Ordcr, 1950.

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