Affiliated Institution, Autonomous College, College, Registered Graduate,
University, Faculty, Teacher

E it enacted by the Legislature of the State of
BOrjssa in the Seventeenth Year of the Republic of
India as folloWs:-

  1. (I) This Act may bz callcd the 13erhampur she,[
    txtcnt and
    University Act, 1966.
    (2) It shall extend to thc districts of Ganjam, mcm.
    Korapllt ~.ndKhondmals of the State ofOrissa.
    (3) It shall come into force on such datc as the
    State Goverrirnent may, by notificationZappoint in
    that behalf.
  2. In this Act, unless the context otherwise Dtflnitio~r
    (a) “Academjc Council” mearls the Academic
    Council of the University;
    (b) “aiTjliated inslitutionY’ means any institu-
    tion affiliated to rile Univz rsi ty whether
    in whole or in part;
    3[(h-1)”nu tonomous college, institution or
    department” means a college, intitufjon or-
    departmest as the case may be, on which
    the status autonomy lws b:en conferred
    under this; Act;]
    (c) 4Ccollegc”means an institution admitted to
    the University in accordance with the
    provisions of this Act and the Statutes
    4[and includes a college managed by the
    University,] but does not include a school,
    whether j t is an independent institution or
    forms part of a college as defined herein;
    I-...-. .
  3. For starerncnr of Obiccis and Rcar.~ns,scc Orissa Cnrrrre, firm-
    nrdlnary, dartd the 5th 3crobcr 1966 (No. 1183).
  4. Camc in10 force w. c. c. 1-1-1967, vidc Nolificati~n No.
    pub!ishcd in
    OrisIo Gnzerrc, Extmurilinar~: dated l’le24rh Dcccnrbcrl96G (No. 1478).
  5. Inserted by tlia Orissi~Uniccrsity Laws (Fourth Amcndmcnt)
    1978 (Or.Act 12 or 19781, s. 2 (A).
    4- Insertcd by thc Orissa i~nivcrsi(yLaws (4mcndmcntJ Acr, Igji,
    36170-IV-E.-B.-17165-E., dalcd [hc 24th Dcccmbcr 1966,
    (Or. Act 27of 1976)S. 2 (-2) (i).THEBERI~AMPURUNIVERSITYACT, 1966 [ Or. Art 21
    (Sec. 3)
    ‘[(cc)”Director of Public Instruction” mean
    the Cirector of Public Instruction, Orissn
    and includes such other officer as may be
    aulhorised by I he State Government from
    time to time to perform the functions acd
    exercise the powers of ,the Director of
    Public Instruction under this Act;J
    (d) “district” and “subdivision” shafl l’espec-
    tively mean the district and subdivision
    within the meaning cf the 0ris.a Reventre OrisaA~1
    Adminisiration (Units) Act, 1963. 22 of 1%:.
    (c) “prescribed” means plmescribed by the
    University ;
    (f) “registered graduate” rneaiis a graduate
    registered under this Act ;
    (g) “Regulations” means the Rep~!lations
    made by the Academic Council of thz
    tl 011.
    (h) “Senate” means the Senate of the
    (i) “Slat’iutes” means the Statutes of the
    University made under this Act ;
    (j) “Sytldicate” means the Syndicate of the
    University; and
    (k) “University” means the Gcrhampur

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