Building, Circle Officer, Dafadar, District Board, District Magistrate, Local
Board, Road, Subdivisional Magistrate, Tout

  1. (I) This Act may be called the Bengal Village Self-Governlocal cxlcnr
    and men( Act, 19 19. commcncc- (2) It exrends lo Ihc whole of ‘[Wesl Bengnl]. excepL the Lown of
    menl. Ciilcuua and any area which has been or may hereafter be constitutcd
    a municipality, under the provisions of [he Bengnl Municipal Act, Ben. Act
    11 9321′. xv or l(132.
    (3) It shall come inlo Force in such disrricts or such parts of
    districts and on such date as the ‘[Srue Government] may, by
    nolification, direct, and the'[S~a~e Government] may, by nolificalion,
    wilhdraw this Act from any district or part of a disrrict.
    Explntr~~tiorr.-Thewords “the townofCaIcutta”rnean'[subject to 1
    the inclusion of any local area under section 5431 of the Calcutta Bcn. Acr 111 i
    Municipal ACI. 1923′, and subject to the proLisions of section 147 of Of I”‘- !
    the Calcutta Improvement Act, 19 1 I, the area described in schcdule I Ben. Act V I
    to the Calcutta Municipal Act, 1923″ of 191 1. 1 t
    Provided that this Act shall not cnrne inlo force in any cantonment”* * * *.
    ‘Thc words “Wesi Bcngnl” wcrc suhsrirurcd lor the word “Rcngal” by paragraph
    (2) oTAnicle 3 olthc Indian lndcpcndcncc (Adaplalion ol Bcngal and Punjab Acis) – !
    Order. 1943.
    ‘~hc figures “1932” wcrc subs~iruted Tur the ligurcs “IBBJ” by s. 2 and [he Firsr
    Sch. af thc Bcngal Rcpcaling and Amcnding Act, 1938 (Hcn, Act I of 1939).
    ‘The words “Provincial Govcrnrncn~” wcrc originally subs~i~u~cd Tor ihc words
    “Local Govcmmcnt” by paragraph 4(1) or ihc Govrrnmenr or India (Adap~nrion of
    Indian Llws) Ordcr, 1937, and ilicrcairer the word “Starc” was subsrirurcd lor the
    word “Provincinl” by paragraph 411) of rhc Adapiarion of Laws Ordcr, 1950.
    ‘Tllcsc words and figurcs wcrc subs!icutcd lor the words and hgurcs “subjccl lo
    lhc CKC~US~U~ or incIusion of any local arcu by nolilic;~rion undcr scclion 637″ by s.2
    of, and ltiz Firs1 Schedule lo, 111c Bcngal Rcpealing and Amending ACI. 1938 (Ben. Acl
    I nf 1939). This rcfcrcncc should now be consirucd as a rclcrcncc to scclion 592 ot
    lhc Calcuita Municipal Act. 195 1 ( Wcst Ben. Act XXXIII or 195 I).
    The figures ” 1923″ wcrc subsiiiuicd for ihc fipurcs ” 1899″ hy s. 2 and rhc Firsr
    Sch. ul’ tlrc Bcngnl Rcpcaling’and Arncnding Act. 1938 (Bcn. Act I or 1939). The
    Calcuiia Municipal Act, 1923 (Rcn. Aci Ill of 1923). was rcpcalcd and rc-cnac~cd by
    rhc Calcurra Municipal Aci. 195 1 ({Vcsr ncn. Aci XXXIII or 195 I) which was again
    repcalcd and re-en~cicd by ihc Calcuua Municipal Corporation Acr. 1980 (Wcst Bcn,
    Acl LIX of 1980) and this rdcrcncchhuuld now bcconsirucd asa rclcrzncc iurhe laiicr
    The words “wiil~ou~ 1111:sinc~iun uf ihc Govcnor Gcncral in Council previously
    oblaincd” in ihc proviso 10 scc~ion I wcrc ornirwd by para. 3 or. and Schcdulc IV ro.
    rhc Govcrnrncnr or India IAdapla~ion of lodi;~n Laws) Ordcr. 1937.

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